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My name isn’t Hov… but that’s a whole other topic to discuss. Which I will. 

I’m JG*.. People call me JGeezy, JGizzle, whatever. But really, those people are special. So to the rest of the world I’ll be known as JG*

I’ve been invited to contribute to this blog because I’m a self-described “Wild Child”.


I think this pretty much proves that.

I think this pretty much proves that.


















The other requirements were that I be witty, inspiring, and all sorts of fun things. Well I don’t know about all that, but you can be darn sure I’ll try. You BETCHA! I have to promise though that I won’t go all rogue… and get all extra mavericky. Although I am a fan of the double maverick. You have to be flexbile… but it’s so worth it.


Just looking at this makes me want to smoke a cigarette...

Just looking at this makes me want to smoke a cigarette...

Sorry. Tangent. 

So yea*. I’m new to this thing so allow me to get my bearings straight. I have a lot of ish to say, and sometimes I’m angry, but overall I think I’m pretty damn funny. I’m opinionated but I care what other people think of me so I keep the good stuff to myself. (That was a joke folks!) 

I’ll try to be good. 





you know… this blogging world is so interesting… people blog for soooo many reasons… some to vent, some to give advice, some to share life lessons, etc… me? i’m blogging because i need to have an outlet for the sheer but blatent ignorance that goes on…

i feel like i’m doing my witty mind injustice by keeping it all to myself so i figure why only blog about my lessons in marriage? why not blog about the shit that’s on my mind? makes sense to me…

so anywho, the purpose of this blog is relatively undefined, however, it will be a couple things.

1. full of truth and honesty

2. probably pretty funny

3. raw and unedited (for the most part)

now granted, i do understand that this disclaimer is mainly for me, as i have no readers yet, but in case i do get some readers, at least they know!