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Daily Archives: March 2nd, 2009

We haven’t forgotten the atrocities that took place in Gaza this year. And we’re still watching. We understand that both sides are under intense pressure and nervousness, but we will not tolerate war crimes.

We haven’t forgotten what happened to Oscar Grant and to be honest, I’m still waiting to hear what’s going on. This reminds me I need to send a letter to ask for updates.We will never forget the many many many people of color that have fallen to the brutality of the police force.

We haven’t forgotten the ugly words that were flung during the election cycle. The resurgence of the word “Nigger” (now replaced by President. See here), the way people spat Muslim through gritted teeth, the nasty looks, and the horrible cartoons, cookies, and jokes that were told.

And we WILL NOT FORGET the next example of police brutality even though they are trying so hard to excuse it.

I will not listen to someone who rants and raves about how the office in this video was physically assaulted and had reason to release this disgusting beating from hell upon this young 15 year old girl. She flung A SHOE at him and while that is rude and disrespectful I will not excuse his actions. The way he handled that girl, she will be hardened for life. It’s only natural that she learns to brace herself and be on the offense against this kind of treatment. The fact that it comes from an officer means that the Law will always be her enemy. This is not rehabilitation people. This is slavery recycled. Beat them, and put them in cages, beat them again, and keep them in the system.

I watched the State of the Black Union this weekend and I really enjoyed it. It was powerful, thought provoking, full of hot air, and loud all in one. We have a lot of work to do people, it will take more than a black president, 8 years, and a fixed economy, but I believe we can do it. We just have to wake up! And stop glorifying the “NEWBO’s” and start lifting up the real role models. It was interesting that CPAC took place the same weekend as the State of the Black Union and how C-Span was showing them interchangeably. Oh the juxtaposition. It was almost overwhelming. Michael Eric Dyson – Rush Limbaugh – Michael Steele & Cornell West.

LOL sounds like a good party to me.

The revolution will not be televised.