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Some of you may not read JG* Runs the City and that’s quite alright. But I thought I’d share with you a post from over there. I’m fasting for 3 weeks and my fast has me practically reduced to eating Vegan. Only super vegan because I can’t have anything sweet or that includes sugar either. So I’ve been experimenting hardcore, and so far, I’m liking what I’m seeing. I’ve had a few hiccups, but overall, it’s been fun! I think there may be some major lifestyle changes on my horizon! 🙂

Yesterday some of you may have seen me tweeting about my Soy Curls. Well here’s a looksey real quick as to what I’m talking about.


Interesting right? Well, I couldn’t wait to try some things with them so last night after midnight I gave them a try. Here’s the deal with Soy Curls. They are hard, and you have to re-hydrate them. You do this by soaking them in hot water for 10 minutes. Then you season them and cook in a skillet to be whatever you want them to be. Whether it’s beef or chicken or whatever. Last night I made “Chicken” salad with a few soy curls and it was yum! I’ll post the recipe below. The guy at the vegan store really put me on to them. I told him I was big on texture which is why tofu was just out of the question for me. He pointed me right to these.


  • Soy Curls
  • Veganaise (Mayo)
  • Celery
  • Garlic power, garlic salt, Poultry seasoning or chicken flavoring, celery salt
  • Chopped onions
  • Chopped Celery

Re-hydrate the soy curls for 10 minutes in hot/warm water. Drain and season with poultry seasoning. Place in skillet for about 5 minutes along with onions. When finished, place the onions and soy curls back in a bowl, mix with Veganaise, Celery, Garlic Salt/Power and Celery Salt to taste. And you’re done!

I wish I would have taken a picture.

For dinner yesterday I had sloppy joes over rice. And I made my first green smoothie! Yum!


I did 1 banana, a cup of pineapple, 2 celery sticks, and a handful of collard greens. TASTY!!!

Let me tell y’all. Yesterday was hard. I wanted some red velvet cake, a cookie, some fried chicken, SOMETHING. I went to the Farmer’s Market to get all my veggies and fruits and I just about died. It was hard. The devil is a liar! LOL

And I worked out last night. I was really worried about that part, because I knew I was going to be hungry afterwards and I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle it. It wasn’t too bad, and I felt great! I’ll be able to handle next week’s race NO PROBLEM!



as I was driving into work today I heard the preview for some new Nicholas cage movie where his son is like “daddy am I gonna die?” and he responded “I woud never let that happen”. ideally this is sweet and all that other shit but I was like how in the hell is he gonna tell him that?!?! if God wants this little boy to die, then there’s nothing that anyone, including Nicholas cage, can do about it.
I know it’s just a movie but that got me thinking about other ways that people think they can either play or outsmart the big man/woman upstairs.

the cloak of invisibility

this doesn’t only make it’s appearance in harry potter movies. I think that we all go through this phase where we think that we are invisible from anything that can harm us. we might have unprotected sex thinking we won’t get pregnant, stds, or worse, aids/HIV. sadly statistics say that we aren’t invisible as some of our closest friends have become part of the statistic that I speak of.
if you aren’t out banging without an umbrella, then you may be trying to cheat death. this can be drinking and driving, getting into fights, using drugs, or acting in some other careless way with the life that was given to you.

don’t judge me!

this is one of my catch phrases stolen from a good friend of mine. but in all honesty, there is only one entity that is able to judge us and it certainly isn’t the person one cubbie over or who you chat with at the water cooler.
but we all do it. we sit and pass judgements (good and bad) on others and think that these judgments mean something. we “judge books by their covers”, the video girls, the person picking their nose on the train… all of them. but I think what the harder pill to swallow is when we pass ill judgments onto ourselves. our judgments don’t count so stop passing them.

my emotional conclusion

I’m not religious and I struggle to pray everyday but the God that I believe in is a loving one. with this being said, I don’t think that death is a punishment but it shouldn’t be toyed with either. I think that we need to do a better job valuing the lives that were given to us and the lives of others. we were put on earth to enrich each others lives, not to abuse or cause harm to. the faster we realize, understand, and accept this, the easier and more freeing our lives will be. oh, and God can see through the cloak of invisibility duh!

so dear readers, what are some other ways you see people playing God manifest? what are your thoughts, feelings surrounding what’s already been written? talk to me!

— Post From My iPhone

“i value all your lives” ladebelle

For your entertainment or boredom. Whichever. JG* cooks Banana Bread Pudding two nights before her fast to get rid of all the bad things in her Fridge. Check it out.

**admin note: for those that follow us on twitter, you know that we were asking for guest bloggers. it it with great pleasure that i introduce you to imfreddimac. we follow eachother on twitter and this is quite the funny guy! this is a 3 part post so stay tuned!!! without further adieu, here’s freddiemac!**

When ladebelle asked for guest bloggers for the site, I jumped at the chance to be able to share our (single men) point of views on certain MYTHS i’ve came across during my ummm…. well, you know.

I will try to keep this short and to the point by addressing some major myths regarding sex and relationships.

Myth #1: My man always comes back, therefore I must have that good good!!!

For one, i’ve heard numerous females dialog about having that “good good.” If you don’t know what that means, youtube Ashanti’s last single.

This disturbs me for 2 reasons.

For one, most females claim this based off information from the guy(s) they hav slept with. We ALWAYS SAY YOU HAVE THAT GOOD GOOD/WET WET, even if it wasn’t that at all. Why? That answer doesn’t guarantee us another shot but it doesn’t HURT our chances either. The odds are in our favor.

The second reason I tend to hear is that “I must have some GOOD if he’s coming back!” The reason we come back is because its a GUARANTEE. Don’t get me wrong, their are some who have that COME BACK FA SHO, but then again their are some who aren’t working with anything under the sheets, who still have guys coming back.

Just please don’t let us guys be the complete basis of your argument

I was sitting in my cubbie when a fellow co-worker walked past and my senses were flooded with some cheap cologne that he clearly found it necessary to douse himself with. he had to have been about 3 feet away yet I was still able to feel as though I had been thrown face first into a toilet bowl filled with old spice or whatever the mountain version of this shit is.

as I experienced this, I threatened fellow twitterlings that I would post a blog on the proper usage of smell goods for both men and women… well ladies and gentlemen, here it is…

deodorant cant cover already existing odors

deodorant can't cover pre-existing odors

the guide to proper scent usage

here are a couple things that will help you on your way to finding balance between funk and ‘mmm, you smell delicious’:

1. stuff that sprays does not replace stuff that suds

this is number one for a reason. I remember working in bath and body works and girls coming in who clearly had replaced a shower with a douse of cucumber melon… huge no no. bathing is a must and what’s really hood in whatever year we are in. jumping in the shower hitting the ‘hot spots’ with some soap, water, and wash cloth is a necessary, daily thing. you should embrace this time be it morning, noon, or night.

2. sex is not the only thing that requires lubrication

your skin needs it too. again, this is for men and women alike. fellas, they have unscented or neutral smelling lotions that will soften skin and moisturize all at the same time. ladies, we know that lotion is geared toward is so don’t be afraid to embrace it. don’t run from it and don’t forget to put some on your booty as dudes are now tryna use our booties as pillows. y is lubrication important? because the more supple the skin, the better the scent will absorb and last.

3. layering is not only for cold days

this is an important concept that I learned while working and bath and body works. your scent starts with the soap and you build from there. not only does this help with the scent having some dimension, it ensures that you don’t overdo it with the body splash or cologne. gents, axe and other man brands have made this a possibility for you so you aren’t left out here. starting with a nicely scented soap and following it with a nicely scented lotion empowers your fragrance while not making it overpowering and offensive to those around you. plus, this way the scent lasts longer so at the end of the day when ur boo inhales your essence, they are met with the lingering sensation of the starting scent.

and if none of this makes sense to you, apply the disclaimer ur moms used to tell you while u were washing dishes/clothes: more isn’t always better. if u still don’t smell quite fresh, please see number one and wash your stankin booty!!!

my good people, thoughts? encounters with the people who’d rather cover their funk then wash it away? people in ur lives u feel need to read this? talk to me!!!!

“I layer lovely” ladebelle

— Post From My iPhone


Age Aint Nothin But A Number right?


Often times we see age differences in dating couples, maybe a year or two, but when we see major gaps it is most notably between an older man and a younger woman. There have been famous cases for this i.e. Anna Nicole Smith and that old guy, the Playboy bunnies and Hef, and so on and so forth. But alas….. just like 30 is the new 20, older women have become the hunters.

My favorite cougar is Eva Longoria’s Character on Desperate Housewives. She’s hot and he’s hotter.


Next up would be Usher and Baby Factory Tameka


I have to admit that I can foresee this in my future. If for some strange reason I’m not married by the time I’m 30, and my 30+ situation doesn’t work out, then I’m going full Cougar. I’ve never dated a younger man, but even JG* has weaknesses, and recently a young one has tapped into those. He and I don’t fit into the “Half Plus Seven Rule” (see below) but I’m 3 years removed from college, and he’s still enjoying the ride. I can’t help it though. He’s so cute and untarnished. Life is still so sweet to him, and no one has broken his heart. Even though the gap is not that big, he still looks at me like “the older woman” and something about that is kinda hot. I just want to spoil him. He wants me to fly down and visit him, I just want to send him a ticket to come see me. Crazy right!? This is not the JG* we all know and love.


So ladies, ever been in Cougar mode? Men: ever been cougar bait? Why is it so much more social acceptable for older men to date younger women? According to somebody’s random census data that I’m not directly quoting, but women are more likely to outlive their male partners by seven years. So, it only makes sense that I should be looking for a man at least 7 years younger than me so that we can grow old and die together.

What say the people?

J “Cougarlicious” G*

both JG* and i have some of the meanest shoe collections and are both lovers of the color red so naturally we had to participate in this project. outside of the obvious reasons of vanity, the project is aimed at increasing awareness in AIDS and HIV to young (and older) women. 

wanna a know a little more about it? check out for greater details into the cause.

wanna join the cause? holla at the ladies over there and let them know you’re tryna rock the red pump too!


rockin the red pump baby!!!

rockin the red pump baby!!!

common sense… it’s something that is supposed to be common right? i mean, that’s why it’s called common sense and not uncommon sense. that’s what i thought but lately i’ve been thinking that more people (and animals) were running wild while God was giving out things like common sense, thinking, and other “gifts” along those lines…


soooo tru!!!

soooo tru!!!



now for all of you who have common sense who have to put up with people that lack in common sense probably deal with frusterations daily, as i’ve found out that more then half the population is lacking in sense that is supposed to be common.

so this is my theory… there are essentially three categories pertaining to common sense… these three are those who have and use it, those who have it and don’t use it, and those who just don’t have it…

…those who just don’t have it…

these are the people who REALLY frusterate and piss off the people who have it and use and just confuse the people who have it and don’t use it… as frusterating as it is that they just don’t have any sense, you can’t really be too mad at them… common sense, after all, is something that we’re supposedly born with so we can’t be mad at them BUT we can be mad at their damn parents…

…those who have it and don’t use it…

these people are often mistaken for the people that just don’t have it but they use their sense sometimes, though inconsistently. these are the people that drive the people who have it and use ABSOLUTELY crazy!!! it’s a constant enigma to the people who have it and use it why these people just don’t use it all the time! and frusteration here is warranted because these people could easily use the sense they know they have but they just don’t… know whether it’s intentional or unintentional that they don’t use their sense is still being debated… nonetheless, their parents should have put a foot in their asses when they weren’t using their sense so that as adults the rest of the world didn’t have to deal with it.

…the people who have it and use it…

i think that these are the most confused and frusterated of the three… they have the sense and are actively using it and enjoying using it. what they do makes sense and is purposeful… they can be planners or whimsical… either way, they make SENSE… they don’t understand how people are born without sense and how people just decide not to use sense… either way, they must learn to come to peace with the other two groups or they will end up frusterated for eternity…

eh, these are just my theories but what do you guys think?



“i have common sense” ladebelle

ok… so here’s the scenario…

candace and jared are friends. they’ve been friends for a while and have helped each other get through some times together. they started having sex but luckily this didn’t change the dynamics of their friendship-they were friends who would occasionally bump uglies. candace will on occasion help jared at his store because he’s been going through some hard times. one nite, after the store closes and they all go out for drinks, jared invites a stripper friend along with them. candace, jared, joanne (the stripper friend) and some of the store staff are all kickin it at the bar when jared calls candace over to talk with him and joanne. jared says “i would like to introduce you two and two people i’m having sex with. i think you guys should get to know each other.” 

we’ll take a pause here because dear readers, i want to know what you would do in this scenario. ladies, would you pop off and go crazy? brush it off and have your poker face on? or not think anything of it? fellas, what would you expect the candace to do? what type of reaction would be too crazy, if any? would you do this to two girls you were sleeping with?

talk to me!!!! 



“doesn’t hate on strippers… it’s a recession and i put be pullin my g-string out for tips soon too” ladebelle

sooooo, within the past couple weeks, i’ve been pretty angry about some things so instead of turning those into multiple blogs where i complain, today’s blog is solely dedicated to ranting about things that not only i, but you guys too, are angry/mad/pissed/confused about. pretty much anything but sad… the mad rapper did it and today, i’m the angry blogger…


mad rapper meet angry blogger... whats poppin

mad rapper meet angry blogger... what's poppin



without further adieu, i give you my rants:

  • sometimes i just hate people period. i mean, most people are these selfish individuals that are only focused on what pleases them and more importantly, what you can do for them. no one ever stops and thinks, “oh, well what can i do for this person?” and if you are that person who stops and thinks that, then you feel overwhelmed and underappreciated because you’ll forever be the person that people run over and take advantage of. 
  • i hate it when you’re supposed to depend on people then when you need them they aren’t there and then they have the nerve to tell you that you don’t open up to them. what?!?!? 
  • i hate this recession… during these times your supervisor/manager/whatever the fuck you want to call them think that they can just hold your jobs over your heads. i was talking to a friend last nite who this just happened to and she’s a teacher… hell, we need good teachers! what is REALLY going on?!?!? are job threats what’s really hood in 09?
  • i hate that the dryer eats my socks. no really, it does. i swear i will put a pair in that bitch and all it spits out is one. that is nerve wracking… i mean, whenever i’m looking for my gym socks or trouser socks i can’t ever find the other one!!
  • or how about when ur looking for something and you can’t find it but then when you aren’t looking for it, that shit is just all up in your face? bananas… it’s a conspiracy.
  • i hate it when you want something that you can’t have. i mean, why can’t we just control our wants to wanting something that we can have instead of wasting all this time and emotion on something that’s not even within your reach
  • i love that i’m not the same person that i was last year but i hate that people just want to see who i used to be. what in the hell is the point in changing if the outside world doesn’t acknowledge the shit?!?! i might as well stay the immature bitch that i was before! granted, i love who i am even more now! 
  • i hate moodiness… or people who want you to be around their moodiness. like, if you’re wishy washy, don’t holla at me until you’re certain about something. until then, beat it. 
  • i hate that just because people think you’re strong that means that you don’t need attention. i mean, everyone needs some kind of attention. yeah, i’m gonna make it without you but it would be nice to have some fuckin help if you’re supposed to be “in my corner”

ok… so i can apparently keep going at this for awhile but i’m more interested in your rants now… so tell ladebelle why you made son!!!!



“the angry blogger” ladebelle