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in my circle of friends (at work anyway) i’m late in getting this but i have recently purchased an iPhone and it is THE best $200 investment that i’ve made. 


the best investment ever

the best investment ever



so last friday, after much thought and being frustrated about losing information on my blackberry pearl AGAIN, i was ready to make my purchase. i had already made the decision that i was going to purchase it and even began to save money for it. my good friend TBS had already sent me an email about setting up my service with at&t before going in to the store to make my purchase. 

by the time that i was ready to take the plunge, everything was all set-up! i walked into the apple store (which has the best customer service ever) and gave them my name, credit card, and was pretty much set to go! what made it even better is Danny (my Apple Genius) browsed different apps with me and helped me set them up initially. 

so now for my review about my love the iPhone…

the great:

  • the apps are ridiculous! i now have a personal assistant on my iphone that keeps track of all my bank accounts and utility accounts! 
  • i LOVE the touch screen… it makes navigating so easy
  • i have access to literally everything at my fingertips
  • i can listen to my music and load my songs without it taking up too much memory
  • and can i say the apps AGAIN!!!
  • the service is better then t-mobile… it’s true, you do get more bars in more places!
the “needs improvement”:
  • there is no picture messaging so you always have to email
  • at&t plans kinda suck
  • the text messaging takes some getting used too
but overall, like i said, this is the best purchase i’ve made in a while… it was so worth sacrificing my expensive makeup and shoes to save for it!!!
btw, here are some of the great apps that i have:
  • pandora (streaming songs to your phone doesn’t get any better!!)
  • facebook (of course)
  • wordpress (naturally… but it doesn’t seem to work right)
  • urbanspoon (find any type of food you want within any area by shaking the iphone)
  • aim (gotta keep in touch with the peeps!)
  • BOA (banking on the go)
  • twitterific (gotta keep people updated!)
  • shazam (don’t know the name of a song playing? let your phone listen to it and it’ll give you the information!)
  • audi a4 (omg! racing game where your phone is the steering wheel!)
  • lockbox (keep all your personal stuff locked up)
  • personal assistant (cuz i’m that important…LOL)
  • sugar (can’t think of sweet messages on your own? this will help!)
i don’t think that i can emphasize enough how great the iphone is… i quote my good friend TBS when i say, “i don’t know how i lived without it!”