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Daily Archives: February 25th, 2009

happy hump day everyone! 

today’s blog won’t be a typical rant per normal, rather a directed rant instead. i received the following question from one of our readers:

does your man come close to what u imagine a man to be? and does that image allow u to say fuck it at his short comings?

you know, it’s funny that this question came up. yesterday i was chatting with a friend of mine about how he wants for his marriage to be and he touched on something similar to this. he said that he wanted his wife to want him regardless of all his flaws and still want to love him and cater to him and he would do the same. now that i’m done reminiscing, let me answer the questions.

as was announced with my 5000th tweet, i’m a divorcee. my wusband is one of the most wonderful men in the world and he will make some woman the luckiest woman in the world–but that just couldn’t be me. as with most women, i had a mold that i wanted him to fit in. however, i don’t believe in changing people to be what you want them to be so i had to let him go free. 

to answer the second question, seeing as though our marriage didn’t last, i don’t think that i could look over his shortcomings and i think that he deserves someone who wants him as he is and how most of us are–in progress. 

phew! that was kind of hard to answer but now readers, it’s your turn to answer the question. do you have a “type” or specific qualities that you look for? what are some of the things that you are unwilling to compromise on? or simply give feedback! 


this is my time (thankfully)


“in progress herself” ladebelle