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hey guys!

i know it’s been a minute since something new has been published. but it’s time that we (i) inform you of some of the things that have been going on with the site.

  • JG* is no longer blogging with ROWC. as most of you know, this chick has a lot going on and didn’t want the stress of blogging on ALL the sites that she blogs on. definitely check her out at one of the many other blogs that she blogs for!
  • i was asking for guest bloggers for a reason. i too have had a new project in the works for myself. with that being said, rants of a wild child is officially coming to a close today. yes folks, today is the last post for rants. but please don’t cry! 
  • so i know you guys are probably wondering, “dear ladebelle, why would you ever want to stop ranting?” well here’s the truth of the matter. i started rants of a wild child during a time where i didn’t feel like it was ok for me to express myself. i didn’t think that people would like me nor did i know how to express myself in ways that i was berating the world with curses. as with all things, i’ve evolved and so must my blog. since i started this blog, i’ve been through the toughest times of my life and i’m not afraid to embrace the lessons they’ve taught me. nor am i afraid of being who i am. during the time of this blog, i’ve grown in unexplainable ways and matured into a more loving woman who’s goals have expanded. now i desire to share myself.
  • with all that being said, i will be launching a new site tomorrow morning so stay tuned for what’s in store!


i would like to thank all my current readers for reading and supporting me through these hard times. blogging has always been my outlet and it was enhanced by my readers! please please please subscribe to my new blog (once launched) and participate there as well. 



One Comment

  1. Awwww. Yea* it’s been great though. I owe it all to ROWC!

    Please check me out at Plenty of great bloggers and the Pulse of Young Black America.

    Also… will be launching soon. So keep a look out on

    *muah muah*

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