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Daily Archives: December 9th, 2008

so back when i was a myspace blogger we did this and it was mad fun (yes, i’m a ny-er by birth) so i thought we would try it out here. what am i talking about right? this is how it goes, you write a sexual story that is based on another blogger that you read. we’ve all had “blog-crushes” before so now this is your chance to “act” on them.

ready for some adult conversation?

ready for some adult conversation?

here are the rules… choose a blogger of the opposite or same sex (we don’t discriminate here) and write out a fantasy for them. email your stories to…. on friday, december 19th, i will post a blog that will have all the stories on them and we can get to guessing who wrote what about whom!

the more stories we get, the more fun this is so be sure to pass this along to your other bloggers or if you REALLY love me, post this to your own blog!!!

this should be fun guys! i look forward to your stories…