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Daily Archives: December 12th, 2008

It’s been a great week for the blog and Ladebelle and I thank you all the way from our pretty pedicured toes to the bottom of our ranting hearts. Thanks for the comments and just for being here! Obviously, the XXX-rated content really gets folks goin’. So in an effort to end the week strong, today I’ll be talking about one of my favorite topics, and hopefully you’ll learn something. Me and one of my coolest (and icy) twitter friends SingleBlackMale share a very common bond here and I hope he doesn’t mind the shout out and make sure you check out his blog. It’s lovely. So today’s topic is. 


People act like they don’t love porn, but given how much money the porn industry makes, this is clearly one of those “little while lies” we tell in good company. Well I’m saying it loud and proud. I’m JG* and Porn is good. 


I'm JG* and I support this message

I'm JG* and I support this message









People have all sorts of reasons as to why they watch porn. Some say it’s “funny” and “good for a laugh”, some say “the girls are pretty, I just like to see the girls”, some may say “it’s just fun to sit around with the fellas and watch”, and some might be on the right track “It turns me on, and that’s pretty much the nuts (heh) and berries of it”. 

If you watch Porn for any other reason than carnal entertainment, then you might have a problem. Men who watch porn with their homies over some beers and a pizza have an even bigger problem. There’s no way a guy can watch hot naked girls and not get a little excited. And if the only thing surrounding you is your homeboys, then this story cannot end positively. 

I don’t watch porn that is “funny”. Matter of fact, I could go without the plot. That would be a waste of my time and me and my friend’s don’t kick it like that. I either watch porn in the comforts of my own home (or office), alone, with only the comforts of my most precious accessories, or I watch it with a S.O. Watching porn with a partner is probably the best thing that you can do for a relationship. It allows him to feel comfortable watching porn and he knows you’re ok with it, and you won’t trip if you find his collection, it’s great bonding time, and it spices up the sex life. Which we all know is important to a relationship. Well, in a relationship where sex is involved. Also, if you guys are just starting to feel each other out sexually, it’s a great way to let him know things you are interested in, but may be too shy to tell him. Conversely, you also get to see what he’s interested in and whether you should run and call the police, or go out back and get the wooden horse you’ve been hiding along with the cat o’nine tails. 

I particularly can only watch “Ebony” (I hate that term) porn. Maybe a little Lucy Thai here or there or Cherokee (not the black one) but overall I’m pretty much Black on Black. Which brings me to my next, final, and most important point. Porn stars. 

I love Porn Stars. I’m a heterosexual female who is not above watching porn with beautiful women. Plus we all know that the men in porn are typically below par and are only good for their wangs.

 Justin Slayer is a must have with his famous “Superman” move, he is sure to get any party started. I must admit though, being “slayed” is not something I want on my resume. 

Alllll the ladies love Mr. Marcus. I feel like he’s been in the game for forever! He looks like Derek Luke on steroids, but that’s ok. I’ve seen his moves, checked his swag. He gets an A+ in my book. He also did a flick with the one and only:

Karrine “Superhead” Steffans I’ve seen her work. And I admit, she’s good at what she does. But she’s really only good for one thing, and a guy can only go for the money shot so many times before he starts to realize that many a man has probably done the exact same thing on her face and therefore he’s kissed a lot of wang by kissing her. Scary. 

But on to my favorites. 

Lacey Duvalle. I’m trying to keep this slightly safe for work. If there were ever a girl to make me apologize to my parents it would be her. (Well, actually, It’s Lauren London, but she’s not a porn star, and we’re talking about porn.) I told my parents this as well. They are good people and laughed about it. The only reason I wouldn’t seriously is because, well, let’s be for real. She’s a porn star. I love Lacey, and she’s bad-ass. She’s worked with damn near everyone, Cherokee, India, you name it. She was great before she had the work done but she’s still pretty now. 

Lucy Thai. So she’s not black, but she’s kinda my hero. I’ve seen some of her stuff, and it’s really put me on to game. There’s a lot to learn out there, and Lucy has the cliff’s notes. 

Misti Love. She’s a leo and she’s only 8 days younger than me. Yet she’s already done much more in life than I have. I’m cool with letting her hold that title, but still. The girl is ambitious. I find it odd that’s she’s been in “Ass Like That” considering she doesn’t have much of one. But she’s top heavy and from what I hear the guys like that. I just like her cuz she’s a Leo. 

I’ll give honorable mentions to a few others out there who are truly making moves in the game. I didn’t want this to get  too long, so I’ll just show some quick love. Cherokee (not the black one) is badddddd-assss. Check her out. Pinky is everyone’s closet favorite. You hate to love her. But we all know how she rolls. I don’t even need to link her. India has been holding steady in the game for quite some time now, much respect (as much as you can give a porn star) to her, and there are plenty others. 


So lovely Ranters, any faves out there? Am I total weirdo because I’m a woman who loves Porn? And if I am, is that so bad? 

Sucky sucky two dolla and I’m out!