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Daily Archives: March 3rd, 2009

sooooo, within the past couple weeks, i’ve been pretty angry about some things so instead of turning those into multiple blogs where i complain, today’s blog is solely dedicated to ranting about things that not only i, but you guys too, are angry/mad/pissed/confused about. pretty much anything but sad… the mad rapper did it and today, i’m the angry blogger…


mad rapper meet angry blogger... whats poppin

mad rapper meet angry blogger... what's poppin



without further adieu, i give you my rants:

  • sometimes i just hate people period. i mean, most people are these selfish individuals that are only focused on what pleases them and more importantly, what you can do for them. no one ever stops and thinks, “oh, well what can i do for this person?” and if you are that person who stops and thinks that, then you feel overwhelmed and underappreciated because you’ll forever be the person that people run over and take advantage of. 
  • i hate it when you’re supposed to depend on people then when you need them they aren’t there and then they have the nerve to tell you that you don’t open up to them. what?!?!? 
  • i hate this recession… during these times your supervisor/manager/whatever the fuck you want to call them think that they can just hold your jobs over your heads. i was talking to a friend last nite who this just happened to and she’s a teacher… hell, we need good teachers! what is REALLY going on?!?!? are job threats what’s really hood in 09?
  • i hate that the dryer eats my socks. no really, it does. i swear i will put a pair in that bitch and all it spits out is one. that is nerve wracking… i mean, whenever i’m looking for my gym socks or trouser socks i can’t ever find the other one!!
  • or how about when ur looking for something and you can’t find it but then when you aren’t looking for it, that shit is just all up in your face? bananas… it’s a conspiracy.
  • i hate it when you want something that you can’t have. i mean, why can’t we just control our wants to wanting something that we can have instead of wasting all this time and emotion on something that’s not even within your reach
  • i love that i’m not the same person that i was last year but i hate that people just want to see who i used to be. what in the hell is the point in changing if the outside world doesn’t acknowledge the shit?!?! i might as well stay the immature bitch that i was before! granted, i love who i am even more now! 
  • i hate moodiness… or people who want you to be around their moodiness. like, if you’re wishy washy, don’t holla at me until you’re certain about something. until then, beat it. 
  • i hate that just because people think you’re strong that means that you don’t need attention. i mean, everyone needs some kind of attention. yeah, i’m gonna make it without you but it would be nice to have some fuckin help if you’re supposed to be “in my corner”

ok… so i can apparently keep going at this for awhile but i’m more interested in your rants now… so tell ladebelle why you made son!!!!



“the angry blogger” ladebelle