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Daily Archives: February 10th, 2009

so ladebelle loves the kids and i volunteer with them along with a group of wonderful ladies. **shameless plug for us begins now** as a whole, i think that we are some of the classiest ladies who have such great hearts… **shameless plug over** anywho, we have this program where we do group mentoring for adolescent girls. today’s topic is relationships. 

as i was doing research on the phases of relationships to talk to them about, there were some things that struck me that i thought we should speak about here. so many of the male bloggers talk about sex on the first date and now i want to address sex within the relationship period. 

ok… so you meet this cute guy (where in the hell you meet him, i have no idea) and he asks you out. and by out i mean to the movies, museum, drinks, or some place in a non-personal atmosphere. so yes, this means that “hey do you want to come over and watch a movie” doesn’t count. you have a great time out on the first date. there was interesting conversation, some chemistry, and there were times where you saw that flash of lust in his eyes. he’s not overbearing with it, but he does a great job of making it known that he’s tryna feel up on your booty sans clothing. 

you’re attracted to him too. you feel the butterflies in your tummy. feel some of that heavy, lusty breathing when he turns his head, and you are consistently fighting the cheese that wants to break out on your face. now the thoughts flee from the butterflies in your tummy to the desire of feeling him all up in your tummy. the date is ending. you like him but you lust for him too. so… what do you do?

sex on the first date (isn’t it ironic)


it really isnt for everyone

it really isn't for everyone



i used to subscribe to the belief that you should just get sex over on the first date to relieve some of that sexual tension that’s in the air. so let’s say you go along with this thinking. now ladies, if you’re what can be considered a “freak” you’re now faced with another problem. do you go all out with your freaky shit or do you just break him in softly? give him enough to be coming back for more and remember your name or do you go out all out and have him looking at you funny in the morning. 

an even bigger problem is this. if you give him the proverbial milk without having him buy the proverbial cow, is he gonna think less of you? will you lose all potential of becoming a gf and labeled as the official J.O.? just some things for the ladies to think about and some things for the fella’s to answer…

wait a couple more dates for the sex

ok, you opt to wait a little longer before having dinner with the tube steak and there is still sexual tension rampant in the air. this shit is so thick that you could cut it with a machete. what can sometimes happen here is that neither one of you are being yourselves because you’re so preoccupied with behaving in a say that gets you closer to the either getting the draws or getting something longer term. 

how long do you wait until you’re out of the ocean of potential J.O.? do you have sex all the time or does the dating still happen? just some things to think about… 


shits and giggles to get the draws?

shits and giggles to get the draws?



the conclusion

at the end of the day, there’s not going to be a right or a wrong answer. for the ladies that go for there’s on the first date or even the one’s that wait, there will always be benefits or costs. but at the end of the day, staying true to yourself is all that matters. 

this is my time…




so my crazy friends and i have started a movie club. i have some of the most eclectic friends ever and that’s what i love about them. so the first movie to watch was slumdog millionaire.


greatest indian movie ever... even better then kama sutra

greatest indian movie ever... even better then kama sutra

so a bit of history about this movie… it’s original release was as an independent movie for the artsy fartsy type. however, after rave reviews, the capitalistic movie industry decided to make this mainstream. it’s currently in the theatre’s but we hit the bootleg man up so that we could watch in the comforts of phil’s home. 

the storyline…

the story was excellent! it’s about how this young indian kid is on the indian version of “who wants to be a millionaire”. but the thing that makes this movie so good is that for every question he has to answer, there is some reference to his life growing up. this kid has lived a tough life so it’s interesting to see all of the references. more interesting then that is seeing the difference in culture and what types of adjustments have to be made in order to stay alive. 

the characters…

the main character’s name is jamal. he’s a sweet kid who is loyal to his family and his heart. he’s a hard worker and a little nervous. he’s fought his way to live an honorable life and believe in destiny.

his brother’s name is salim and this kid is a GANSTA! at the youthful age of 7 or something he was bossing people around and handling business. he is more loyal then what he appears to be and in the end, sacrifices his life for his brother’s happiness

litika is a girl that jamal and salim saved when their village was invaded. she grew up with them and jamal loved her since they saved her. they got separated numerous times but love continued to bring them back together

love and money… you have mixed them both

this movie was such a great combination of ruthless hardships and idealistic love. i won’t say that it has fully re-ignited my faith or desire for what they had in the movie, but i love the combination of it all. the cast and behind the scenes crew did an awesome job of making a witty love story that caused you to get so involved and attached to the characters. 

my vote

5 stars