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i have officially been prompted twice to update my blog so before there is a third prompting and i begin to feel worse about my lack of blogging, i will blog now!

needless to say, things have been quite hectic in the land of ladebelle… lets start with work (which still sucks). 

work updates…

so last week the crew and i (minus nene) were out in the great state of cali and the lovely (to be read as dirty) city of san francisco… to sum the trip up in one word, i would say it was… hell, who am i kidding? that trip surely can’t be summed up in one word! while out there, we (being the ladies of the pod) were mandated to work 10 hour days minimum… that doesn’t include the 10 block walk to the convention center and back to the hotel. ugh… 

there were a couple of highlights out there…1. all the free booze at the reception; 2. meeting all the people that i regularly communicate with via email or telephone (to be read as all the free booze at the reception). and there are my couple of highlights. 


anyone order a mcnasty with flesh eating disease?

anyone order a mcnasty with flesh eating disease?



now on to the low lights… and there were many… as if it weren’t confirmed before, it is definitely confirmed that we work for the nastiest bastard in the world… he was pushing himself all up on my girl KT, who was beyond grossed out. (on a more serious note, i think we need to file a damn sexual harrassment suite). KT was also the only one to receive popcorn and shit sent by the nastiest person in the world. i mean, what about the rest of us that work hard? is what we do in vain now? ugh… unappreciative prick… sorry, got lost on that one low light there… and on to the one Ms. Patch who has officially upped her annoyingness (yes, it’s a word now) and disrespect with her demand of eye contact after interrupting me without so much of an “excuse me ladebelle”. UGH!!! 






but then the people there were like one big fashion faux pas. i mean, who wears belly shirts to conferences now? soooo inappropriate… and if there’s no flood coming, please leave the high waters at home… in fact, bring them with you so we can burn them… ugh

so now that i’m back and have all this damn work to do from my primary job, mcnasty decides he wants to hassle me about some damn membership calls… right, cuz i got my BA and MBA so i can be a glorified telemarketer. sorry mcnasty, i have a regular job! ugh… the way i wish i could tell him to go jump off a building… 

anywho, enough about the depressing place entitled work…

fall fashion!!!

so i think that fall is one of my favorite fashion seasons… so many colors, new trends, and you don’t have to be a skinny bitch to pull the looks off!!!

as is my tradition, i’ve already colored my hair to a darker, more fall color of red. and i got a snazzy new haircut!

one of the big fall makeup trends is the “bitten lip” look… this means a nice wine color for your lips. so, since i’m trying to save for an iphone (so that i can blog more frequently) i decided to go with a lower priced lip option versus my $15 addiction to MAC. target has this new line of more expensive cosmetics but since i wasn’t dropping $15 for my MAC i sure as hell wasn’t dropping $20 in target for some lip gloss. instead, i bought some l’oreal color riche lip liner in “lasting plum” and some revlon colorstay lipglaze in “overtime wine”. the cool thing about the lip liner is that it comes with a sharpener at the bottom. 

so this morning i put on my lip products with a simple black lined eye and it was instant glamour! and now, at the end of the day, my lip gloss/liner combo is still in full effect without having to touch it up! i’ve had snacks, lunch, drank, talked, etc and it’s still there! nice…

anywho, this was a pretty random post but i posted… the next post i promise will be more guided!