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**this morning’s entry was submitted by mr. ainz neal of SH Collective  (where i also blog).**

Mickey Factz “Thinking Out Loud” is on replay this morning as I make my way to work. I said I was going to throw some venom in this post. I’m not going to do that but I got some stuff on my mind. “I want the samething whatever the fame brings..” Mickey hit it on the head with that line, like I want to be the best I can. Let me introduce myself I’m Ainz Neal founder of SH Collective Creative Agency. We are just a group of brothers trying to make our dreams a reality.

Now what’s really been getting to me is how through out this process, the amount of bs i’ve come across. Some people want the world and don’t want to really put in the work for it. This kid that wants me to help him achieve something said me a couple days ago. “Yo do you know what’s my motivation?” I responded to him I don’t know what is your motivation is. He said “your suppose to be my motivation by getting me want to do this.”

Now maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think I’m suppose to be his motivation. I can encourage him show him the right and wrong way to do things.  He should persue his goals for his own reasons. For the last 4 years I been chasing mines. Grinding my way every day, I keep a quote from Kevin Mchale on my desk it says “you are your biggest motivator”. So yes I don’t sleep, I’m always working, always on the go. Trying to put myself in a better position to win. People often want to say if they reach a certain level of success, then say they did it themselves. Or when they don’t complain that no one helped them that’s why they didn’t achieve.

As an example when I started to do the party scene I hated the fact of doing dress codes and lines. I saw promoters wearing whatever they want. I said you know what, I’m going to become a promoter.  I started  to go out every night, get cool with everyone and make a name for myself. Yea it was rough, I was spending crazy money, hurting at work during the day. But after 3 months I wasn’t doing lines, wearing whatever f#ck I want and hosting some great parties. So after 2 years of that I walked away to step my game up. Taking along with me  a address book of over 2500 contacts and a even better game plan.

Yes I want to be the BEST and nothing less than that. So listen to your heart because anything is possible. Nothing is ever given its earned, surround yourself with positive people. I have friends that tell me when I’m bsing. They also encourage me when I’m doing well. Now I don’t depend on that encouragment to fuel my dreams. But I sleep on my couch most nights because I don’t want to feel comfortable. It sounds crazy I know but hey it works for me. So find whatever works for you

I can go on some more but I think I will stop here. I wish everyone the best in whatever you do. Just remember don’t talk about it be about it.

as I was driving into work today I heard the preview for some new Nicholas cage movie where his son is like “daddy am I gonna die?” and he responded “I woud never let that happen”. ideally this is sweet and all that other shit but I was like how in the hell is he gonna tell him that?!?! if God wants this little boy to die, then there’s nothing that anyone, including Nicholas cage, can do about it.
I know it’s just a movie but that got me thinking about other ways that people think they can either play or outsmart the big man/woman upstairs.

the cloak of invisibility

this doesn’t only make it’s appearance in harry potter movies. I think that we all go through this phase where we think that we are invisible from anything that can harm us. we might have unprotected sex thinking we won’t get pregnant, stds, or worse, aids/HIV. sadly statistics say that we aren’t invisible as some of our closest friends have become part of the statistic that I speak of.
if you aren’t out banging without an umbrella, then you may be trying to cheat death. this can be drinking and driving, getting into fights, using drugs, or acting in some other careless way with the life that was given to you.

don’t judge me!

this is one of my catch phrases stolen from a good friend of mine. but in all honesty, there is only one entity that is able to judge us and it certainly isn’t the person one cubbie over or who you chat with at the water cooler.
but we all do it. we sit and pass judgements (good and bad) on others and think that these judgments mean something. we “judge books by their covers”, the video girls, the person picking their nose on the train… all of them. but I think what the harder pill to swallow is when we pass ill judgments onto ourselves. our judgments don’t count so stop passing them.

my emotional conclusion

I’m not religious and I struggle to pray everyday but the God that I believe in is a loving one. with this being said, I don’t think that death is a punishment but it shouldn’t be toyed with either. I think that we need to do a better job valuing the lives that were given to us and the lives of others. we were put on earth to enrich each others lives, not to abuse or cause harm to. the faster we realize, understand, and accept this, the easier and more freeing our lives will be. oh, and God can see through the cloak of invisibility duh!

so dear readers, what are some other ways you see people playing God manifest? what are your thoughts, feelings surrounding what’s already been written? talk to me!

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“i value all your lives” ladebelle

Real talk. When I first saw this I sat there with my jaw on the ground. But it’s pure genius! I know most of you all have seen this, and honeslty you may feel like I’m preaching to the choir, but you never know. And clearly you do *read* since you are reading this blog. However, I am of the mindset that we have a charge to help those around us to do better. Far too many people walk around seeing through others and never reach out a hand to help.

So with all that being said, I watched this video and thought even to myself: What was the last great book you’ve read. I finally realized that it was Assata by Assata Shakur and it was a hard hitting book that really changed my focus on things. I love to read, and a good book is almost as stimulating as a great intellectual conversation between good friends. Sometimes even moreso because it can’t talk back and say some dumb ish. LOL But I read that book over a year ago. While I am an avid reader of blogs, and I feel like reading the political circuit is surely a great idea for someone wanting to get great insights to all sides of the political spectrum, I also feel like it dumbs down the process a bit. If you lurk on blogs you are simply feeding off of everyone else’s dissection of a topic. When you pick up a book or any other type of publication or literature it is up to you to form you own opinions and have that open dialouge and discourse with yourself. I think that is an important process for our own personal developement and ability to discover and research new things. I am a wiki and google freak. Any time I dig up something new that I don’t understand or I question it’s validity, I hit up google and dig and dig until I feel I’ve found somewhat satisfactory answers.

Are we teaching this to our kids today? Are we showing our kids that reading is more than just fundamental, it’s awesome and great too? I know grown people who can’t get through an 100 page book, and I feel like they are missing out on a wealth of good stuff. The classics. Alas Babylon, 1984, Revolutionary Suicide (Huey P. Newton’s Autobiography. Amazing) and a whole list of others. So let me share with you what I’m reading right now, and can you all do the same? Kind of a “Ranter’s Book Club” if you will.

  • Catch 22 by Joseph Heller (somehow I missed this one on the middle school reading list)
  • Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse
  • And I *might* just *might* pick up Steve Harvey’s new book Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man

What y’all Ranters out there reading?


as I was sitting in ruby Tuesdays with my mom, I happened to notice this older black woman sitting behind my mother. she wore thick glasses with an older frame style, a hat, a puffy vest, and was dressed down overall.


the ugly duckling was actually more beautiful then the others

the ugly duckling was actually more beautiful then the others



but as I sat and watched her, she went from a dumpy older lady to this beautiful woman. she was very polite about ordering her food and when she smiled at the waiter, her youthful dimples were revealed. as I watched her finish her meal and begin to get herself ready to go, I was reminded of the beauty in simplicity and the average.


great movie

great movie



on thursday of last week, sav and I took the girls to see “America the beautiful” which is a documentary on the standards of beauty in America. it was truly an amazing film but more importantly, it teaches to appreciate all things as beautiful, even the things we think lack beauty or take for granted.

there were many beautiful women in ruby Tuesdays. most of them were covered in makeup and had all these tight fitting clothing. but I chose to take notice of the not so obvious beautiful woman and that offered me a new perspective on things in my life period.

so dear readers, what do you think if this? what do you guys think of the standards of beauty that have been set before us? what out of the norm beautiful things do you guys appreciate?

this is my time

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This is a loose hoe.

This is a loose hoe.











So the topic of the “magic number” has been discussed on other blogs and even here in the comments section ad infinitum.  Each side battles it out and nothing has been resolved. Today I would not like to talk about that number in particular, but my issue with the concept that a man’s perception determines a woman’s purity status.

 As I discussed before there is a sad black cloud that hangs over black women when it comes to our sexuality.  We are controlled by society’s pressures on women period, as well as racial divides. While this is a problem, I see it as something that will be easy to overcome eventually.

What I can’t get over however, is how a man can decide whether or not I, or any other woman, is a hoe.  As discussed in “What’s your number” posts, there was no clear cut number that would send a man running to the hills. On a fellow blogger’s recent blog post there were all sorts of complex mathematical equations floating around to determine the impact of a woman’s “magic number”.  Using these equations you could take the number 20 and 5 different guys would have 5 different conclusions regarding her “status”. For example:


Guy #1 : “She’s 25, been active since she was 20, so that’s 20 in 5 years, which would be 4 guys a year. That’s not bad.

Guy #2: “Well, she lost her virginity at 20, so she started off slow, in the last year she had 10. That’s too much, she a hoe”

Guy #3: “20 and she’s 25!?! That nasty hoe! I’ve slept with 113 girls and none of them were that loose! And they were all cute!”

Guy #4: “She’s had 20 guys, who cares? Is she healthy?”

Guy #5: “Ok.. 20 is a lot. But! The bulk of them were in college so that’s ok. Awww but damn, that means when we go back to homecoming Ninja’s gonna be pointing and laughing at me. She’s a hoe!”


Why is it that we allow men to dissect our pasts like this? Even if a girl does ask a man’s number it doesn’t seem to probe this far.  Many men complain that a high number is expected of them, and anything else would show a lack of experience. Perhaps this is true. I know that between my friends and I, we do not care to know your number, or the nasty things you did with girls X, Y, and Z. All that matters to me are your sexual preferences, and your performance with me. I don’t want a prude and I want someone open to my likes and dislikes, and can teach and learn.  Now to be fair, some girls are just loose as hell. Over on the other blog, people talked about girls with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 guys in one night. I aint never heard of no ish like that. If I knew those girls, I’d have an intervention with them. Holy water for days! LOL

Yet and still, I am really turned off by the fact that any girl can be deemed “ho-ish” at any man’s discretion. I don’t feel this affects me personally for plenty of reasons. Although I feel my numbers are relatively low compared to what some of my male friends have consistently declared as “too high” or “high enough” I am that girl that will refuse to answer this question. Someone mentioned before “if she will lie about this, what else is she lying about?” And I guess that’s fair. I, on the other hand, will simply tell you it is none of your business. Likewise I will not ask you, your business.  As long as you’re a healthy and you haven’t had sex with all my girlfriends, or my male best friend, I’m okay.

I think the sooner we start realizing what’s really most important, the sooner the marriage rate will go up.

So I ask dear readers: Am I way off base with this? Men, do you think this is fair? Women, are you tired of being reduced to mere numbers? Where do we go from here?



J “nickel between the legs” G* 

mistletoe… i remember as a little girl growing up, i always wondered exactly what it was and why in the hell everyone was kissing under it. now at the ripe old age of… well, that doesn’t matter. either way, i still have no idea what mistletoe is or why we now use it as an excuse to get it on under some parasitic green plant…

so, dear readers, i tapped into my old scholarly ways and did a little research on this because i’m sure that i’m not the only person who has no clue why begin making out out and getting hot and heavy when we see this little green herb suspending from some obscure fixture in the ceiling.

…the history of mistletoe…
so mistletoe grows on bushes or shrubs and it’s quite parasitic in nature. if you eat it, if then you’ll get really sick to your stomach. in fact, mistletoe kills trees… there are little berries on there called juniper berries that birds eat and shit out… ok… so on to the interesting things i guess.

why do we kiss under mistletoe? in ancient times, it was scene as a symbol of friendship and good fortune. so if two random (or not so random) people meet under the mistletoe, then the kiss and if two enemies meet, then they call a truce for whatever their beef is… isn’t that all so sweet?

…mistletoe now…
i remember getting mistletoe painted on my fingernails so that i could walk around to random cute guys and get kissed on behalf of the painted mistletoe on my finger. it’s funny because i don’t think that i’ve ever put up mistletoe OR kissed under it.

i think that someone should use some other parasitic plant that sucks life out of trees to hang up that symbolize lustful pleasure. it’ll have condom’s growing on it (for safety) and as soon as two people are under it, they have to get it on immediately. of course there should be some kind of guidelines for this plant… like if you’re straight, then you should probably make sure that you aren’t under the plant at the same time as someone the same sex as you. of course if your bi, this could make for interesting times. also, if you don’t have voyeuristic tendencies, you may only want to hang it in the bathroom or bedroom so as you’re giving the tour de crib-o you can get it on versus in front of everyone and your momma at the holiday party.

the trees can get it on... can their offspring help me too?

the trees can get it on... can their offspring help me too?

and surely i’m not the only one out there who uses the mistletoe as a way to get a little more action or would want another kind of plant for errr, spontaneous eruptions…

so good readers, will there be mistletoe in your holiday celebrations and would you buy the plant that i speak of?

xoxo (under the mistletoe)


I really needed a reason to use that song. LOL I love love love me some Pharrell and by default in this song, I love Usher. 

This is going to be part of a multi-post discussion of some ideas. I’d love to get you guy’s feedback to make future posts on this topic more conducive to what you all want to talk about. 

So as humans, we all have the desire to meet someone we’re attracted to, get to know them, marry, and mate. That can be in any order obviously. While this seems like an easy enough concept, it has proven itself to be quite difficult actually. Especially in this day and age. It seems the economy isn’t the only thing in a recession. What I want to talk about however is the role sex plays in relationships. Specifically for this post I want to talk about the role a woman’s sexuality plays into relationships. 

This is partially inspired by the Jump Off vs. Friends with Benefits conversation we had over at Single Black Male, but really it’s a thought that I’ve seen many women secretly whisper about. It seems that to a certain extent black women are experiencing our own sexual revolution. Feminism to a certain extent left us in the dust, so we’re just now learning to love and be okay with our sensuality. Or we really? I watch Sex and The City, and I marvel at how these women were sexual, and open about their sexuality. They did things and spoke about things in a way that just made it seem normal and quite alright. Conversations among black women don’t go that way without anyone observing considering them “Whorish”.  Of course, we talk to our girlfriends about our sexual escapades but the feeling is definitely different. Here’s why: Our sexual experiences are different. This is especially true for the Professional Black Woman. 

I’ve had many conversations with men about how they want a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed. We’ve all heard that saying. To them, Wifey will be the pillar of the community, independent, yet secure enough to let the man be the man, and able to make his toes curl at night. Wonderful. That sounds great to me. So then tell me why have I observed this: A man meets a wonderfule woman.  She’s a PBW,  educated, socially aware, sweet, the kind of girl you bring home to mom, and make her the mother of your children. They date, enjoy great conversations, and then it’s time to get the business done. First go around is great. She handled hers and he showed out well for the match. All is well, phase two of the relationship can continue. Phase two being After Sex (A.S). You see there’s Before Sex (B.S.) and after. Y’all know there’s a difference. So the two are now being sexual. This woman who is wifey material is everything he could have asked for. This is where things get tricky. This same woman is also very sexual. She loves sex and is open about her likes and dislikes. It’s not something that she has to constantly talk about, or flaunt, but she brings it to his attention some of the things she’s interested in. The man realizes that she’s not virginal, and instantly her wifey status is diminished. I’m not talking about super freaky crazy, swinger swapping stuff and animals. Just on some Common’s “Go” type stuff. 

So why does this happen? I’ve heard plenty of men claim they want a L.I.T.S. but a F.I.T.B yet, turn around and say in the same breath that they want their wives to be damn near virginal. I’ve also seen men confuse a woman who is well versed in the bedroom with a woman who has been around the block. The man is still intrigued, but would prefer her to be the Jump Off as opposed to Wifey now. He wants to learn from her, but not learn with her. 

On the flip side, I’ve spoken to some of my friends who would love a sexually adventurous woman. However, they still admitted they would seriously question how she came to learn what she did, and why she was open to do certain other acts. However, I feel like this is all irrelevant. There’s a difference between the girl that you know all of your friends and the entire eastern seaboard have ran through, and the girl who may have had that one guy who showed her the ropes. At the end of the day if she’s in good health how much does it matter? If she was wifey to you before, the fact that she may know her way around the bed better than you shouldn’t change that. 

So is it male ego? Pride? Should we black women find the happy medium between just laying there and absolutely letting loose? Should we stop reading Zane books and learn how to keep it basic? Or should we be able to explore our sexuality, and have a partner who supports us and explores with us? Are Will and Jada on to something? If you found out that Michelle Obama was a real freaky deek would you take the pedestal from under her? 

I open it up to you guys. I want to later explore more of the Professional Black Woman and her sexuality, as well as the stereotype of the black woman as the Jezebel when other races of women hold no such “title” over their heads. We’ll see how this conversation goes first. 🙂 


JG* (no this post is not about me). LOL



I know, I know. The first thing you’re thinking is “Lick It”. After that you’re thinking “I do lick it! Damn what else do you want!?” And I’ll say this: There are a million and one things that should be done outside of sticking ANYTHING (wang, tongue) in the honey pot. This post was inspired by a hilarious conversation between a friend and I, so I hope they feel special and leave a comment. 🙂 

So men…. You probably feel as though you’ve made great strides in the bedroom in the ways of pleasing women. You actually stop and kiss the top of the panties before you snatch them off, you spend a few minutes lapping at the water bowl, and you don’t immediately move into the “Jack Rabbit Thrust” upon entrance. But there are so many other things you have to consider before even making it to the bed. I know! This is complex! Why didn’t we tell you this from the start! Well look, we women are complex beings and our orgasm is akin to finding Oil in the middle of Texas. It’s the most precious natural resource in the world. If we gave you everything at once, you would be overwhelmed and both heads would more than likely implode. 

So, in the holiday spirit I will present to you another short list of things y’all can work on to improve performance and once this is mastered we will continue to teachings of the wise. Ladebelle mentioned things that we love about men, but here are things that men need to step their game up on. 




mmmmmm right there.

mmmmmm right there.









I love when a man smells good. I just wanna cuddle up all in his neck. I react to a good smelling man much like those crazy chicks on the Axe commercials. Maybe I really am crazy. So men, please do not come near me with the sexy face smelling like *Man*. That is not hot. And do some research. Go to Sephora, Don’t just grab the closest “Mystic Rain”, or “Mountain Fresh”, or “Sport” deodorant and think that’s going to be enough. I do not want my man smelling like trees, oudoors, or “Sport”. What the hell is Sport anyways? Why would that smell good? I have some favorite man scents, but those are well guarded. I don’t want someone trying to catch me off guard and run up on me all smellin’ all good and…… OK.. Sorry. *Phew* Tangent. So yes, take your “Au Natural” smellin’ selves to the mall and get it right. 



Y’all love to tell us to get our hair and nails done. Nevermind we have to drop at least $50 a trip and up to $100 on occasion. Well, at least this is the case for me. Then $35 every two weeks to get our nails done… I digress. A haircut costs like what? $15 at the most for a man? You have dreads, it’s definitely more, but you know better than to let Dreads get sour. So please, require the same thing of yourself. Wash your hair. It’s starting to smell like old milk. Do not think I want you kissing up my body, then I smell your salty ass hair, and you think it’s a green light. No Sir. Do not pass go, Do not collect $200. I will shampoo you myself. Do not try to produce waves in grass. Hunny, not everyone’s hair is hawaiian silky. This is a lesson some of us women need to learn too in regards to weave selections, but that’s another blog another day. So don’t spend all your morning in my bathroom, trying to wave up the kinky. Major turn off, and later on that night, you might be seeing my back if you see my bed at all. 


Cook for me.

Listen, I am a master chef. I throws down in the kitchen. I have been known to have men drop down on a knee to offer up their lives to me just to have me stand in their kitchens for the rest of our lives. (Feminists, calm down. I’m with the cause too.) I’ve had men drop THEIR drawers after a delightful meal, and I know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But listen closely. I learned how to cook this well because I love to eat. Eating makes me happy. It makes me much more happier when I didn’t cook it. When I cook, I taste test the whole way through. By the time I’m done, I don’t want to sit down and eat. So if you cook for me, you’ll have me rolling in post dining ecstasy and your chances of getting the goodies as dessert have just gone from 0-60 in a matter of seconds. If the food smells good while it’s cooking, we might actually have to step away from the oven for a few minutes. So make something that bakes, or stews, and doesn’t require constant attention. 


Give me a massage. 











First of all, in order to give a massage there needs to be a certain level of nakedness. This is the perfect opportunity for you! I’ve had many a man ask me to give HIM one, but far less have offered first. A good massage tells me so much about you. You know the human body, you’re good with your hands, and you know when to apply the right amounts of pressure. Trust me, if this goes down well, it’s a wrap. Roger that, over and out, man down. Whew! Plus, while you’re sitting on my back, I’m mentally trying to capture the size of your magic wand….Seriously. I’m not joking. 🙂 


Well that should do it for now. 🙂 More to come later when y’all are ready. 





Who doesn’t just loooooove GRITS? And by GRITS I mean Girls Raised In The South. I don’t know how the readers will feel about this. It seems as though everyone I’ve come in contact with via the ‘Net is a Yankee. Including my dear sweet co-blogger, Ms. Ladebelle.

I love and embrace my southerness. As such, I will open with a scene from one of my favorite (yea* I said it) Southern movies, with one of my favorite GRITS and my girl-crush, Lauren London. Fast forward to about 1:15 to see what I’m talkin’ about.

OK So Lauren London’s not really a southern girl, but she played the hell out of one. So I guess my representative for this is actually “New New”. I just wanted to show that clip anyways.

I love being a Southern girl. I can pretty much get away with anything. I can say “y’all” and “fixin’ to” and people will still know that I’m highly educated and when need be the “Becky” in me can come out. By the way, those are both words that I probably say more than 50 times a day. Maybe an hour. Sometimes my southern drawl will come out and from what I’ve been told it’s pretty sexy.

Also, being a southern girl, I’m given an automatic pass for da ass. While I may not look like her:

Definitely a southern girl.

Definitely a southern girl.

I do have a little something going on back there. And here in the south, being a size 1 is NOT considered sexy. So I’m allowed to eat some cornbread, and neckbones, and drink Peach Drank (emphasis on the Drank) from American Deli. Matter of fact, this is highly encouraged. Our southern men like their girls thick. And for that, I am very appreciative. But that leads me to my next point.

I love being a southern girl because I cook like a southern girl. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not trying to die young, but I can throw down. It’s not just about what you cook, but it’s about how southern girls were raised in the kitchen. (I’m sure you Naw’therna’s may have had some time in there too) We were raised makin’ greens, baked macaroni and cheese, cornbread dressing from scratch, sweet tea (the REAL sweet tea), Freshly Squeezed lemonade in the summer, etc. While I can tear up the kitchen on some soul food, I’m also not trying to have high cholesterol or diabetes so I have turned my love for cooking into a love for healthy cooking. Better ask about me. Ooooh and we love to Barbecue! It makes me sad to be around Northerners who don’t know what a hush puppy is, or have never had okra.

We also love us some traditions. Black-eyed peas, Greens, and cornbread and chicken for New Years, for good luck, money, and a good year. When speaking about someone who has passed away we must always say “God Bless Their Soul”. And considering the states that we live in are more warm weather states, we love to show some skin. I grew up on the beach in Florida and this southern girl loves to water ski, go canoeing, watch football with the boys, and I generally just love being outside. Summers in the south are sites to behold as the above video has shown. Pool parties, Barbecues and sexy bodies. And don’t forget. We love to party. We grew up on Uncle Luke, 95 South, and all kinds of complete f*ckery called booty music that leads to us learning how to “drop is like it’s hot” at the age of 6.

Things are just different down here. I went to Chicago recently, and was surprised to see that most of my competition just didn’t match up. Here in ATL just walking down the street makes you want to hit up the gym, hit up the mall, or hit up the salon. These southern girls are always tight. I went to Chicago and was just utterly disappointed. At the same time, I was extremely happy, because that means my chances at finding Mr. JG* while in school are probably that much higher. And I hear them Northern Boys love a right and proper Southern Girl. Well I’m that girl!

Now, historically the South=Bad and the North=Good. Or so they say, read ya history! Despite the fact that at any point while driving through ATL I may see a plantation house or two, the South will always have my heart. While I’m making the move up North next year, I’ll always have my Southern Hospitality at my side. That and some SODA, Pork Rinds (well, I don’t eat pork anymore. They’ll be there for basic comfort), and some hot sauce.

If you ever want a real recipe for some good food, let me know. If you ever want to know what kinds of Kool-Aid mix together real well, let me know. If you, too, wish to work on your Southern Vocab, let me know.

Let’s all come together and celebrate the greatness that is G.R.I.T.S.

Y’all come back now, ya hea’?


Since yesterday’s blog set the tone for some XXX Rated blogging fun, I thought I would continue the theme and talk about a very interesting fetish that seems to have befallen many a black man. Maybe this will give you guys some ideas in the stories you write. 

I have titled it “The Boomerang Effect“. Don’t get it confused with The Butterfly Effect, there will be no changing of history here. Unless it was to go back and slap Chris Rock in the head at the start of what would be a huge career. 

But if you’re a card carrying member Blackness then you should by now know what I’m talking about. Foot Fetishes. 


My pretty feet and shoes!

My pretty feet and shoes!











You’ll recall that Eddie Murphy’s character would only seriously date girls with pretty feet. In many a hilarious scene, he would be shown in bed after a night of the Pumps and Bumps™ sneaking a peak at the poor unsuspecting sleeping girls feet. 

Here is the scene in question, and also Eddie explaining “Hammertime”:

I seriously hope those weren’t her real feet. 

Now… this seems to be a fairly common phenomenon with black men. And clearly even a fine girl can go from a go to no over the state of her feet. I personally think feet are weird, but I’m not totally freaked out by them. I love MY feet, I get my favorite pedicure with my favorite color, Tasmanian Devil. But every black man (therefore, every man) I’ve ever dated LOVES them some feet. I’ve had men offer to take me shoe shopping just so they can watch me walk around. I’ve had guys waiting for me once I get out the shower so they can dry off my….. toes before the lovin starts. I’m not going to lie though, a good toe sucking is AWESOME. Who knew!?

So what’s this about? I know a few black men here and there who say that they are repulsed by feet, but mostly it seems that there is a consensus among black men that feet are sexy. Well, I guess not ALL feet as the above clip shows. And don’t get me started on the F*** Me Pumps. Men go crazy for some sexy stilettos, boots, peep toes, or anything that they can imagine watching wave by their face in the air. (Use your imagination) 

Well I, for one, am all about giving the people what they want. So I like to keep my toes pretty, shiny, and ash free. 

So ladies, experiencing the same thing? And are you comfortable with a man who loves the toes?

Men…. what’s this all about? And how far would you go if met with the perfect 10 (toes that is). 











Rockin my black knee-high boots today,