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**this morning’s entry was submitted by mr. ainz neal of SH Collective  (where i also blog).**

Mickey Factz “Thinking Out Loud” is on replay this morning as I make my way to work. I said I was going to throw some venom in this post. I’m not going to do that but I got some stuff on my mind. “I want the samething whatever the fame brings..” Mickey hit it on the head with that line, like I want to be the best I can. Let me introduce myself I’m Ainz Neal founder of SH Collective Creative Agency. We are just a group of brothers trying to make our dreams a reality.

Now what’s really been getting to me is how through out this process, the amount of bs i’ve come across. Some people want the world and don’t want to really put in the work for it. This kid that wants me to help him achieve something said me a couple days ago. “Yo do you know what’s my motivation?” I responded to him I don’t know what is your motivation is. He said “your suppose to be my motivation by getting me want to do this.”

Now maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think I’m suppose to be his motivation. I can encourage him show him the right and wrong way to do things.  He should persue his goals for his own reasons. For the last 4 years I been chasing mines. Grinding my way every day, I keep a quote from Kevin Mchale on my desk it says “you are your biggest motivator”. So yes I don’t sleep, I’m always working, always on the go. Trying to put myself in a better position to win. People often want to say if they reach a certain level of success, then say they did it themselves. Or when they don’t complain that no one helped them that’s why they didn’t achieve.

As an example when I started to do the party scene I hated the fact of doing dress codes and lines. I saw promoters wearing whatever they want. I said you know what, I’m going to become a promoter.  I started  to go out every night, get cool with everyone and make a name for myself. Yea it was rough, I was spending crazy money, hurting at work during the day. But after 3 months I wasn’t doing lines, wearing whatever f#ck I want and hosting some great parties. So after 2 years of that I walked away to step my game up. Taking along with me  a address book of over 2500 contacts and a even better game plan.

Yes I want to be the BEST and nothing less than that. So listen to your heart because anything is possible. Nothing is ever given its earned, surround yourself with positive people. I have friends that tell me when I’m bsing. They also encourage me when I’m doing well. Now I don’t depend on that encouragment to fuel my dreams. But I sleep on my couch most nights because I don’t want to feel comfortable. It sounds crazy I know but hey it works for me. So find whatever works for you

I can go on some more but I think I will stop here. I wish everyone the best in whatever you do. Just remember don’t talk about it be about it.


**admin note: for those that follow us on twitter, you know that we were asking for guest bloggers. it it with great pleasure that i introduce you to imfreddimac. we follow eachother on twitter and this is quite the funny guy! this is a 3 part post so stay tuned!!! without further adieu, here’s freddiemac!**

When ladebelle asked for guest bloggers for the site, I jumped at the chance to be able to share our (single men) point of views on certain MYTHS i’ve came across during my ummm…. well, you know.

I will try to keep this short and to the point by addressing some major myths regarding sex and relationships.

Myth #1: My man always comes back, therefore I must have that good good!!!

For one, i’ve heard numerous females dialog about having that “good good.” If you don’t know what that means, youtube Ashanti’s last single.

This disturbs me for 2 reasons.

For one, most females claim this based off information from the guy(s) they hav slept with. We ALWAYS SAY YOU HAVE THAT GOOD GOOD/WET WET, even if it wasn’t that at all. Why? That answer doesn’t guarantee us another shot but it doesn’t HURT our chances either. The odds are in our favor.

The second reason I tend to hear is that “I must have some GOOD if he’s coming back!” The reason we come back is because its a GUARANTEE. Don’t get me wrong, their are some who have that COME BACK FA SHO, but then again their are some who aren’t working with anything under the sheets, who still have guys coming back.

Just please don’t let us guys be the complete basis of your argument