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hey guys!

just a quick admin note…

as some of you may know, this blog was started as a place to vent and rant on whatever it is that i would see in my life that needed venting or ranting on. i recruited JG* to come and rant with me and we became the “ranting children”. although we do rant here about anything from fashion faux paus to rabbit effing, we both have other things that we do write about in different arenas. so with that, i would like to highlight some of the other blogs that we either write for or have started so that you have the opportunity to read some different things from us.

ladebelle’s writings:

  • JG* Runs the City – on this blog i share with the world information on my workouts, nutrition, and different causes that i’m involved in and believe in
  • SH Collective – this blog was started by ainz neal and here i’m writing on fashion, makeup, and all things pretty for both men and women

JG*’s writing:

Hey Hey. It’s really awesome that Ladebelle and I have branched out and are really active in the blogging community. Y’all should be excited that you saw us here first and you guys are our first true fans. 🙂

  • JG* Runs the City – A blog dedicated to working out and getting fit for big races all for a cause. This launched Ladies Run The City and the awesome Ladebelle is a member of that network too! Ladies get fine in 09 and raise dimes! (oh yea!)
  • The Mogul Group – Major fashion & lifestyle blog started by The Mogul Group. They are the who’s who of Atlanta and I’m really excited that they asked me to get on board with them. I write about sex, relationships, current events and politics. I’m one of their feature writers.
  • The Fresh Xpress– The pulse of Young Black America. What started off as an “interesting” relationship blossomed into me writing community related blogs for them. Every now and then you may see a post on love & relationships.

we hope you guys have the opportunity to check out some of the other blogs that we write for and are enlightened as well!!!


ladebelle & JG*

**and now back to the regularly scheduled blogging**

ok… well you all aren’t losers, obviously, as you ARE reading my blog!

in my quest for laziness creativity, i decided to do a video blog… enjoy my loves!