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so as i’m riding MARTA this morning (which was definitely NOT ‘smarta’), i found myself staring at the back of this lady’s hamhocks (aka big legs). now the fact that her legs were littered with the cottage cheese looking fat that we women have all come to know and hate as cellulite, her dress was just entirely too short for her shape. i have cottage cheese and during my quest to become more comfortable with it, i’ve noticed that many women struggle with this issue that plagues both skinny and large women all the same.

Stars have cellulite too! Its not for the average woman anymore!

Stars have cellulite too! It's not for the average woman anymore!


but due to the common acceptance for this despised cottage cheese substance, this is not the topic for this blog. we’ve all heard the saying of, “just cause they make it in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it.” what most people don’t know (or do) is that this saying is specifically geared towards the big women (i mean, what is there that skinny bitches can’t wear?). now i, being a larger then average woman, am in total agreeance with this statement–especially after the assualt on my eyes the lady this morning made.

let’s be clear here… i’m not bashing fat women as i’ve already identified myself as one of them. however, i’m a firm believer in wearing something that flatters your figure and accentuates the good, not horrifies others with the bad. i mean, lane bryant, torrid, and ashley stewart were all designed for the larger woman…
See? They do make clothes that fit us!

See? They do make clothes that fit us!

so to conclude this edition of style file, big girls, lets remember that although we are beautiful with our size, lets be sure to get the size that fits us and style that looks good… stop bein a big ghetto mess!


  1. Those are great points Bella. How often do I see women who are far from slim try to wear outfits that show their stomach & legs which are kind of big? This past weekend when I went to a nightclub I saw this plus size woman with an outfit that horrified me. It was a belly shirt with some cutoff blood circulation jeans, and she had so much fat that it all was falling out of the outfit & dropping on her sides. There are so many outfits a plus size woman can wear & look GREAT in. I wish they would wear those instead of trying to fit into an outfit Kate Moss would have problems fitting into.

  2. yeah… it’s a shame… i mean, there’s options out there for we big women… lose weight or dress to compliment the roll factory!

  3. ladebelle,

    being that i used to be of the bigger variety and now even am what most consider ‘thick’ – (ghetto slang)…. (sz 10/12) lol. I can feel both sides of the argument.

    however, what i think is most important is that whatever size you may be, you wear something that is flattering to your figure. Even ladies who are smaller have individual proportions. Because of this, certain things can look equally crazy on a slim woman. I dont believe that “skinny women can wear anything…” I don’t believe any woman “can wear anything..” I think the focus here is finding your own style – that is comfortable and flattering – and sticking to it. Don’t try to switch up with ‘what’s in’ and the seasons…. because everthing aint for everybody…

    Lastly, we should all just be honest with ourselves. This is probably the best advice. – Keep in mind though, being honest doesnt necesarily prohibit you from wearing what the hell you want! I may know my legs look ridiculous in these shorts (or at least i think so) – but damnit, im wearing them because theyre the cutest shorts since way back when and it’s hot outside!!…. expression is free, but not without critique (good or bad)…

  4. I think that some big girls just want to fit in and not be different, which results in them wanting to wear what everybody else has on. This is why I have to lose weight. It has nothing to do with my health. I want to wear skinny women’s clothing. lol But I refuse to look a hot mess, so to the treadmill, I will go. lol

    In regards to skinny women being able to wear everything, I’m thinking that alot of them wear clothes that require some hip and butt action that some of them tend to lack. In those cases, they need to step away from the spandex dress because that can look equally as gross lol

  5. @jenay…
    this is the reason y i share my blog with you… always droppin some knowledge!!! but yeah, i totally agree with you that with both skinny and thick women, it’s all about finding what looks best for your shape

    i so agree with you too!! i def need to just drop the weight cuz i def be tryna where what the skinny girls can and it just doesn’t look quite right… almost, but not all the way…lol

  6. hi sweetie
    gosh I was just thinking about you yesterday and old times.
    I love reading you Blogs—you say what you think–and what you think is pretty much bluntly the truth!!! Its hilarious!

    Well mama please stay in touch…Lets get together one day…….its been too long. My # is 770 865 8590. Love ya.

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