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**i would like to formally introduce you to mr. kingslayer. you first met him during our first fantasy island. after my first 4 chapters, we chatted and thought it would be nice to throw a male perspective into this story. so without further adieu, here’s chapter 5.**

I watch her as she walks out the door. Something fine and nice to watch I must admit. Wouldn’t have guessed she was aggressive too. Her company is different. I don’t know what to call what we doing, but I’m enjoying it. So much I wanted to say, but I’m not ready after the other night. I can still feel her on my skin.

Email rings

Walk over and it’s my ex.

Typing into the email chat

-What’s up?-

-Not much. I got your message. The only thing I can say is that I’ll try.-

-Trying to understand or letting go?-

-Um both-

-Good. Nothing wrong with leaving and wanting to comeback, but my heart ain’t in it.-

-I don’t get how you could let me go like that? Is it another girl? Is it because I didn’t leave when you wanted me back?-

-No it’s none of those. I just think you’re lonely, and that’s what you want to get rid of. Listen I have to go to work. Maybe we can talk later. Everything else good?-

-It doesn’t matter. You don’t care anyway. Tell that bitch she’s temporary. You’ll figure it out soon.-

I close my email. Take a look at my phone, and see her picture. Maybe she’s not temporary. Something new and worth the attention is what it feels like.

Turning to the computer

That’s not what you are too me, but I can’t say I don’t remember.

Grabbing my car keys, and wallet I slam the door. Kinda pissed I answered that email this morning. I think I’ma do something fun today.

2pm I call her.

-Hey, what you up too?-

-Just work. Stressed a bit-


-Yeah. What about you?-

-The same. You got plans tonight?-

-Kinda, but they breakable-

-Ok, if you change ya mind, come stop by-

-Sure will-

Her tone gives her away. She’s coming to see me.

Later that afternoon I stop by Gamestop and pick up the Wii. Two extra Wii remotes, and some batteries. We’ve been playing this game back and forth. Maybe we should change it up. I stop by a Vegan spot, guess I should at least try something different. I’ll get a stash of chicken wings on the side though. Glad I’m not so tired tonight.

I pick up on the first ring


-So I didn’t change my plans, but I will be home after early. Like 9.-

-That’s cool-

I hang up and walk in. Left the laptop on, have eight emails. She sent me four after our conversation this morning. Going through them I’m pissed. She’s really going in with the bullshit. Fine I’m not entertaining this. I jump in the shower, and let the hot water just rain down on me steaming up the bathroom. I’m changing up my mood tonight. Open up a little bit. I haven’t laughed or cracked jokes with her. I set up the Wii, get the food in to the oven keep it warm. I’ma cheat, and get my practice on then take a nap.

Phone rings and wakes me up

-Hey you want anything?-

-Just a Corona-

We hang-up, I get up put my jeans on check on the food. Put it in the microwave, it’s nice and warm.

She stops by and we have fun. It’s good to see her laugh. So glad I played before she did, she does not like losing. Well she won 3 games and I got 4. The food was alright, didn’t think it be good. I’ll leave those wings in there for a snack later. We sit back sip our beer, and watch some TV. I look at her and pull her close. Laying back on the couch, she in her sweats, me in my shorts and we fall asleep together. I know how my ex feels. I’m glad I’m not lonely, this is good.

i answer my phone as his picture pops up
-whatz up?-
-nuthin, just on my way home. what r u doing?-
-shit, just chillin. about to get ready and go out to a gay bar. wanna come?-
-nah, i’m GOOD. man, i need a beer.-
-well stop by when u get in, i have some corona-
we get off the phone… i turn around googly-eyed, meeting my 2 friends laughing faces… they tease me and i blush… shit, i caught feelings… oh well, it felt good… we’d slept together 2 nights in a row and i couldn’t stop thinking about him.
i started to get dressed and put the 2 beers in the freezer so that they could be ice cold for him.
he knocks.
-hey miss lady. how are you?- i smile
-great. come on in-
he comes in and meets my friends. i pop open the first corona and give it to him as he sits on the couch. he looks like he’s had a rough day. the doctor said it was stress induced… he looked so innocent and vulnerable… i wanted to make him feel better… i do my make-up which looks good. i clean up pretty well when i want to.
we’re in the kitchen talking. i take out 2 shot glasses and pour out some cranberry vodka. shot 1. i pour more as we talk. shot 2. we talk some more and i pour another shot out. shot 3. he finishes his beer and my vodka is finished. i reach into the freezer and pull out some puerto rican rum. i pour another shot as we talk. shot 4. we continue talking and i’m staring at his neck which seems to be telling me to kiss it. i comply licking and kissing it. i pull back and pour another shot. shot 5. i walk out of the kitchen and he follows me. i grab him and kiss him hard, full of passion, and i pull back.
-wow, the liquor makes you want certain things huh?-
-no, i’ve wanted it for the past 2 nights. the liquor just makes me go after it.-
we walk out the door. he tells me i should call him when i get in. i already know i will.
shot 6 of cruzan rum at the homies house before we roll out. we get to the gay bar and do some line dancing and 2-stepping… it’s weird being around all these women and i stick out like a sore thumb. they have free condom and lube packages and i grab a bunch… just in case… u can NEVER be too safe. we leave and go back to the homie’s house.. shot 7. i stumble home.
-hey, u home?-
-you comin up?-
-yeah, i’ll be there in a few-
i take my clothes off and put my sweats on. easier access…
knock knock
-whatz good? you have fun?-
-sure, i was line dancing in 4 inch heels.. doesn’t get any better then that-
i’m stumbling and he’s laffin cuz he’s stumbling too. we get into his bed. i pass out. i’m awakened by kisses. now i’m wide awake.i get on top of him and kiss him back harder, more intense. i move down to his neck. he moans… i move down his chest, flicking and sucking at his nipples. i move lower…i struggle with his pants and he helps… i touch it and think, wow! he has a beautiful sex tool and i can’t stop myself from wanting to taste it. i put my mouth on him and he exhales with pleasure. i just taste it cuz i can’t give him everything the first time… gotta keep him coming back… he pushes me off of him and puts on a condom. i’m eager and can’t wait to feel him in me. somehow all of my clothes have managed to come off. i’m not sure when that happened. he’s on me now and we’re kissing like death is going to take us at any moment. we’re whispering,
-i want all of you. can you give me that?-
-yes, i want all of you too-
-what’s all of me?-
he enters and i’m full. full of joy, ectasy, passion, lust, love, everything. i don’t remember what happened next just that it was 7:00 in the morning. i was still drunk and stumbling. we spoke. he kissed me.
-call me later-
the door closes.

***late admin post: 2 things… one, our dear JG* is taking her GMATs again today so please send prayers to whomever you pray to for her to do well enuff to get into one of those fancy ivy leagues. 

two, the ranting children are also philanthropists and will be beginning training for a 5k to raise money for women of the congo. JG* will be posting the link to this website soon documenting our training for this event. here you will also be able to donate money and give us encouragement as we get on our way…

back to your regularly scheduled reading… ***

he picks up after the third ring
-hey, how’s your day going?-
-it’s ok. i’m tired as hell and don’t want to be here. what’s up with you?-
-nothing. i was just thinking about you and a bed so i decided to give you a call-
-oh yeah? so you were thinking about me?-
-yeah… i was…-
we chat some more and then end the conversation when he tells me to call him when i got in from the gym later that night.
i get home about 7:45pm. i make dinner. i wonder if i should invite him to dinner and decide against it. the dog and i eat. it’s now an hour later.
he picks up on the second ring
-whatz good?-
-shit, just finished eating. what are you doing?-
-finishing up eating and relaxing. how was your class?-
-hard as hell! kicked my ass… did you want to go for a walk with me and the dog?-
-when you goin?-
-after i get out the shower in about 30 min-
-ok, well hit me back then-
i take a shower. the steam is relaxing to my tired, aching muscles. i daydream about what it would be like to have him rubbing on my body. all day i thought about him and the night. i put on my lotion and grab some sweats and throw them on with a t-shirt. i grab the leash for the dog.
he picks up on the third ring.
-hey. you ready?-
-yeah, i’m getting ready to put the leash on her-
-ok, i’ll be downstairs in a second-
-we’ll be outside-
i watch him walk down the steps trying not to make it obvious that i’m excited to see him. we walk around the building and talk about his upcoming vacation and how we both could use one. he walks me to my door where we’re both stammering.
-what are you about to do?-
-nothing, just put the dog to bed and chill out-
-well why don’t you give me a call and come up?-
-or i could just come up in a couple of minutes-
-or you could just come up in a couple of minutes-
-ok, i ‘ll see you in a few-
i put the dog away and put dinner up so that i can have lunch for tomorrow. i check on a couple other things and head upstairs. he lets me in and we sit on the couch, both of us on the phone. we both get off and watch basketball and chat a bit…
-you kno, you should really rub my shoulders, if you want to-
-i was just about to ask the same thing!-
-well i’ll rub yours if you rub mine-
-bet, ladies rub first-
he sits in between my legs and takes his shirt off. i rub his neck and shoulders while he reads GQ. i like touching him. he’s soft and hard at the same time. his skin is the color of caramel and i fight myself to not put my mouth on him. i stop rubbing. he puts his shirt on and now it’s my turn… i sit in between his legs and take my shirt off. he puts his hands on me and i’m excited. his hands are the perfect combination of strength and gentleness. he rubs and i close my eyes and enjoy his touch. he’s finished. i put my shirt back on and sit back on the couch. our shoulders are touching again as we lean towards eachother.
-you should lay down again- he smiles
-oh yeah? why? so you can lay on me again?- i smile
-nah, you just looked so comfortable yesterday, i just want you to be just as comfortable now-
-you talk a good one- he lays back
i don’t immediately lay on him. we watch a bit more tv. i lay on him. comfortable…
-are you comfortable?-
-yeah, very. u?-
-for now i am-
-what does that mean?-
-that means for now i am-
we lay for maybe 10 more minutes before he says that he’s takin it to the bedroom. i get up and so does he. he walks to the back, leaving the tv on and me in the livingroom. do i stay? do i go? does he want me to stay? i’m not sure as to what to do and the dilemma in my mind is written on my face.
-why are you lookin like that?-
-huh? lookin like what?-
-like the way you were-
-just a passing thought. it’s nothing-
-what were you thinking?-
-i forgot-
-you forgot huh?-
he turns off the tv and walks back to his room. i’m still not sure what i’m supposed to be doing. i opt to follow him to his room.
-you know, you can kick me out at any time-
-i know, if i wanted you to go then you wouldn’t be here-
i lay on the bed and we pray. i’m not sure what he prays for but his prayers definitely take a lot longer then mine. he lays down and i move to lay on his chest. sleepiness is taking over and darkness falls. i wake up to him turning off the tv.
-i think i like you-
-oh yeah? what made you say that?-
-i dunno. i’m sleepy and not thinking straight-
-so you like me?-
-i said i think i might. i guess. why else would i come up here 2 nights in a row?-
-you said i’m a good snuggler-
-yeah, you are. but i also enjoy talking to you and…-
i reach up and kiss him. my mouth must have been passionate because that’s what his kiss returned to me. we laid there kissing eachothers mouths, minds, bodies for what seemed like eternity. i pulled back and smiled slightly, now drunk with not only sleepiness, but his taste too.
-you’ve been waiting long to do that?-
i pause for a second and think about that.
-yeah, i guess-
he turns me on my back and is in between my legs. surprise sobers me. i didn’t expect this response. he kisses me me with his lips and tongue and my tongue is tasting his mouth again. my hands travel quick and light over his body. i just can’t touch enough of him. i want more but i know i can’t have it. we kiss for what seemed like yet another eternity before we stop, both out of breath.
-have you been waiting long to do that?- he smiles
-yeah, but not too long-
darkness comes and we sleep. my alarm goes off and he mumbles at me to turn it off. back to darkness… my alarm goes off again… i turn it off this time… he wakes me up. it’s now 8am. he’s not going to work because he has a doctor’s appointment. we lay and snuggle until 9am. i have to go and get to work. he rolls me over onto my back and is again on top of me in between my legs. i pull him close and kiss his neck lightly. he forces himself out of the bed. i get up and start walking to the front. he’s behind me now holding me from the back as i walk. he has no idea how weak this makes me. i put my head back on his bare chest. i bend down and grab my keys and phone. he holds me. i begin to slowly caress and kiss his neck, nibble on his ears, and kiss his collarbone. i can feel him. i want him in me. not now…. can’t do it now. i turn and walk to the door.
-yeah, u need to go before i not make it to the doctor and you not make it to work-
-yeah… that could be all bad…or good i guess, depends on how you look at it-
-all good huh?-
-yeah, i would hope it be good. thanks for having me-
-thanks for coming over-
i look him dead in his eyes.
the door slams.

***admin note: here’s another sample of some fiction… it’s got a couple parts to it so stay tuned for all the “chapters”***

-hey, did you want some company?-
-yeah, that’s cool…-
-ok, i’ll be up in a second.-
**spritz spritz** i splash on some victoria’s secret pear glace and give myself one last look in the mirror… casual, comfy,yet sexy…perfect
**knock knock**
-hey, what’s up?-
-nothin, come on in-
i walk in to his place for the first time. when we met, he came with me for a walk and then back to my place where we talked about home and the differences between there and here… since then, he’s been on my mind…
we sat and watched the spike lee documentary on hbo. we started out sitting on opposite ends of the couch… i’m not sure at what point this was, but we ended up in the middle with me leaning on him and his arm around me… comfortable…
the documentary ended and we both sat in shock, so overwhelmed with pain, grief, anger, and confusion… neither one of us could say anything but we just sat in silence watching the credits…
i move off of him and sit up straight getting ready to go…
-hey, do you wanna watch ‘she hate me’?-
-yeah, i’ve seen it but i liked it-
we sit and watch ‘she hate me’… i’d never seen it from the beginning and didn’t know what the basis for the whole story was… needless to say, it was quite interesting… we sat shoulder to shoulder throughout the movie. the movie ends…
-so can i get the grand tour?- he smiles
he walks me around his apartment, which is identical to mine… his bedroom is simple, with a bible next to his bed… his closet is neat, shoeboxes for every pair of tims… we talk about church and religion as we walk back to the livingroom… he sits down and we’re watching sportscenter… he lays back and i look at him…
-you look like you’d be comfortable.-
confused look – huh?-
-you look like you’d be comfortable to lay with, u kno, snuggle-
smile – thanks. i guess i am. your welcome to try it out if you’d like- smile
oh how i want to, but i don’t kno him like that just yet… we chat it up some some more as he sits up… conversation with him is wonderful! i could talk to him all day and sit with him all night… he lays back down… too tempting to resist… i lay on him…. comfortable…
-hey, do u want to take this into the bedroom cuz my leg is hurting hanging like this-
he turns off all the lights and i follow him to his room…. he turns on the tv and we watch good times… i’m laying on his chest, his arm around me and hand resting on the small of my back… comfortable…
darkness… tv turns off… back to darkness…
i turn over and he turns with me… now we’re spooning… more darkness…
he turns over, i cuddle into his back… more darkness…
whispering in my ear, -hey, the alarm is about to go off-
-what time is it?-
i groan and nuzzle closer in his neck…
-i don’t want to get up… i want to stay in my bed like this all day long…-
-me too… i don’t want to go to work…-
-i should just call in to work-
-you touching me is making it too hard for me to leave-
he nuzzles me head up and kisses me lightly, innocently, enjoying the moment… i kiss back, lightly, innocently, enjoying the moment too… he rolls over on top of me…
-does this count as touching?-
-yes, and in the worst way-
more light, innocent kissing… no pressure of sex, not lustful… innocent…
i move because if i don’t move now, then i’m not moving at all… i walk out to the front, he holds me as he walks behind me… this is my weakness… i grab my stuff… he grabs me and holds me for a second… more light kisses…
-have a good day-
-you too…-
the door slams shut…