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Daily Archives: February 2nd, 2009

**i would like to formally introduce you to mr. kingslayer. you first met him during our first fantasy island. after my first 4 chapters, we chatted and thought it would be nice to throw a male perspective into this story. so without further adieu, here’s chapter 5.**

I watch her as she walks out the door. Something fine and nice to watch I must admit. Wouldn’t have guessed she was aggressive too. Her company is different. I don’t know what to call what we doing, but I’m enjoying it. So much I wanted to say, but I’m not ready after the other night. I can still feel her on my skin.

Email rings

Walk over and it’s my ex.

Typing into the email chat

-What’s up?-

-Not much. I got your message. The only thing I can say is that I’ll try.-

-Trying to understand or letting go?-

-Um both-

-Good. Nothing wrong with leaving and wanting to comeback, but my heart ain’t in it.-

-I don’t get how you could let me go like that? Is it another girl? Is it because I didn’t leave when you wanted me back?-

-No it’s none of those. I just think you’re lonely, and that’s what you want to get rid of. Listen I have to go to work. Maybe we can talk later. Everything else good?-

-It doesn’t matter. You don’t care anyway. Tell that bitch she’s temporary. You’ll figure it out soon.-

I close my email. Take a look at my phone, and see her picture. Maybe she’s not temporary. Something new and worth the attention is what it feels like.

Turning to the computer

That’s not what you are too me, but I can’t say I don’t remember.

Grabbing my car keys, and wallet I slam the door. Kinda pissed I answered that email this morning. I think I’ma do something fun today.

2pm I call her.

-Hey, what you up too?-

-Just work. Stressed a bit-


-Yeah. What about you?-

-The same. You got plans tonight?-

-Kinda, but they breakable-

-Ok, if you change ya mind, come stop by-

-Sure will-

Her tone gives her away. She’s coming to see me.

Later that afternoon I stop by Gamestop and pick up the Wii. Two extra Wii remotes, and some batteries. We’ve been playing this game back and forth. Maybe we should change it up. I stop by a Vegan spot, guess I should at least try something different. I’ll get a stash of chicken wings on the side though. Glad I’m not so tired tonight.

I pick up on the first ring


-So I didn’t change my plans, but I will be home after early. Like 9.-

-That’s cool-

I hang up and walk in. Left the laptop on, have eight emails. She sent me four after our conversation this morning. Going through them I’m pissed. She’s really going in with the bullshit. Fine I’m not entertaining this. I jump in the shower, and let the hot water just rain down on me steaming up the bathroom. I’m changing up my mood tonight. Open up a little bit. I haven’t laughed or cracked jokes with her. I set up the Wii, get the food in to the oven keep it warm. I’ma cheat, and get my practice on then take a nap.

Phone rings and wakes me up

-Hey you want anything?-

-Just a Corona-

We hang-up, I get up put my jeans on check on the food. Put it in the microwave, it’s nice and warm.

She stops by and we have fun. It’s good to see her laugh. So glad I played before she did, she does not like losing. Well she won 3 games and I got 4. The food was alright, didn’t think it be good. I’ll leave those wings in there for a snack later. We sit back sip our beer, and watch some TV. I look at her and pull her close. Laying back on the couch, she in her sweats, me in my shorts and we fall asleep together. I know how my ex feels. I’m glad I’m not lonely, this is good.