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Tag Archives: disclaimer statements

everyone has heard them and most have been victim to them… these are those statements that always begin with:

“i don’t mean to sound harsh but…”

“i don’t mean to throw you under the bus but…”

“this may be messed up but…”

“i know you’re feeling sensitive but…”

and so on and so on…

i was listening to the radio the other day and there was a commercial for something or other where the guy started off with the “i don’t mean to rat you out but…” BUT you are…

i hate these statements/disclaimers/warnings because they are so contradictory! if you didn’t want to be mean, then don’t say it! however, you are being mean so why not start things off with:

“i’m being an asshole so…”

“i’m about to rat you out so…”

“i’m getting ready to throw you under the bus so…”

these statements seem to make more sense. i mean, they let the other person know exactly what’s going down and that you need to be prepared for a slap in the face that i’m intending to be a slap in the face.  it all just seems very logical to me right?


i feel like slappin someone today!!! slap slap...

i feel like slappin someone today!!! slap slap...



i think that society pushes us to be more “PC” versus actually nice or just plain honest. i think that people need to either be honest or just be nice about something. but these disclaimers just fuel the fire for us to be mean but hide behind a disclaimer. so when someone is offended, the assholes that use these are like, “i don’t understand why you’re offended…i let you know that i was throwing you under the bus” BULL!!! 

i work with a woman who is brutally honest and it’s quite refreshing. there’s no “i may sound like an asshole when i say this but…”. she says what she’s gonna say and try her darndest to be tactful and non-offensive about it. 

so my question to the readers… do u use these disclaimers? how do you feel about them?