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”Blame it on the goose
Got you feeling loose 
Blame it on petron
Got you in the zone

Blame it on the a a a a a alcohol 
Blame it on the a a a a a alchol

Blame it on the vodka 
Blame it on the henny 
Blame it on the blue top
Got you feeling dizzy

Blame it on the a a a a a alcohol 
Blame it on the a a a a a a alcohol”


yup... alcohol induced foolishness

yup... alcohol induced foolishness

We’ve all been there. You’re at the club having a good time. One drink turns into one too many drinks and next thing you know you’re acting out of character (or maybe it’s in character—not judgments here).

But here’s the thing that I really hate. I absolutely hate it when people are really serious about blaming their actions on the alcohol.

Scenario: you and your girls are at the club and lets say litika (inspired by slumdog millionaire) is really throwin back those drinks. She’s drinking incredible hulks and long beach tea’s like it’s the purple kool-aid. She’s now incredibly drunk and has managed to pick up some random ass dude. They leave together and you guys do brunch the next day. She gives the run down of what she “remembers” and you guys are now looking at her sideways. And here comes the excuse, “I was so drunk! I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t been drinking.”

BULLSHIT!!! Ok, so maybe you wouldn’t have done it if you hadn’t been a fish at the bar but why were you drinking so much?!?! I think that people drink so much so they can do the foolish things that they really want to do under the guise of inebriation. My thing is like this, if you really want to entertain one nite stands and other foolish behavior (no judgments…) just do it! Don’t drink yourself silly so you can “blame it on the alcohol”.


Comments? Thoughts? Drunken stories?


That’s my time…



“naughty by nature not alcohol” ladebelle


  1. never in a million years would i get that drunk in an unsafe environment. the only time i drunk til i passed out i was with my bf and it was our last night together before i went back to ny.. when i’m out with friends at a club or whatnot, i always have to be in control of myself because i live very far out in the boonies and i have to get myself home all alone, and it’s just too dangerous these days to not be in control of yourself and your actions. the most i have when i’m out is 4, depending on the strength of the drinks, and i know my tolerance level very well. i’ve never had any sort of drunken one night stand and i don’t plan on it

  2. I call this the “safety buzz”…. you drink so you have something to blame when you do something dumb. True, alcohol does make some things sound like better ideas, but you already had those ideas to start with…. you don’t do anything drunk that you didn’t at least think about sober. The alcohol doesn’t inspire ideas, but it just silences the second half of that little voice that says “Sure that sounds fun, but it’s not a very good idea.” Booze kills inhibition, period.

  3. first and foremost, i don’t know you…but this is so true! i’ve come to realize that alcohol is a socially acceptable excuse to do something normally “irresponsible” or “out of character”. as you said before, if someone wants to do it, just do it!! don’t get slizzard (i.e., lower your inhibitions) and just do it. that’s one of the biggest turnoffs for me…

  4. Drunk- Your sub-conscious mind at work.

    That is all…

  5. I fully agree with your analysis… but I’ll tell you something good I like to blame on the alcohol: all my great stage performances were made a thousand times better bc of a glass of red wine right b4 made inhibitions go away and let me open up, i guess I have a problem , huh? lol

  6. I don’t think that alcohol allows you to fulfill your repressed desires as much as it allows you to express whatever you’re feeling in THAT PARTICULAR MOMENT. And since that voice that typically says “No, don’t do that,” is silent, you do/say whatever it is that you’re feeling.

    • @tynie: girl that’s good! i’m happy that you will never be one of those girls that i’m smh-ing at the club or on the floor passed out somewhere… i’ve been her and it’s not a good look…lol

      @anesidora: safety buzz huh? lol… i don’t know if it’s buzzed as much is gizzzone…lol… yes, booze slaughter inhibitions (see naturallyalise’s comment LOL)

      @anonymous: yeah, it’s a turn off… i look back at my drunken days and just shake my head

      @luvologist: lol… that is all… love it

      @naturallyalise: i feel the same way but i think there’s a difference between a glass of wine and draining the bar…

      @robinmonique: i think it can be both… often times we wish that we could be more of ourselves and say/do whatever we want when we want to and this is a repressed desire too.

  7. I am firmly against getting pissy drunk in public.
    I have a cousin who’s in jail now but
    she gets so smashed on more then one occasion she was so drunk she woke up in the bed with men she didn’t even know.

  8. dayum!!! that’s horrible… there are too many STDs circulating for that…

  9. I’m with you. It annoys me to pieces when people “blame it on the alcohol”. Granted, I’ve only been drunk ONCE and that was in the comfort of my own home but I’m just sayin’…. People need to learn their limits and stop tryna blame the alkie. I actually loathe what alcohol does to people. It makes me very uncomfortable. I can really only hang out with the “1 drink and I’m done” kind of folx. I think I’ve seen one too many episodes of Intervention. HA!

  10. Yup, the drunk mind does what the sober mind didnt have the nerve to do. I also call bullshit on the matter. I’da side-eyed her to pieces.

  11. I love to drink copious amounts of alcohol. Probably always will–unless I decide to get “in the family way”. There has never been a time in my life–good decision or bad–that I honestly could caulk up to the booze or claim I didn’t remember. I remember everything. I have no problem with people being their uninhibited selves–I prefer it–but don’t get all shamed and try to absolve yourself the next day by blaming it on alcohol. As for the one drink wonders, I generally can’t stand them. Far too judgmental. If having three plus drinks will get a person to karaoke, dance, play strip poker, or whatever, please drink it instead of frowning on all the merriment being made by others. Or go home.

  12. oh, forgot to sign my name…


  13. Ummmmmmmmmm I don’t understand why we can’t blame everything on drunken merriment? LOL to identify the “spirits” as a contributing factor to a normal no-no situation is acceptable to me. However, to completely blame the alcohol is a little off put if you ask me. Drunk mouth speaks a sober mind I always say.

    Well I mean you can blame the alcohol if the girl looks like Taraji Henson before you get home and then you wake up beside Chewbacca. You absolutely HAVE to blame the intoxicants. Alcohol certainly does physically impair vision thus it is safe in that instance to blame the alcohol…. ;-p

    For the love of the brown baby jesus I need NOT have my beer googles on this weekend!!!!!

  14. i disagree. ive been totally and completely wasted and not remembered what ive done. these guys took advantage of me and ran a train on me. one of them fessed up what all had happened the next morning and i could tell id had sex, but it was horrible. i haven’t blamed the alcohol, but i know i wouln’t have ever let that happen if i had actually been sober. so, alcohol can impair your mind and actions and your yes and no…this is right and wrong functioner. its not 100% acceptable to blame it on the alcohol, but that doesn’t make what happens the other person’s fault either.
    thats my opinion.

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