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We haven’t forgotten the atrocities that took place in Gaza this year. And we’re still watching. We understand that both sides are under intense pressure and nervousness, but we will not tolerate war crimes.

We haven’t forgotten what happened to Oscar Grant and to be honest, I’m still waiting to hear what’s going on. This reminds me I need to send a letter to ask for updates.We will never forget the many many many people of color that have fallen to the brutality of the police force.

We haven’t forgotten the ugly words that were flung during the election cycle. The resurgence of the word “Nigger” (now replaced by President. See here), the way people spat Muslim through gritted teeth, the nasty looks, and the horrible cartoons, cookies, and jokes that were told.

And we WILL NOT FORGET the next example of police brutality even though they are trying so hard to excuse it.

I will not listen to someone who rants and raves about how the office in this video was physically assaulted and had reason to release this disgusting beating from hell upon this young 15 year old girl. She flung A SHOE at him and while that is rude and disrespectful I will not excuse his actions. The way he handled that girl, she will be hardened for life. It’s only natural that she learns to brace herself and be on the offense against this kind of treatment. The fact that it comes from an officer means that the Law will always be her enemy. This is not rehabilitation people. This is slavery recycled. Beat them, and put them in cages, beat them again, and keep them in the system.

I watched the State of the Black Union this weekend and I really enjoyed it. It was powerful, thought provoking, full of hot air, and loud all in one. We have a lot of work to do people, it will take more than a black president, 8 years, and a fixed economy, but I believe we can do it. We just have to wake up! And stop glorifying the “NEWBO’s” and start lifting up the real role models. It was interesting that CPAC took place the same weekend as the State of the Black Union and how C-Span was showing them interchangeably. Oh the juxtaposition. It was almost overwhelming. Michael Eric Dyson – Rush Limbaugh – Michael Steele & Cornell West.

LOL sounds like a good party to me.

The revolution will not be televised.


I hate to say it, but…(Not safe for work)

^^^ Fuck the police. (You guys got angry socially aware JG this week and I had to sneak this blog in) 

I’m so tired of hearing about someone dying at the hands of gun-happy police. 

This don’t even make any sense. Oscar Grant, III. Shot. Murdered. Killed. However you want to spell it. They say “maybe the cop was going for his taser,” or “maybe he was struggling and was a threat.” Yes. A man, face down, handcuffed, with another police officer kneeling on his neck is a threat. And if cops can’t tell the difference between a taser and a gun, we have some big problems on our hands. Bullshit. 

We’ve previously seen this happen in the case of Rodney King, and Sean Bell and plenty other deaths I’m sure that didn’t have the strength to make it to national media. History does repeat itself. 

Rodney King

While this following video was not the police particularly, it was the boot camp authority, and I’m sure they feel like the real police. In short, Martin Lee Anderson was sent to boot camp after being charged with stealing his grandmother’s car and causing an accident. Of course, in order to get the insurance to pay for her car she had to press charges. His mother chose to send him to boot camp close to her as opposed to a detention facility farther away. The result: Martin Lee Anderson was in the camp for 2 hours. After practically passing out from the rigorous exercises, he was beaten until he suffered brain damage and died on his way to the hospital. It was all caught on tape. The people involved were acquitted. Bullshit. And it happened in my hometown. There was a major cover up, I’ll post links below. 

It’s crazy. Honestly, I’ve seen a lot of video blogs about the Oscar Grant story and some make sense and some don’t. To a certain extent it’s a White on Black (or Brown) issue. A lot of the times we will see white cops committing the brutality on some unarmed person of color innocent or not. Other times the cops involved are of all races. When Black goes Blue someone loses. In the case of Martin Lee Anderson there was a black cop involved and they were quick to say that for that reason alone it wasn’t a race issue. And we agreed. We marched, some sat-in at the governor’s office, there were rallies, and people of all races were involved. It was a humanitarian issue. We cannot continue to treat people in society like this and still claim to be civilized.

The police do all sorts of helpful things, but they are losing their credibility and quickly. I witnessed a domestic abuse situation with my neighbors and called the police at the direction of my concierge. I wasn’t the only person that called the police in my building and the way they handled it was surprising. The guy apologized and left with the cops trailing and talking behind him, while he had a drink in his hand. I don’t have to tell you the people’s background involved. It would have been an entirely different story if there were different players. 

How am I supposed to feel safe when these moron’s are walking around with a utility belt that would make batman envious and they jump at every single noise? I commented on one of my Facebook statuses that I’m happy I live in a country where I can protest and speak out against my government and authority if I see the need to. But can I? Or will my attempts to speak out be met with a cop trying to grab his baton, but instead grabbed his glock, and popped a cap in my unarmed, poster carrying, should-have-kept-my-mouth-shut, ass. 

Will I fit some random description and have to take someone else’s bullet? It seems that no matter how hard you plead (in some videos you will see that Oscar Grant is attempting to cooperate) it will not stop the pull of the trigger. 

So what now? I saw a video blog in which the guy asked: “So when will black people stop letting the cops kill you for no reason?” I thought about this and thought to myself “Well, what CAN we do?” I mean the minute I look like I’m going to defend myself and grab my cell phone to record badge numbers, I’m meeting my maker.

So ranters, what can we do? 

J “power to the mother f’in people” G*

P.S. Please stop the riots. It doesn’t help our cause. Peaceful demonstrations only. 

Please contact the Alameda County District Attorney’s office and demand the arrest of the BART officer for the murder of Oscar Grant (510) 272-6222 or (510) 271-5157 fax.

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied


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