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as I was driving into work today I heard the preview for some new Nicholas cage movie where his son is like “daddy am I gonna die?” and he responded “I woud never let that happen”. ideally this is sweet and all that other shit but I was like how in the hell is he gonna tell him that?!?! if God wants this little boy to die, then there’s nothing that anyone, including Nicholas cage, can do about it.
I know it’s just a movie but that got me thinking about other ways that people think they can either play or outsmart the big man/woman upstairs.

the cloak of invisibility

this doesn’t only make it’s appearance in harry potter movies. I think that we all go through this phase where we think that we are invisible from anything that can harm us. we might have unprotected sex thinking we won’t get pregnant, stds, or worse, aids/HIV. sadly statistics say that we aren’t invisible as some of our closest friends have become part of the statistic that I speak of.
if you aren’t out banging without an umbrella, then you may be trying to cheat death. this can be drinking and driving, getting into fights, using drugs, or acting in some other careless way with the life that was given to you.

don’t judge me!

this is one of my catch phrases stolen from a good friend of mine. but in all honesty, there is only one entity that is able to judge us and it certainly isn’t the person one cubbie over or who you chat with at the water cooler.
but we all do it. we sit and pass judgements (good and bad) on others and think that these judgments mean something. we “judge books by their covers”, the video girls, the person picking their nose on the train… all of them. but I think what the harder pill to swallow is when we pass ill judgments onto ourselves. our judgments don’t count so stop passing them.

my emotional conclusion

I’m not religious and I struggle to pray everyday but the God that I believe in is a loving one. with this being said, I don’t think that death is a punishment but it shouldn’t be toyed with either. I think that we need to do a better job valuing the lives that were given to us and the lives of others. we were put on earth to enrich each others lives, not to abuse or cause harm to. the faster we realize, understand, and accept this, the easier and more freeing our lives will be. oh, and God can see through the cloak of invisibility duh!

so dear readers, what are some other ways you see people playing God manifest? what are your thoughts, feelings surrounding what’s already been written? talk to me!

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“i value all your lives” ladebelle

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  1. Judgment. Woo-wee. If there is one thing that grinds my gears it is judgmental people. Granted we all have a moral compass that guides the way we observe the world around us. The problem arises when we view any way of life, thought, etc that differs from our own as “wrong.” Like you ladebelle, I’m not religious but I believe in a tolerant God who wants each of us to be our best selves, not according to how others think we should behave, but according to desires of our individual spirits. Let and let live, folks.

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