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we’ve all heard women sigh in disgust while saying the oldest saying in the book referring to men

“we can’t live with them but we can’t live with out them”

generally speaking, women hate on men a whole lot but today, here at rants of a wild child, we are celebrating men and the many reasons why we love you!

…the swag…

a man’s swagger can take him from being ugly to sexy as hell!!

prime example... cute? nah... sexy? yes!!!

prime example... cute? nah... sexy? yes!!!

the term swag has become part of our daily vernacular and rightfully so! everyone has it, some better then others. but what is it that makes a particular person’s swag off the charts?

swag=confidence. i love jay-z and will forever be attracted to him because of his swag (not just because i’m a ny-er by origin). jay-z is super confident, talented, funny, smart, and he’s a philanthropist. this cat has everything that =’s sexy (minus the blatant good looks). he’s got a style that is not just trendy. he “can’t wear skinny jeans cuz his”, well you guys know the rest.

…trying to better yourself…

i don’t think that there is anything sexier then a man who is trying to better himself.

the all blue yankee fitted could be your graduation cap too

the all blue yankee fitted could be your graduation cap too

so what do i mean by bettering yourself? i LOVE to see a man on his grind! that shit is sexy… whether it’s hitting the gym to attain a physical goal, enrolling in some higher education to achieve an educational goal, going to trade school to work in your craft. either way, all that shit is sexy and i’m tryna gets down with the get down on that! i don’t want this be confused with being a golddigger though. i think that this shit is sexy because that means that you are my equal. i have a lot of shit going on for myself so if you can complement that, now that’s the hit! i’m tryna be on some jay-z (my obsession) and beyonce or some will and jada power-couple shit.

…the touch…

i love a man that knows how, when, and where to touch me.

my fav spot is the small of my back but different strokes...

my fav spot is the small of my back but different strokes...

i love the feel of men’s strong hands. for some odd reason, i don’t want their hands to be soft, but have some callouses on there to show that you do some work. if i wanted soft hands on my body, then i would want a woman to touch me. but this is sooo important because the way you touch a woman can take her to new places of ecstasy OR can force her to kick your ass out.

…the kiss…

i wouldn’t be true to myself if i didn’t mention this.

yess... this is what i'm talkin about!!!

yess... this is what i'm talkin about!!!

knowing the difference between kissing is so important but i KNOW we ladies love it when you can kiss us and we can feel it in our toes. that kiss when you come in with that look in your eyes and you press your body up against our and we can feel your heart beating and then our lips meet… our hearts begin to beat faster and the adrenaline is running and then… well, then we all know what happens… hehehe…

well, i’m having to draw this blog to a conclusion. i was getting a little too excited about the kiss…lol…

ladies, i know that i’ve left some things out here that we love, so you guys fill in the blanks…

fellas, just share whatever it is you want to share here… we wanna hear from you!




  1. Taking control… yes we scream about being independent and although we can take care of ourselves, we still want to feel secure enough that we know our man can and will take charge when need be…

    I am feeling all yours though… esp swag and touch

  2. The kiss section has me breathless. I love a kiss… I love when it’s unexpected… I just love it. ummmmm… thanks for making me fantasize this early the morning.

  3. I love swag. (Even though I’m so tired of this word, I’m placing it on my vocab moratorium list.)

  4. @eb… yes girl… that is super sexy

    @nicki… that kiss will get you!!!

    @JG*… swag is my new fave…lol

  5. I have to take all of the above plus Eb’s comment of taking control. Overall, I just love a MAN being a MAN! Strong, confident, caring, got his ish together, and got my back… leaves me yearning for more.

  6. yesss!!! that is EXACTLY what i’m talking about!!!

    i love the yearning for more… like when you want to call or text but you hold yourself back… nice

  7. “@nicki… that kiss will get you!!!”

    And it has… I’m open after only two dates! I need restraints. LOL

  8. dang shawty!!!

  9. It’s high time we started appreciating more and complaining less(mostly cause I think complaining is futile), so you get hand claps for this LoL. I think honesty isn’t appreciated enough, sometimes the truth hurts but it’s cheaper than time lost on some lame that doesn’t deserve the investment…so to all the ladies best wishes finding “the one” in ’09

  10. uhhh… thnx blackbeard! lol

  11. Can’t forget SMELL! I LOVE man smell….not to be confused with man funk. I love that few hours outta the shower, still fresh but mixed with a lil natural scent aroma. And yes this includes good cologne in the right moderation. I love the unique combinations of scents on men….bath products, deodorant, lotion, cologne, and that natural body chemistry. No 2 are exactly the same, cuz its just like Jill explained…”Had the next boyfriend of mine try that same kind, but it stunk on him, tho.”

    And I do love when a man takes control, & not just in the bedroom. I want someone I can lean on & I know he’s not going to fall over.

  12. swag/confidence or outright lying? How does a lady know, ho can she tell the difference now men know but straight guys dont sleep with men. So how do you guys know he’s a swagger and not a bragger?

  13. Here’s the challenge…Women’s liberation and the strong black women phenomenon has done its share of damage as well as help. Hold tight before you smack me sisters.

    These days’ women have just as much swag as the men. I often have discussions with my successful “strong” female counterparts and there definitely seems to be a lack of that special femininity that all men desire in a mate in today’s relationships. However, the reasons why this mutant woman evolved are multifactoral. I read this interesting quote the other day: “Men and women were never meant to be equal. We have different traits and gifts for a reason: BALANCE. No, a man does not stand over the woman, the woman does not stand under the man. Back-to-back we reside, like flip sides of a coin.”

    I want to come home to my lady and not the CEO of While I admire the work it took to get to that position in her career I don’t want that in my home. Relationships are “fucked” for the lack of a better word. I have no idea where the circle starts and/or ends at this point. Relationships are primarily based on risks and vulnerabilities…… I don’t know too many MEN or WOMEN at this point who have the testicular fortitude to tread those waters…..

    Women don’t know what role to play, where to fit in … and when you have confusion, you have no solidarity. And when women try to tackle roles that used to be male only, you displace the men. Now you have confused women and confused men … and male-female relationships.

    Excuse me family I just digressed…..

    • @Joe I will say that I get my idea of the roles for women and men from the Great Book. The Bible, duh. LOL I know the role of the woman and of the man. But there are reasons far beyond what you listed as to why this is all messed up. If I tell a man I want him to be my provider I then become the “golddigger”. But if I go to school, get my MBA so that I can stand on my own, I’m taking his place? No. There is a balance with that as well. i.e. Michelle Obama. I could continue on this point, and I think you raised valid points, but I’m going to do hit up this bottle of champagne and unwind before tomorrow’s big post. LOL Thanks for the contribution.

  14. @jg14 I agree with you maybe I didn’t express that properly in my post. I was just saying that because women are so strong now it’s tough to find that balance hese days. That man should be that provider but that goes far beyond just finances. No getting the MBA doesn’t take his place, it’s just that with that success comes a certain mentality for some women that does displace the man. It costs to be the boss. Would you marry a man who makes less money than you?

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