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Who doesn’t just loooooove GRITS? And by GRITS I mean Girls Raised In The South. I don’t know how the readers will feel about this. It seems as though everyone I’ve come in contact with via the ‘Net is a Yankee. Including my dear sweet co-blogger, Ms. Ladebelle.

I love and embrace my southerness. As such, I will open with a scene from one of my favorite (yea* I said it) Southern movies, with one of my favorite GRITS and my girl-crush, Lauren London. Fast forward to about 1:15 to see what I’m talkin’ about.

OK So Lauren London’s not really a southern girl, but she played the hell out of one. So I guess my representative for this is actually “New New”. I just wanted to show that clip anyways.

I love being a Southern girl. I can pretty much get away with anything. I can say “y’all” and “fixin’ to” and people will still know that I’m highly educated and when need be the “Becky” in me can come out. By the way, those are both words that I probably say more than 50 times a day. Maybe an hour. Sometimes my southern drawl will come out and from what I’ve been told it’s pretty sexy.

Also, being a southern girl, I’m given an automatic pass for da ass. While I may not look like her:

Definitely a southern girl.

Definitely a southern girl.

I do have a little something going on back there. And here in the south, being a size 1 is NOT considered sexy. So I’m allowed to eat some cornbread, and neckbones, and drink Peach Drank (emphasis on the Drank) from American Deli. Matter of fact, this is highly encouraged. Our southern men like their girls thick. And for that, I am very appreciative. But that leads me to my next point.

I love being a southern girl because I cook like a southern girl. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not trying to die young, but I can throw down. It’s not just about what you cook, but it’s about how southern girls were raised in the kitchen. (I’m sure you Naw’therna’s may have had some time in there too) We were raised makin’ greens, baked macaroni and cheese, cornbread dressing from scratch, sweet tea (the REAL sweet tea), Freshly Squeezed lemonade in the summer, etc. While I can tear up the kitchen on some soul food, I’m also not trying to have high cholesterol or diabetes so I have turned my love for cooking into a love for healthy cooking. Better ask about me. Ooooh and we love to Barbecue! It makes me sad to be around Northerners who don’t know what a hush puppy is, or have never had okra.

We also love us some traditions. Black-eyed peas, Greens, and cornbread and chicken for New Years, for good luck, money, and a good year. When speaking about someone who has passed away we must always say “God Bless Their Soul”. And considering the states that we live in are more warm weather states, we love to show some skin. I grew up on the beach in Florida and this southern girl loves to water ski, go canoeing, watch football with the boys, and I generally just love being outside. Summers in the south are sites to behold as the above video has shown. Pool parties, Barbecues and sexy bodies. And don’t forget. We love to party. We grew up on Uncle Luke, 95 South, and all kinds of complete f*ckery called booty music that leads to us learning how to “drop is like it’s hot” at the age of 6.

Things are just different down here. I went to Chicago recently, and was surprised to see that most of my competition just didn’t match up. Here in ATL just walking down the street makes you want to hit up the gym, hit up the mall, or hit up the salon. These southern girls are always tight. I went to Chicago and was just utterly disappointed. At the same time, I was extremely happy, because that means my chances at finding Mr. JG* while in school are probably that much higher. And I hear them Northern Boys love a right and proper Southern Girl. Well I’m that girl!

Now, historically the South=Bad and the North=Good. Or so they say, read ya history! Despite the fact that at any point while driving through ATL I may see a plantation house or two, the South will always have my heart. While I’m making the move up North next year, I’ll always have my Southern Hospitality at my side. That and some SODA, Pork Rinds (well, I don’t eat pork anymore. They’ll be there for basic comfort), and some hot sauce.

If you ever want a real recipe for some good food, let me know. If you ever want to know what kinds of Kool-Aid mix together real well, let me know. If you, too, wish to work on your Southern Vocab, let me know.

Let’s all come together and celebrate the greatness that is G.R.I.T.S.

Y’all come back now, ya hea’?



  1. CHURCH!!!

  2. Now i feel it is a must to specify that this article is about Brown GRITS..
    Cuz white grits just dont fit that bill.. as far as i know anyway..

    • Ohhhhh Yes* It most definitely has to do with Brown GRITS. I.e. the movie and the pic. Please believe I do not associate myself with the GRITS that require too much doctoring. Get it?

  3. I’m a southern gal born and bred and I cosign this post!

  4. Even though I was raised in Cali, I definitely identify with everything you said. Could be due to being raised by a few GRITS. lol

  5. As a Midwesterner who now resides in the South, I do love a Southern gul…

  6. So upset u use Lauren London as a representative…ewl!! But one time for G.R.I.T.S. The best thing bout Southern food is smothered…everything. And the PORK! God Bless the pig, lol.

  7. ohh and u aint got no junk in your trunk!

  8. I have been utterly infatuated with Southern Women since 2004. I had spent the previous two summers in Texas … then I didn’t. I guess you don’t miss something until its not around anymore.

    I will now adopt “G.R.I.T.S.” as one of my own terms … I think I smell inspiration for a post of my own.

    I will say though … Florida girls are trouble!

  9. I’m 1 generation removed from the south so I’ve still maintained that good southern thickness (I got plenty ‘o junk in the trunk). I think I hold my own with the southern dishes…. I can make a mean mac ‘n cheese and sweet potato pie that my grandmother (a true old skool G.R.I.T.) asks for every holiday even though she gave me the recipe. I also put a healthy twist on it… this year I made Thanksgiving dinner with no pork whatsoever (all turkey everything). And even though I grew up in the Midwest, my sister and I always had a penchant for southern booty music (that was, of course, BEFORE she “found Jesus”).

    I’m all about real women with some substance, so viva la G.R.I.T.S.!

  10. Well yea genrally speaking Southern women have an edge yet I always laugh about the “warmer weather” state thing…ah in the 80’s NYC had about 6 million we now have 8 million and aint a beach open in December out here. So weahter alone aint a reason to go anywhere to live and NYC women still make it happen especially the black and brown contingent!!. As for food, well I have eaten, West Africa, Parisan, Japanese and Indain food, never been anywhere close to those places. I grew up on southern food and stopped eating most of it cuz of the health issue. I wanna know outside of “tex-mex” what varieties of different food do Southern women enjoy to make (my moms born in Coulumbia, SC made a mean lasgana, sofugetaboutit). Being black in NYC is eating a bagel for breakfest-falafel for lunch, some fried chicken with collard greens at night. The real advantage Southern women have is the interactions with men. Outside of that its a tie, I love Southern women yes but I cannot live in the South. I want to go wheer I want without the pre-requiste long ass drive to Wal Mart to get soap. And one thing about NYC women…in the winter NO ONE out here is saying “oh she’d be more sexy if its was 80 degrees” man listen on weekday morning in Manhanttan is some of the baddest women in the US period, snow or not!!!

  11. Being a Florida woman I approve this message. And I am surely trouble. I will NEVER live in another state, it’s been 70+ degrees all week and today it will be 80. Man how could you not want to live here. And yes Northeners find us charming, and they love our do anything to please our man attitude.

    But we are Southern and with that comes certain expectations of our men, most northerners can’t get with it…and I ain’t mad at em. I’m just saying…you may want to keep it moving if you can’t, but we will welcome you with open arms and sweet tea if you can.

    @Temp: you sleeping on us…not a good look.

    • @ Temps… summers in most states are nice, but here in GA I swear it must be about 60 outside. And back home in FL the outdoor club scene is still hot. I only mentioned the weather to talk about how we southern women don’t have to cover up the goodies for 8 months out the the year. And like Teacia said, you sleepin on us. Which is not a problem, because like she also said, we have certain expectations for our men that makes it hard to compete either way.

      As far as cooking, while I’m southern, I’m also from an island, so island cuisine is big on my list. Also, we do know how to read (someone IM’ed me and said I failed to mention the lack of proper education in the South, I reminded that person that I was emphasizing the greatness of GRITS but that if he wanted a social commentary on the rights and wrongs of the South, I will oblige.) so learning how to cook things other than Southern Soul Food is definitely do-able. I can’t tell you the last time I fried anything really. And I also don’t eat beef or pork, but I always cook from scratch. That’s how my Mama raised me. 😉

      Thanks guys for your insights!

  12. Bravo to you! I am a true G.R.I.T….and my people hail from Savannah, GA…and you don’t get any more southern/country than that! And the beauty of being from the south is that no matter where we end up ( I spent a large part of my teenage life in MD)…we never lose that southern twang. Viva la G.R.I.T.!!!!

  13. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh GRITS are awesome. I must be honest though, being from DC I’ve typically found G.R.I.T.S to be a little bit green or naive if you will. Temp does have a valid point NYC has some of the finest ladies you ever want to see and the competition is fierce up North. So they’ve got the look and the attitude to match. However, I have to admit I do love G.R.I.T.S. I was engaged to one and although things didn’t work out I still hold her very dear to my heart. Out of all the women I’ve ever dated she’s the one who truly captured my heart. Sooooooo yup I’ll have an extra large bowl of G.R.I.T.S please….

  14. As for covering up the goodies 8 months out the year..what about work? Am I to believe that say in Atl with all the new business the dress code is “club attire” “casual” cuz its 75 degrees? In those cases yall just wear yr round what Northeners wear in the Summer. I doubt I’ll see the tight jeans, brassire tops, plugging V necks and lots of skin in the AOLTW bldg in Atl.

    I have had people who work in LA for film studios tell me…if you aint part of the creative team you are wearing a suit or something akin to one. This is in LA. It dont get no more fun in the sun.

    I have hard time believing that in downtown, LA, Houston, Miami, N.O, Atl in CORPORATE firms, they allow women to wear what they want accrding to the weather…now college chicks or service employees are different. However you can only make a Best Buy/Circuit City/ Wal Mart shit look so good. And who is sleeping on Southern women, all I am saying is its nice but I aint moving to a region for the women. It was hot when I was 21 but at 32 come on now I need more substance.

    • LOL… Obviously we’re having a bit of a fun here.

  15. Just thought I would represent one time for the GRITS!

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