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ok folks… so i’ve had a glass (to be read as a couple glasses) of wine… btw, for non-red wine drinkers, mixing it with a little cranberry juice makes it wonderful!!! however, this is not the point of this specific blog…

so today i sat at my desk from 8:30 am till 5:30 pm without any breaks while doing 3-4 people’s jobs… that might be a slight exaggeration but nonetheless, i’m doing waaaay more then i signed on to do. so what do i do you ask? i work in the wonderful world of association management. what is that? hell, i don’t even know but i do know that i must be doing a damn good job because they keep giving me more shit to do… but with increasing responsibility and an additional degree, do you think i’m paid more? NOPE!!! i’m not… in fact, during my review, i might just be getting a cost of living increase…

during a conversation today and many conversations with my hot husband, i’ve determined that this is just normal for the average american… as the economy consistently decreases, the inverse relationship between the amount of work that an employee has to do and the amount in which they are paid continues to transpire (not sure if that really fits in here but it sounds good).

this would be how my desk once looked

this would be how my desk once looked except i'm black

so today’s rant is a rant that may not have a conclusive ending… but i can tell you this much… i’m tired of being a slave in this workforce and consistently being overworked and underpaid. i get pissed off every time i check my email and there’s a message from one of my 2 micromanaging bosses. i am complaining here and i invite you to do so as well… at least at my previous job i did something of importance, made valuable decisions, and had a pretty damn cool boss (shout out to Sarah!). here, my boss is a constant reminder of the cabbage patch kid that i never wanted… ugh

and here’s some more complaining… i don’t know what to do!!! i mean, do i continue bustin my ass and barely making enough to pay the damn student loans that i have for the degree that was supposed to make me money!!!! ugh… major ugh… so what do you do in this world where employees are consistently over worked and under paid and under appreciated? with the state of the economy, do you find a new job and hope you can keep it or do you put up with the bullshit they keep feeding you?

talk to me…