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Daily Archives: February 20th, 2009

Y’all aint ready

Ms. NoThanks

  • So how about last night at work, I worked an awesome party for a local group Hollyweerd (who I LOVE). It was full of celebs and all that. L.A. Ried, The Clipse, DJ Khaled (who I didn’t recognize and had to ask twice what his name was, then I figured it out). But I was so irritated.

  • I was irritated because I lost T-Pain’s Mama’s credit card. I honestly think she put it in her purse or something and will find it later today, but whatever. I still felt pretty bad. And she took away her tip for me. 😦
  • Why was she (she told me her name was Mama Pain), Lil Wayne’s Mama, and a bunch of other oldies in there last night?
  • Why is Mama Pain so much better looking than T-Pain and why won’t she help him?
  • Why am I taller than Pusha T?
  • Why when I asked DJ Khaled what his name was (twice) he said it like he does on his mixes.
  • I made a grip of money last night though So I can’t even be mad.
  • I’ve been getting hazed up by my Church dance ministry leaders and it’s kinda hard for me to keep silent about it. Won’t someone think about the dancers?
  • I’m so sleepy. I think a work nap will be an all day affair for me.
  • Last night this complete random tried so hard to “holla” at me. But his first approach to me was to tell me he had bad breath and needed mints. I gave him lemons and he then went on to try to “holla”. Wanna know what I said?


ladebelle’s random facts:

  • mabelle is coming in town today so i had to hide all my crazy sex games and empty alcohol bottles… jk… kinda…
  • i finally managed to put away ALLLLLL my clean clothes and am currently working on my shoes whilst finishing up laundry **sigh**
  • i was plagued by the most awfullest migraine monday after hitting up a jam session… related? i hope not…
  • we took the girls from our mentoring program to see “America the Beautiful” last nite. i highly recommend everyone watch it. it’s already on my netflix. it’s about the standards of beauty in america. it’s pretty shocking.
  • my cubbie neighbor’s kennel cough is getting worse… like really… gross
  • surprisingly, this was a mellow week for me. my inner rockstar must be in hibernation from all the partying and bullshitting that i was doing before… thank the Lord too cuz i needed a break!
  • we’re doing a “biggest loser” contest at work and skinny people have signed up… wtf?!?!?
  • for the first time since i’ve had my iphone, i left it at home. it’s freeing–kinda.

that’s about it guys…


ladebelle & Ms. NoThanks