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Daily Archives: February 6th, 2009

yeah so this didn’t quite catch on last week but fuck it, we’re doing it again cuz we liked it!

ladebelle’s facts

  • i hate that time is literally flying… my weeks are going by faster and so are my weekends
  • i’m running off maybe 10 hours of sleep for the week
  • i finally got my business cards in the mail and they are so super hot
  • we taught the girls about the importance of friendship and i’m happy that i have really close friends that i can share my friendship with
  • after being tagged 25 times, i finally shared my 25 random facts about myself on facebook
  • i managed not to cry once this week or feel guilty about anything
  • i’ve managed to fall in love with yet another one of mr. smart guy’s master mixes
  • i got another client doing their fliers
  • i FINALLY got a chance to give myself a facial and deep condition my hair… nice…


as you guys know, JG* is flitting about in my great home town of NY so check her out on twitter for her updates cuz i don’t know if she’s gonna post her facts here!

Never fear…. I’m in this thing!

  • So I love  NYC. I don’t think  I could handle living here, but I love to visit. It’s like my second home.
  • I’m about to meet one of my sorors for some fun in Brooklyn. I’m a loser, cuz I love riding the subway. 
  • I have a love/hate relationship with the person I’m visiting. So far it’s been all love. Good times. We’ll see how long this lasts. 
  • I really wish I could go running while I’m here. But I’ve slipped on the damn ice enough to know better than to try. 
  • I think I’m going to cook my friend dinner tonight. I meant to last night, but I ended up meeting him in the city and when the driver dropped us off, I was to tired.
  • How cool, his company has a driving service. 
  • I have a lot of new stuff going up on the other blog, so y’all be on the lookout. Like the good Alpha’s at FAMU used to say “Be in or be out” (BN or Be out…Shout out to Beta Nu) 
  • I have some other business stuff about to explode, so REALLY keep a watchful eye on that. 
  • Overall I’m pretty happy about life. I’m broke, but I’m good. 🙂 

Love always. 


alright, now it’s your turn to share your week in review!