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so as i’m riding MARTA this morning (which was definitely NOT ‘smarta’), i found myself staring at the back of this lady’s hamhocks (aka big legs). now the fact that her legs were littered with the cottage cheese looking fat that we women have all come to know and hate as cellulite, her dress was just entirely too short for her shape. i have cottage cheese and during my quest to become more comfortable with it, i’ve noticed that many women struggle with this issue that plagues both skinny and large women all the same.

Stars have cellulite too! Its not for the average woman anymore!

Stars have cellulite too! It's not for the average woman anymore!


but due to the common acceptance for this despised cottage cheese substance, this is not the topic for this blog. we’ve all heard the saying of, “just cause they make it in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it.” what most people don’t know (or do) is that this saying is specifically geared towards the big women (i mean, what is there that skinny bitches can’t wear?). now i, being a larger then average woman, am in total agreeance with this statement–especially after the assualt on my eyes the lady this morning made.

let’s be clear here… i’m not bashing fat women as i’ve already identified myself as one of them. however, i’m a firm believer in wearing something that flatters your figure and accentuates the good, not horrifies others with the bad. i mean, lane bryant, torrid, and ashley stewart were all designed for the larger woman…
See? They do make clothes that fit us!

See? They do make clothes that fit us!

so to conclude this edition of style file, big girls, lets remember that although we are beautiful with our size, lets be sure to get the size that fits us and style that looks good… stop bein a big ghetto mess!