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ok… so when i’m not watching law & order svu re-runs on usa, i try to catch some new shows… late last season i became borderline obsessed with gossip girl and on monday, they had their premiere!!! and we all know that tranvestites are making their marks on tv, so i had to catch america’s next top model.

gossip girl

the cast... gotta love scandal!

the cast... gotta love scandal!

I LOVE GOSSIP GIRL!!! i never read any of the gossip girl books but i am all sorts of caught up in the scandal that is on going in my hometown of NY. so in this episode, it highlights the main characters summers and how they spent them. so nate is involved with a married woman… this good boy has gone bad and i love it! i never imagined that i would find nate sexy, but his sex scenes were quite steamy!

as we all remember from the season finale, chuck stood blair up for their romantic trip to tuscany and opted to whore around all summer. upon her impending return, chuck finally gets a conscious about what he’s done and goes to pick her up with some mighty beautiful flowers only to find her greeted by some other guy. eek chuck! better luck next time! the sad thing here is that they actually love each other!!! oh well, no place for love in land of gossip…

speaking of love, serena and dan are back together and i’m happy about it!!!! however, dan did become quite the pimp over the summer and serena did the opposite while soul searching. wildly, her grandmother is now a fan of dan and it’s a little weird for him and me! how did the crazy grandma become so sane? weird…

and of course little j is still trying to be high fashion and with the help of serena’s little brother, she just might succeed! i like this little j better then the bitch she was last season… muuuuuch better!

overall, i was really excited by the season premiere and naturally i was left wanting more… can’t wait till monday!!!

america’s next top model

antm, with the transvestite!!!

antm, with the transvestite!!!

i’ve never been too much of a fan of antm but i HAD to watch the premiere on wed last week and i’m an isis fan… i think that everyone was shocked by isis but i was really proud of her/him. she hasn’t had her surgery yet but i’m such a fan of hers! i can really respect her going after her dreams. the hate on some of the girls started immediately. luckily, it wasnn’t just isis who was getting hate thrown at her. mckey is a boxer and really athletic which is pretty cool but also makes her the brunt of the girls jokes. luckily, karma is a bitch you don’t wanna mess with. both the girls that were the most mean were eliminated during this episode and good for them! both isis and mckey were like, “HI HATERS”. LMAO!!! i loved that…

now, i don’t know about the whole outer space theme… they need to throw that out the window.

i can’t wait for september 25th!!! that’s when the grey’s anatomy premiere is!!! yesss!!!!