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ok… well you all aren’t losers, obviously, as you ARE reading my blog!

in my quest for laziness creativity, i decided to do a video blog… enjoy my loves!



  1. Showing yourself on your blog. How courageous. I wish I could do that, but I’d prolly get

  2. This is pretty awesome. LOL and what is that sound in the background?

    I’m JG* Bitches!

  3. that would be bruno drinking… he was thirsty… don’t judge him

  4. video blog? imma echo slimjackson and say very brave indeed, though *cough*lazy*cough*…i mean creative lol j/k. i may try it one of these days.

    im a new wordpress-ess and i think ive found a fav already…Danke Schön and have a great december 3rd 🙂


  5. Nice video. I will warn you – I was waiting for the booty shake/champagne pouring… didn’t happen but it’s something you could maybe add to the next one.

    Just a suggestion.

  6. Good post…love it. Need to chat you up about vlogging, in general! Love it, girl. Keep it up!

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