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Daily Archives: February 16th, 2009

There is no Drill Baby Drill sign posted on the doors to my heaven.



So please, please stop trying to reach The Core.

You will not reach the center of the earth through me

You will not reach the center of the earth through me

I’m not saying we don’t like it hard and fast. But at least let me beg for it. Do not get to drilling the minute you enter paradise. Seriously. Where are you trying to go? I need men to take more time out to love and learn the female anatomy. I won’t post pictures here because this isn’t science class and I need y’all men to get out there and do the work yourselves! We talked about size last week, but the other important piece to that puzzle is how you work it. I said sized did matter, and I stand by that, however, don’t think that just because you are carrying around the “baby’s arm” that you can slang it however you want.

Listen closely. The Vagina, Vagine, Vajayjay, Nonny, P-Pie, whatever is full of great and fantastical nerves. However, those nerves cease existing in the bottom third of the honey pot. So all that drilling and jackrabbiting you are doing, isn’t as effective as you think it is. “Bottoming out”  can be a good time if it’s done right. That part of our anatomy can be painful if constantly hit or “drilled” so all that screaming you’re hearing is her way of attempting to tell you to stop, while still trying to continue to stroke your Male Ego™ as well as your prized possesion.

Let me show you a little educational video that is sincerely important for today’s lesson.

I was really searching for a way to use the good words of Ms. Alexyss K. Tyler. LOL

It’s all about how you employ your movements. Mix it up a little. Keep us guessing. Bring us to the edge with one move, then push us over with the next. I posted a link last week that may have gone unnoticed but I think it’s important to bring up again. Sex Info 101 is a FANTABULOUS resource for random positions. But please, study this. Use your knowledge of the anatomy, this link, and her body wisely. Do not try to bend your women up like a pretzel when she aint built to twist like that. Don’t put yourself in suspect positions trying to be freaky, because we might not catch the drift.

All I’m saying men is treat the Wishing Well like you would treat anything that you loved. With love and adoration. The Ying Yang Twins can have a song in which they constantly repeat “Beat the P***y up” only because they probably rarely get any. But I don’t want my poontang beaten up. Why on earth would I want that? I like it rough, but I want to be able to walk tomorrow. Men, just listen to her body. When she wants it hard, she’ll tell you, when her brain starts to scramble from the nailing you’re giving her, she’ll tell you to stop. Please listen. 🙂

Y’all know which part I’m talking about in the above clip. THAT’S how you drill.

Enjoy. 😉

Ms. NoThanks