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Since yesterday’s blog set the tone for some XXX Rated blogging fun, I thought I would continue the theme and talk about a very interesting fetish that seems to have befallen many a black man. Maybe this will give you guys some ideas in the stories you write. 

I have titled it “The Boomerang Effect“. Don’t get it confused with The Butterfly Effect, there will be no changing of history here. Unless it was to go back and slap Chris Rock in the head at the start of what would be a huge career. 

But if you’re a card carrying member Blackness then you should by now know what I’m talking about. Foot Fetishes. 


My pretty feet and shoes!

My pretty feet and shoes!











You’ll recall that Eddie Murphy’s character would only seriously date girls with pretty feet. In many a hilarious scene, he would be shown in bed after a night of the Pumps and Bumps™ sneaking a peak at the poor unsuspecting sleeping girls feet. 

Here is the scene in question, and also Eddie explaining “Hammertime”:

I seriously hope those weren’t her real feet. 

Now… this seems to be a fairly common phenomenon with black men. And clearly even a fine girl can go from a go to no over the state of her feet. I personally think feet are weird, but I’m not totally freaked out by them. I love MY feet, I get my favorite pedicure with my favorite color, Tasmanian Devil. But every black man (therefore, every man) I’ve ever dated LOVES them some feet. I’ve had men offer to take me shoe shopping just so they can watch me walk around. I’ve had guys waiting for me once I get out the shower so they can dry off my….. toes before the lovin starts. I’m not going to lie though, a good toe sucking is AWESOME. Who knew!?

So what’s this about? I know a few black men here and there who say that they are repulsed by feet, but mostly it seems that there is a consensus among black men that feet are sexy. Well, I guess not ALL feet as the above clip shows. And don’t get me started on the F*** Me Pumps. Men go crazy for some sexy stilettos, boots, peep toes, or anything that they can imagine watching wave by their face in the air. (Use your imagination) 

Well I, for one, am all about giving the people what they want. So I like to keep my toes pretty, shiny, and ash free. 

So ladies, experiencing the same thing? And are you comfortable with a man who loves the toes?

Men…. what’s this all about? And how far would you go if met with the perfect 10 (toes that is). 











Rockin my black knee-high boots today,




  1. I hate to come clean on this one … and may have to steal this topic for my site … but I completely agree.

    I truly have eventually become so repulsed by a female’s feet that I just couldn’t continue to see her. There was other things … but she decided to try this new color which was horrid and made a bad situation worst … that was the first of the end.

    On the other hand, someone who is lovingly called poison (or crazy b*) had some nice as feet. It actually squeezed a little more out of the relationship.

    I’m so mad that this is true … *sigh* … one day … maybe I’ll get over it.

    Oh … and fingernails can be a bigger turn off for me.

  2. feet are weird and i don’t understand y mine get consistent compliments… in my eyes, they all look like E.T’s feet… unless they are baby feet… those are cute…

    however, i do love a good pedicure! those who read my tweets might remember my utter disgust at the pedicurist when i was in myrtle beach… a bad pedicure can make u slap the pedicurist so hard they begin speaking english…

    i digress… i hate mens feet tho… i’m U-T-T-E-R-L-Y repulsed by them… if i was steve carrell (sp?) in the 40-year old virgin i would have kicked her in the face for sucking my toes too!!!

  3. Men’s toes can be quite scary. Bony, toenails all messed up. Just a mess. I hate when toes are longer than the big toe. Or I hate when I see a girl with opened-toed shoes and her toes can touch the ground. Or they are gripping her shoes for dear life.

    @SBM I get both the hands and feet done on a two week rotation.

  4. If a woman cant take care of her feet, she cant take care of you

  5. I once overheard my grandmother telling my male cousin “if a woman can’t take care of her feet, she can’t take care of her Nonny (Vag). Her feet are the first things that hit the water!”

  6. I hate feet. I don’t like people to put their feet on or anywhere near me…and any man that tries to suck my toes will get a swift kick dead center of his forehead. Yuck.

    On the contrary, it is important to take care of your feet. Nothing is worse then walking around all day with sore, achy feet. They are one of our most important body parts, as they support our total body weight. Foot problems are the worse…take this from someone who has had broken a toe and had to have surgery….not fun. I was on my ass and out of work for 2 months waiting for a TOE to heal! I can’t imagine a broken foot! As such, I keep a fresh mani-pedi just because. Mine look nice, but don’t u dare put your mouth anywhere near them!

  7. I’m not the biggest foot fetish guy in the world… but I do notice if a young lady takes time out to lavish her feet. It shows that she’s willing to take care of herself and that detail is important to her. That in itself is sexy as hell…

  8. @JG… gramma is crazy!!! lol

    @peyso… i can agree to a certain extent… this lady who sits in a cubbie near mine has THE crustiest heels i’ve ever seen but she’s a mom and a wife and does her thugdizzle in those areas… however, i would NOT want her crusty feet snuggled up next to me!

    @MissTT… yess… kicked in the dome… that’s what i’m talkin about!!! no footsy loving there!1 guy… don’t front… u love feet too! lol, jk… i agree with you there

  9. I admittedly have been neglecting my feet. 😦 But damn, I already spend about $80/mo just on my nails, and my nail lady’s pedi’s are another $50….I just can’t afford all that, at least not right now. But boy, do I LOVE a good pedi, and I’d put my chick up against ANYONE for the best pedicure. She will literally have you MOANING in the chair. I refuse to go back to the Asian spots now. Nope. Not gon do it.

    I do keep my feet looking right at least during sandal season, tho. That’s a must. But after my nail lady asked if I just keep my socks on during sex, I’ve begun to rethink that strategy. My feet are NOT completely jacked, tho….just not up to her high standards. I do what I can myself at home, but its not the same.

    I’ve only come across 1 guy who really was into feet. Maybe that’s why I’ve never had any donors offering to sponsor my pedis.

  10. LMAO!!! u are crazy!!! i would have looked at myself different if the pedicure lady asked me if i just keep my socks on during sex…lol

  11. I’m not big on feet, but I can appreciate some well taken care of footsies. I don’t know if I’m tryna have a big toe in my mouth though. Let’s just try a foot rub for

  12. baby steps huh?

  13. I dont get it. Men just want some reason not to stay. Feet have always been a non-issue for me i dont notice nobody toes unless they smell

  14. One of my ex’s had a serious foot fetish and it was irritating as hell. He was so concerned with how cute my feet were, that he never noticed my face, or my new hair style or my sexy outfit. I had to let that go real quick.

    I can’t stand a man’s toes though. They all look like scary monkey alien tyranosaurus feet. Keep ya socks on fellas…even in the shower.

    The current boo is always quick to pop my big toe in his mouth in the midst of some sweet lovin, but he doesn’t let it consume him like the past ex did, thank God.

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