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Girls love football too. Don’t get it twisted. My daddy was a quarterback for Ohio State EONS ago and he has every game OSU has ever played since his time, on VHS, in his house. He had hoped for two boys but what he got was two girls, and only one of which had any interest in sports. Hold on guys. This one’s a long one. 

Me. You can call me PowderPuff


Scary. But you get the point

Scary. But you get the point













When I was younger and would spend summers with my Dad he would take me out back and make me throw footballs through the tire he had strung up. I have a mean ass spiral. On my mother’s side we’re a bunch of immigrants and where do immigrants go when they get to the United States? New York. But somehow, my family fell in love with Buffalo as opposed to all the other great teams in NY. I grew up going through the pain and disappointment of the 4 straight Super Bowl losses the Bills suffered. I was the only kid at school with Buffalo ‘nailia and I was proud as hell of it. 

I went to my first professional game when I was in 1st grade. We drove to New Orleans to see the Steelers play the Saints. I was all of 6 years old and the idea of doing The Wave scared the living daylights out of me. But finally, I got up the nerve to do it, and as the crowed waved past me, I stood up and yelled “GO 49ers!!” So not only was I late, I was also wrong. My grandmother said she was so embarrassed. When I was in high school the Jacksonville Jaguars began their first season. We had season tickets. For 5 years we would drive to Jacksonville, act the fool, then drive home dejected (for the most part). 

Oh high school. I was a dancer in the band and our high school team was ranked in the country. This was when I started to actually learn plays, and referee calls. Then I went on to college and our team was historically known for being BADASS. Although lately, the fall from glory has been a tough one. This was when my obsession with College Football made it’s way to the forefront. 

Let me tell you. When it comes to ACC football, I am a freaking nut. My girls and I will be the loud, obnoxious fans at your local Taco Mac screaming “LET THE BOYS PLAY!” or “FOR REAL!? YOU JUST NOT GONNA PLAY THE BALL HUH!? Thanks! 15 yards because you can’t play the ball without getting burnt!” or “HOW COULD YOU NOT HAVE READ THE BLITZ!” And on a good day, we’ll sing the entire fight song over and over and over again. We’re like this for teams that we actually don’t have any tie to. I will watch any college football game and find a way to connect it back to my team. I’m also working on my skills so that next year I can get me a fantasy football team going. 

Girls love football. At least the girls I know. I love the NFL but I watch that to relax. I’ll cook on Sundays, get the guys some beer while I sip wine and chill an watch the games. But Saturday. Saturday is mine. I’m likely to have had a few Gimlet’s and a shot or two, and I’m a raging maniac from 12 in the afternoon until around 10 that night. I love football so much, I wish there was a female football league I can play in for pretty girls. I’m not trying to get hurt out there by a chud*. 

My dream would be to coach college football. You would think this is impossible, but in the year of Barack Obama it just might happen. I’ll start as as the QB coach, then Offensive Coordinator, then I. WILL. GO. ALL. THE. WAY! Damn. Even the ESPN College Football theme song is a little like baby makin’ music to me. LOL 

And to end this thing I’ll give my rundown of this season: 

1) Could Georgia have been more overrated!?

2) Since when was Georgia Tech a serious force to almost be afraid of?

3) Florida State is a serious basket case. This season should have been a 11-1 season and they should have been in the ACC Championship and unicorns should exist. (That war chant is sooo hard!) Congrats to my Krimson n Cream brother Myron Rolle for becoming a Rhodes Scholar! 

4) I hate Florida. With all my might. I am a serious Hater. But. (Teabag) Tebow for Heisman!

5) I hate Maryland. They should have beaten Boston College. 

6) Oklahoma is the F’in truth! And I look forward to seeing them make Florida their bitch!

7) Texas and Texas Tech. The BCS is crazy. I know. You guys tried. 

I’ll stop there. I could go for days. I’m obviously biased for  a certain team, and care more about East Coast teams, but all is well. See y’all at the bowls! 

*Tomahawk Chop for the road*


P.S. * A chud is a Chick Dude.



  1. I still believe Texas should of played in the conference championship

  2. Texas should’ve played. That’s why I hate the BCS. I had no idea that Georgia couldnt defend the option. GaTech ran the triple option umteen times against them and won the game. I’m not a big Florida fan either, but Alabama is a hard nosed traditional football team with no tricks up their sleeves. Florida had the momentum and a bigger playbook and they came ready to play.

  3. Ga Tech did the same thing to us. We were killed by it. FSU has a long way to go thought before we return to the top. We have the talents, but the boys can’t get their heads right.

    I knew Alabama was going to get it handed to ’em. I just hate Florida too much to ever support them. So we’ll see what this championship game looks like. Damn Florida. They takin’ all our recruits!

  4. I’m so mad at you for screaming out “Go 49ers” lmao (I’m a Raider fan and the rivalry is ridiculous) lol

    I love football. I havent been able to get into college football (my school didn’t even have a team *pout*), but I’ll watch any game. I too, wish there was a nice league for girls. I played powder puff in high school and they nicknamed me “The Bus” lol

  5. I played Powder Puff in HS too. I was the QB. My first game, I threw an interception on the first play. Embarrassing.

  6. yeah I love football… with a passion… know more about the game than some of my male counterparts… play fantasy footbal… everything… even did a post at the beginning of the season to get some of my readers in on it…

    And then… every blue moon… we as females get that extra perk of watching football… like the recent slip up during the Fox interview of Vishante Shianco (sp) towel falling in the locker room and the entire world seeing his package…

    yes I love football with a passion!

    COWBOYS all day baby!

  7. YES LORD!! Oh my goodness. I knew at the point of seeing that picture that there was a God and he was merciful! Oh my… *flashbacks*

  8. I love women who love football!!! Wanna be as close to me as possible, then don’t let the 16+ weeks of football separate us…wanna get me to cuddle up and get cozy then be the fly chick ready for the 1, 4 and 8 o’click games on Sunday! That is some ‘Quality Time’ for yo ass LMMFAO

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