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Monthly Archives: November 2008

i don’t agree with the origins of this holiday, or most for that matter, but thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday. why right? i mean, there are no presents, no decorations, or much that superficially differentiates this holiday from the regular old sunday get togethers. nonetheless this is my favorite holiday and here’s why…

thanksgiving offers freedom from seeing your family with the pretense and pressures of gifts. i remember last year for christmas i asked my kid cousin what she wanted and this lil heffa girl said juicy couture this and LV that… she got my mere presence as her present. anywho, it’s this materialism that really subtracts from the holiday.

yup... this is how i gets down

yup... this is how i gets down

i love thanksgiving because it’s really a time for you to share in the spirit of family and love. there is no pressure for gift giving outside of love and nurturing… and that’s really what i love…

almost there!

almost there!

this year, my mom moved to myrtle beach… we packed our car and our friend moks up and drove up here to be with my mom. granted, she’s acting like a slave driver since we’ve been here, but the smells that i woke up to surrounded me with love… the turkey’s scent tantilizing my taste buds and enticing my notrils making it so hard to wait until 3pm to eat. and then fall asleep. and then eat some more…

i love thanksgiving!!!

family makes all the difference

family makes all the difference

i hope that you have a great day and enjoy the spirit of thanksgiving with your loved ones…






I’m gonna get to know you better. 🙂 

What black person doesn’t remember this playing throughout their warm house during the holiday season? 


Ahhh it feels good. I woke up this morning to the sweetest sounds of Van Hunt. Oh this man makes my life just right. 














I know he’s old news, but this morning it just seemed so right that I couldn’t be wrong. The air was so perfectly nice this morning. I stood out on my balcony and took it all in. 


Not the best pic of the view, but you get it

Not the best pic of the view, but you get it

I had ATL at my hands. Deep breath. It’s a beautiful thing to wake up and appreciate God’s beauty and grace. I was instantly at peace with all that was stressing me in life. I then realized what day it was. It’s Thanksgiving Eve!!!! Most people who know how to throw down during a real Thanksgiving Meal know that today’s the day the cookin starts. That way you don’t have as much to do tomorrow, and the sides have marinated and are extra good. I’m getting excited just thinking about it. 


See I am an eater. I eat. It’s what I do. I gave up beef and pork (Another blog another day) but I go hard on everything else. Being an eater, I had to learn a while ago that the only way to truly satisfy my extreme desire for all things good, I had to learn how to cook. Learn I did. There was also the fact that I was in an extremely serious relationship and he decided that I needed to learn how to cook as well. 🙂 So needless to say, this holiday season, me and my girls are getting together, with our Quarterlife Crisis selves and we’re going to cook up a meal. I have done Thanksgiving for the past 3 years, so I’m seasoned. 


My friends (not in the creepy McCain way) let me tell you what’s on the menu. 

Garlic Roast Chicken (I’m not ready to tackle a turkey yet, and honestly, it’s just a few of us)

Baked Cream Cheese Mac & Cheese (Y’all might wanna ask for this recipe. It’s that good)

Carrott Souffle

Collard Greens

Sweet Corn

Mashed Potatoes


And of course… Sweet Potato Pie! 


The only thing I’m slightly pissed about is that I didn’t get to go home this year and experience the joys of this baby: 




This my lovely people. Is a Turducken. Yes. You heard it right. A Turducken. It’s a Turkey stuffed with a Duck stuffed with a Chicken. Oh… and there’s stuffing. Sweet Baby Jesus in his Sweet Baby Jesus crib!!!! Isn’t that just amazing and lovely!? 

My Daddy had promised me that he was going to make it for me. I’m really longing for this. I almost feel like I need it in my life. I feel like I can imagine was it tastes like. 


Oh Well…. Enjoy your Thanksgiving! And post great recipes if you have them!!!! 



Well folks, today I am dedicating today’s blog to Kanye West’s newest album 808’s & Heartbreak


Once again Kayne’s right on time. His CD’s always speak to what’s going on in my life. I’m not going to give a review. Not at this time, perhaps later this week when the Album has officially dropped and I can feel better about bootlegging it. 🙂 When Late Registration came out I was in heaven. I had my addiction at the time. Me and my homie David (RIP…I’m not sure if you would like this one Dee. LOL) would listen to Crack Music and Drive Slow. All the fraternity interludes ran deep for me since I was pledging that semester. It was a good look. 


Then came Graduation. I mean there were obvious hits. The CD did well. But I Wonder came Just.In.Time. I was really going through it. I had lost something that was very important to me and I seriously spiraled out of control. I couldn’t eat, I barely slept. The only good thing was that I lost 20 lbs. But then that made my friends think that I was on cocaine. No… they seriously thought I was. Crazy friends. I used I Wonder as my motivation to still be awesome, and to still see my name light up the skyline. I used it to get over my devastation. And I did. 🙂 I started eating (too much), and my friends saw me happy again, the thing that I had lost had come back to me in a new light. Things were A-okay. 


But they say all good things must come to an end. And here we enter Heartbreak. 


Now I am one happy chick. I really am. You can ask anyone. However, if there were one thing that I put too much strength in it’s love. I love Love. I love being in love. I’m awesome when I’m in love. I give my entire heart when I’m in love. What I don’t do is save some room to love myself. Here in 2008 I thought I had it entirely figured out. I had lost love once and I was better for it and now I can go out and find it again! Problem is that I have had a hard time letting go of my earlier mentioned “Addiction” and my most recent love. I let those memories haunt me. Chide and goad me.  I let those loves dictate my future. It got so that the thought of me having a future were dismal and watching CNN’s Black In America made me miserable. How dare Soledad O’Brien and her documentary imply that a good Black Man was going to be hard to come by for a good Black Woman? My past came back to get me. We entered into a battle of when/how/why and who loves who more and who shows who more. I lost the battle and my emotions had gotten the best of me. I was beaten and a wreck on the inside. On the outside I was happy and a girl who just wanted to have fun. 


Over and over again my iTunes played Coldest Winter, Heartless, and RoboCop. (Note: Since the CD hasn’t officially dropped yet, these songs aren’t all the finished versions.) I did all this, yet and still, I wanted to walk backwards. Not forwards into something new. That represents to me the unknown. I want to go back to what I know. The memories that still make me smile. The touches that still warm my heart. The conversations where we don’t even talk. The mornings when his breath stinks and you can’t help but scrunch up your face but still kiss him. The drives through the city that allowed us to dream big. The walks through the park that allowed us to notice the details. 


I want that.







P.S. I’m a believer in that God will always provide for me. So with that being said, I never despair. 🙂 

so i took the week off from work this week and took today to visit some of the people that i’ve neglected to visit due to the wicked contraints of my blasted 9-5. one of my life mentors is a professor at cau and morehouse so i decided that today would be the perfect day to visit him.

i was running late to his class (smh at myself because it was an 11am class) so i ended up meeting up with him for his noon class. but walking on campus during the day brought back so many memories. amazing how less then 5 years ago i was one of these bright eyed and bushy tailed (figuratively, definitely not literally) students that was anxiously awaiting entering the “real world”. i spent alot of time on all three campus’ and have so many memories.

i tell you this much… it feels good to take a step back in time. it seems i’ve always been in a rush to get through every phase of my life and i never quite had the “ambition” to just enjoy what i was going through. now that i’m older, wiser, and more mature, i wish i had enjoyed this part of my life more…

so i ask you guys this, what are some times that you look back on and wish you had enjoyed a little more instead of rushing?




***sorry folks… ladebelle is feeling pensive, sleepy, and possibly delirious so this post is a little on the thought provoking side***


i think that this was one of the most influential books that i’ve ever read. mitch albom is a literary genius and if you ever get a chance to read any of his books, by all means do it!

to give a brief synopsis of this book, the main character passes away but on his way to his heaven, he meets up with 5 people that were a part of his life at some point in time and they share lessons with him. after meeting all the people, he then settles into his own version of heaven where he also meets others on their way to heaven.

naturally, this prompted me to wonder who it was that i would meet… i think that these are more the people that i would want to meet or just see again…

…grandma rose…

my grandmother passed away when i was 6 years old. during those 6 years, she had such an impact on me. my grandmother was far from the perfect woman but she was the best grandmother that i could ask for. after she past away, i really found it hard to find my place in the world. i always felt that my place was with her and she was gone. i never felt that anyone loved me the way that she did and i loved her through all of her flaws and beauty. she taught me about a nurturing that has stayed with me till now. i cook as a means of nurturing others and that’s how she did us. as hard as my grandmother was, she was equally as soft. for me, she represented balance… that’s something i sure could use now…


my grandfather passed away when i was 20. the lessons that he taught me in those 20 years are invaluable. i remember the one thing that he used to tell me was that first impressions are the most important thing. he used to say, “ron, you win them over as soon as you meet them. wow them!” and at 25 i’m still trying to. my grandfather had been diagnosed with different types of cancer and had been given 6 months to live multiple times. but he lived despite doctors’ diagnoses. he had such a passion for life. a zest to live to the fullest. sadly, i’ve forgotten this. right now i’m just doing things to keep my head above water, forget trying to enjoy it…

truth be told, i can’t think of 3 other people that i would meet in heaven right now. while i’m thinking on it, who do you think you’ll meet on the way/in your heaven?



They both have my complete attention right now. 


And they are both two really awesome things on CNN. 

So today as usual, I’m doing my daily round of the blogs. I hit up HuffPo, and a few others and then I end my round at CNN. During the election cycle, CNN was my main news source and I would dabble in a few others. It’s not that CNN is the absolute best, as they proclaim, it was all because of this guy:


Right. Like I cared about "The Issues"

Right. Like I cared about "The Issues"

 Anderson Cooper is a couple of things. Lighter than me and most likely, Gay. To be honest, I’m willing to look past all of that. He’s freakin’ sexy. 

Anyways, I’m on CNN today and I notice there’s yet another story about the Pirates. I have to say that I’ve seen these stories floating around these past few weeks and I have kinda overlooked them. I just couldn’t believe that these guys actually existed! I didn’t want to get all pulled into the story only to find out it was just a big promotion for next year’s National Talk Like A Pirate Day. This year’s celebration was kind of a bust. I forgot my eye patch at home and couldn’t find my Pirate Translation Guide. But lo! This is really happening! For those who aren’t up on what’s going on in the Pirate world I’ll tell it like this:

Basically there are these groups of Somalian Pirates of the coast of The Horn of Africa and the Gulf of Aden. They are a poor sad bunch who got their experience working on other ships. But pretty much, they got crazy ass weapons and are attacking ships left and right. You got something they want? Prepare to taste the ass of an AK-47 (as opposed to when Shaq asked Kobe to taste HIS ass. That’s just rude) NATO’s involved and all sorts of ass-kicking is taking place. Crazy right? 

When you really get into it it’s not all that exciting. But I’ll tell you what… if it weren’t for the Pirates I wouldn’t have remembered the other reason CNN is home to all my erotic fantasies. This guy:


I'd love to enter the no-spin zone with him

I'd love to enter the "No Spin Zone" with him..

 T.J. MotherF’n Holmes. *takes a moment*….

I would dive butt naked into the roughest seas and take on the most vicious of all Pirates just to have a moment with this most amazing piece of human being ever. I know. I know. You’re saying I’m taking this too far. Fall back. I can take it ever further. But this site is kid-friendly and I don’t want his handlers to put a restraining order out against me. He does live in Atlanta. I’d heard about this Holmes guy before, but since he anchors on the weekends, I tend to miss him. To think I had been wasting all my sexual energy on Anderson Cooper really pisses me off. I’d catch little snippets of him every now and then but this morning i caught a six-minute really candid interview of him and my obsession went from 0-60 in about 10 minutes. He is now my friend on Facebook and I find myself comparing his picture with mine to figure out what our children would look like. I assume they’d have his eyes and my mischievous smile. His height and my petite frame. I bet Christmases with his family would be just divine. We can do Thanksgiving in Florida with mine. 

This all sounds crazy right? But I bet Michelle thought the same thing about Barack Obama back in the day. And someone said “girl don’t be crazy!” But she went after her man! Now look where she is! 

Not the same thing? 


Whatever. God Bless CNN and the Pirates that made me spend too much time on CNN. 



i’m a shop-a-holic and i know it and sadly i love it (btw, can’t wait for the movie to drop)… so one of the main places that i get my fix from is ebay… they rarely disappoint and i can always manage to find things that i don’t need for waaay cheaper then full price. 


so here are some of my most recent finds:


cole haans with nike technology for $12.50

cole haans with nike technology for $12.50


enzo angiolini for like $10

enzo angiolini for like $10














cute white jacket for $10.50

cute white jacket for $10.50













and these are just some of the most recent items that i’ve purchased within the past couple days… yes folks, ladebelle has a problem but it’s sooooo good!!!

btw, if you guys need me to search out anything for you, shoot an email to and i’ll see what me and my shopping glory can do for you!!!





I’m sitting at my desk… JAMMIN’ to this new Beyonce. Not just a mere head-bob. No. I am full out chair dancing. I even have that fonky (FONKY) face goin. Beyonce’s persona is not so hot. I am not a fan. But Sasha Fierce is on fire!


Something like this but totally not.

Something like this but totally not.

First off let me say that I tolerate Beyonce. Ok… But I don’t like her. See I am not one of those crazy fans who has an alter-ego just like her. (JGeezy who?) I don’t have all of her CD’s and DVD’s. (Well I didn’t PAY for them). And I’ve never had The Beyonce Experience. I make fun of all those girls who do all of her dance moves. 
Yes... that is me doing and old school dance.

Yes... that is me doing an old school dance.

I have never worn House of Dereon and I have no plans to don a lace-front. I do not workout everyday to “Green Light” and I do not secretly wish to have my ass implanted with Beyonce clone inserts. I.Do.Not. 
This is the problem. I’m not a complete Beyonce Stan…. so why.. WHY!?! Have I been jamming so hard to this mess. Why dear sweet merciful baby Jesus do I know ALL THE MOVES to Single Ladies? And why can I not control myself from doing it every single time it comes on. No matter where I am. During the Election results party at Opera Get Me Bodied came on. I knew. I knew Single Ladies was next. I practically cleared the floor so that I could set out the video. But what can I say? I did it for my country. 
I’m finding myself go deeper and deeper into depression over the recognition that I just might be a Bey fan. I thought I was more progressive than this. I thought that I was above the Beyoncification of the world today. Women using her to represent what beauty is. (Skinny, although super curvy, light skinned, long flowing hair). But here I am. In Love With My Radio. Talking about how I’m a Diva and how big my Ego is. Even as I type this my skin is getting lighter. 
Shit I think I just grew an ass.


My name isn’t Hov… but that’s a whole other topic to discuss. Which I will. 

I’m JG*.. People call me JGeezy, JGizzle, whatever. But really, those people are special. So to the rest of the world I’ll be known as JG*

I’ve been invited to contribute to this blog because I’m a self-described “Wild Child”.


I think this pretty much proves that.

I think this pretty much proves that.


















The other requirements were that I be witty, inspiring, and all sorts of fun things. Well I don’t know about all that, but you can be darn sure I’ll try. You BETCHA! I have to promise though that I won’t go all rogue… and get all extra mavericky. Although I am a fan of the double maverick. You have to be flexbile… but it’s so worth it.


Just looking at this makes me want to smoke a cigarette...

Just looking at this makes me want to smoke a cigarette...

Sorry. Tangent. 

So yea*. I’m new to this thing so allow me to get my bearings straight. I have a lot of ish to say, and sometimes I’m angry, but overall I think I’m pretty damn funny. I’m opinionated but I care what other people think of me so I keep the good stuff to myself. (That was a joke folks!) 

I’ll try to be good. 





i’m not sure why i remember him, but i do… i knew him from either my pre-days at spelhouse or during my days there. either way, he made an imprint on my psyche…

who? his name is shaun king and he’s getting ready to launch the courageous church. this man has more ambition, drive, and potential then me, myself, and i put together. check out his blog from off my blog roll…

i digress… so shaun came up with this great idea to raise money to buy new uniforms for some inner city children here in atlanta. his children don’t go there but he has put so much love, effort and passion into this movement that his facebook profile got cancelled (bananas right?).

here’s a blurb from the website about this movement:

“Bethune Elementary School has an amazing staff and a wonderful student body made up of some of the poorest, brightest children you have never heard of. 

These kids are amazing. Over 98% of the Bethune students live at or below the national poverty level and the overwhelming majority of these babies live in homes and apartments that are so dilapidatedand unstable that you would besurprised that people are still allowed to live that way in 2008. This isn’t play poverty – this is the real deal!

The Blessing.
And the blessing is that you have an opportunity TODAY to be abright spot in the lives of these children. This Christmas, we want every single child (about 500 students) in this school to have aNEW SCHOOL UNIFORM and aFUN TOY to call their own. If YOUdon’t help, many of these kids simply won’t receive anything at all this Christmas, but we believe that God is going to use you to be a blessing to these beautiful children. ”





need to see more?


we only have until december 2nd to make these kids dreams coming true so please, do what you can.

interested in the cause? click here for more details.