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Daily Archives: December 15th, 2008

we’ve all heard women sigh in disgust while saying the oldest saying in the book referring to men

“we can’t live with them but we can’t live with out them”

generally speaking, women hate on men a whole lot but today, here at rants of a wild child, we are celebrating men and the many reasons why we love you!

…the swag…

a man’s swagger can take him from being ugly to sexy as hell!!

prime example... cute? nah... sexy? yes!!!

prime example... cute? nah... sexy? yes!!!

the term swag has become part of our daily vernacular and rightfully so! everyone has it, some better then others. but what is it that makes a particular person’s swag off the charts?

swag=confidence. i love jay-z and will forever be attracted to him because of his swag (not just because i’m a ny-er by origin). jay-z is super confident, talented, funny, smart, and he’s a philanthropist. this cat has everything that =’s sexy (minus the blatant good looks). he’s got a style that is not just trendy. he “can’t wear skinny jeans cuz his”, well you guys know the rest.

…trying to better yourself…

i don’t think that there is anything sexier then a man who is trying to better himself.

the all blue yankee fitted could be your graduation cap too

the all blue yankee fitted could be your graduation cap too

so what do i mean by bettering yourself? i LOVE to see a man on his grind! that shit is sexy… whether it’s hitting the gym to attain a physical goal, enrolling in some higher education to achieve an educational goal, going to trade school to work in your craft. either way, all that shit is sexy and i’m tryna gets down with the get down on that! i don’t want this be confused with being a golddigger though. i think that this shit is sexy because that means that you are my equal. i have a lot of shit going on for myself so if you can complement that, now that’s the hit! i’m tryna be on some jay-z (my obsession) and beyonce or some will and jada power-couple shit.

…the touch…

i love a man that knows how, when, and where to touch me.

my fav spot is the small of my back but different strokes...

my fav spot is the small of my back but different strokes...

i love the feel of men’s strong hands. for some odd reason, i don’t want their hands to be soft, but have some callouses on there to show that you do some work. if i wanted soft hands on my body, then i would want a woman to touch me. but this is sooo important because the way you touch a woman can take her to new places of ecstasy OR can force her to kick your ass out.

…the kiss…

i wouldn’t be true to myself if i didn’t mention this.

yess... this is what i'm talkin about!!!

yess... this is what i'm talkin about!!!

knowing the difference between kissing is so important but i KNOW we ladies love it when you can kiss us and we can feel it in our toes. that kiss when you come in with that look in your eyes and you press your body up against our and we can feel your heart beating and then our lips meet… our hearts begin to beat faster and the adrenaline is running and then… well, then we all know what happens… hehehe…

well, i’m having to draw this blog to a conclusion. i was getting a little too excited about the kiss…lol…

ladies, i know that i’ve left some things out here that we love, so you guys fill in the blanks…

fellas, just share whatever it is you want to share here… we wanna hear from you!