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They both have my complete attention right now. 


And they are both two really awesome things on CNN. 

So today as usual, I’m doing my daily round of the blogs. I hit up HuffPo, and a few others and then I end my round at CNN. During the election cycle, CNN was my main news source and I would dabble in a few others. It’s not that CNN is the absolute best, as they proclaim, it was all because of this guy:


Right. Like I cared about "The Issues"

Right. Like I cared about "The Issues"

 Anderson Cooper is a couple of things. Lighter than me and most likely, Gay. To be honest, I’m willing to look past all of that. He’s freakin’ sexy. 

Anyways, I’m on CNN today and I notice there’s yet another story about the Pirates. I have to say that I’ve seen these stories floating around these past few weeks and I have kinda overlooked them. I just couldn’t believe that these guys actually existed! I didn’t want to get all pulled into the story only to find out it was just a big promotion for next year’s National Talk Like A Pirate Day. This year’s celebration was kind of a bust. I forgot my eye patch at home and couldn’t find my Pirate Translation Guide. But lo! This is really happening! For those who aren’t up on what’s going on in the Pirate world I’ll tell it like this:

Basically there are these groups of Somalian Pirates of the coast of The Horn of Africa and the Gulf of Aden. They are a poor sad bunch who got their experience working on other ships. But pretty much, they got crazy ass weapons and are attacking ships left and right. You got something they want? Prepare to taste the ass of an AK-47 (as opposed to when Shaq asked Kobe to taste HIS ass. That’s just rude) NATO’s involved and all sorts of ass-kicking is taking place. Crazy right? 

When you really get into it it’s not all that exciting. But I’ll tell you what… if it weren’t for the Pirates I wouldn’t have remembered the other reason CNN is home to all my erotic fantasies. This guy:


I'd love to enter the no-spin zone with him

I'd love to enter the "No Spin Zone" with him..

 T.J. MotherF’n Holmes. *takes a moment*….

I would dive butt naked into the roughest seas and take on the most vicious of all Pirates just to have a moment with this most amazing piece of human being ever. I know. I know. You’re saying I’m taking this too far. Fall back. I can take it ever further. But this site is kid-friendly and I don’t want his handlers to put a restraining order out against me. He does live in Atlanta. I’d heard about this Holmes guy before, but since he anchors on the weekends, I tend to miss him. To think I had been wasting all my sexual energy on Anderson Cooper really pisses me off. I’d catch little snippets of him every now and then but this morning i caught a six-minute really candid interview of him and my obsession went from 0-60 in about 10 minutes. He is now my friend on Facebook and I find myself comparing his picture with mine to figure out what our children would look like. I assume they’d have his eyes and my mischievous smile. His height and my petite frame. I bet Christmases with his family would be just divine. We can do Thanksgiving in Florida with mine. 

This all sounds crazy right? But I bet Michelle thought the same thing about Barack Obama back in the day. And someone said “girl don’t be crazy!” But she went after her man! Now look where she is! 

Not the same thing? 


Whatever. God Bless CNN and the Pirates that made me spend too much time on CNN. 



so last night was what has now become the infamous vice presidential debate between sarah palin and joe biden. palin is unexperienced and has a tendency to sound like a bumbling idiot whenever she comes in contact with katie couric and biden is a loose cannon who’s unpredictability can easily become the obama’s camp downfall. but they both have their strengths as well… i’m struggling to find palin’s but biden is great in foreign affairs which is what this country needs.

so last night i went to a debate watch party at the hard rock cafe with my girl savvy s. cnn did coverage there (and they interviewed me!!!). the debate went well. i think that the main differences between the vp debate and presidential debate are:

  1. energy sources was a hot topic here
  2. all the viewers are still struggling to know what the “talibani’s” are (are these alaskan taliban)
  3. everyone is blinded by the impeccable white teeth and perfect smile of biden
  4. the debators actually had some respect for each other and didn’t interrupt when the other was talking
  5. this was scripted
  6. i stayed awake for the entire thing!
i think that #4 is really important here. although biden nor palin are my favorites, they did one thing right here and that was respect each other when they were talking. there were no interruptions, no jumping in… none of that that we saw with the presidential debate. another thing that i really liked was that they talked to both the viewers and each other. with the mccain-obama debate, mccain wouldn’t even look or let alone address obama and that was just blatant disrespect and i can’t respect that. 
so like i said up there, cnn was there and i was interviewed. now, although the interview was dynamically written, some of this stuff i didn’t actually say and needs some further clarification. now my first quote on the page is correct but she messed up the context. i said that i’m not for marriage being dictated my law makers so therefore, biden’s response is something that i can agree with. yes, it’s the more PC version, but it leaves the door open for the possibility of gay marriage becoming recognized legally. (sigh) well, i guess the rest of the interview was ok… however, i would like to say that i think both parties have some things that i both agree and disagree with but i’m not conservative enough to be “riding the fence”. i’m no staunch democrat but i agree with more of the things that obama is representing. plus, we’ve had the same type of men in office for so long, i think it’s time we had something different in hopes that it changes our world. 
well, if voting and watching debates isn’t enough for you, my lovely readers, feel free to have the candidates (and their wives) battle it out here:
but i am interested in your thoughts of the debate last night… so SPEAK TO ME!