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it’s the end of the week it’s friday!!!!


  • another great week down, another one to go
  • my bestie’s sister is in town this weekend before they are shipping off to my home of the great NY and i’m super excited to finally meet her!
  • i managed to watch dres tha beatnik’s kid and had oodles of fun with her. it was really refreshing to hang out with a little girl. it puts a lot of things in adult life into perspective
  • my mgr has been paying me mad compliments about the change in behavior at work so goooo me for increasing my maturity!!!
  • speaking of work, things have been super busy and i have a lot on my plate… perhaps that’s why i haven’t been on the blog scene per usual. hopefully next week will lighten up a bit.
  • we’re still accepting guest blog entries and topics to blog on. hit me up at and feel free to add me to gtalk as well.
  • i’m loving life!!!


  • I’m fasting. It’s great. It’s tought though. But to God be the glory
  • Real excited about The FreshXpress! We’re doing big things over there.
  • Monday is a HUGE day for me. It will determine the next few years of my life.
  • Race is next week! Get excited!

Ladebelle isn’t feeling well, but I hope she still shares. Still, pray for her wellness.

Starting with I, the unthankful one:

  • That NEWBO’s Special that aired last night.. made me want to shoot myself in the face. My thoughts.
  • I’ve been having a great week. I’m even harder on my workout grind. I love it.
  • I will be starting the Daniel Fast in about 3 Weeks. I’m scared yet excited.
  • I’m looking hard for jobs in D.C. If you know something, share something.
  • I’m also looking for tips on housing. If you know something, or someone who isn’t crazy and needs a roommate, share something.
  • I’m going to try to stop cursing so much. i’m trying to drastically reduce the amount that I sin. LOL

That’s all for me today folks!

Thanks! (or NoThanks)

What’s your week in review looking like?

Thank God it’s Friday fellow Ranters! Nevermind the actual day, let’s just be glad the weekend is here. I hope you all have great plans for tomorrow and if not, please check out this blog to see other really smart options. It seems that Ladebelle and I love the city of New York, and while I was in the city last week, she is there this week. I’m not sure if we’ll hear from her, but here goes!

From now on, you can refer to me as Ms. NoThanks. 🙂 (for reasons I cannot go into lol)

  • I’m really proud of myself for some of my humanitarian projects I got goin’ on. I just know they will be successful.
  • I have some GREAT links to share with y’all.

ladebelle’s fun facts

  • i’ve made it home safely… tho i didn’t get home till waaaaay early this morning (courtesy to a night out on the town with enoch)
  • i’ve decided that i really miss ny and might be contemplating a move back… might be…
  • i just had a conversation with the first person in my family outside of my my mom, dad, and brother about my divorce and it wasn’t as awkward as i thought and apparently secrets are always kept in my family
  • i think ny-ers have more northern hospitality then southerners
  • my bizness is booming!!! so if you need stationary, flyers, logo design, bizness cards hit me up!!!
  • i’m about to go and enjoy the not so cold weather of the city but the cold weather of my pops’ place!

Enjoy everyone! Leave some of your fave links!

Ms.  NoThanks & lovely ladebelle