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it’s the end of the week it’s friday!!!!


  • another great week down, another one to go
  • my bestie’s sister is in town this weekend before they are shipping off to my home of the great NY and i’m super excited to finally meet her!
  • i managed to watch dres tha beatnik’s kid and had oodles of fun with her. it was really refreshing to hang out with a little girl. it puts a lot of things in adult life into perspective
  • my mgr has been paying me mad compliments about the change in behavior at work so goooo me for increasing my maturity!!!
  • speaking of work, things have been super busy and i have a lot on my plate… perhaps that’s why i haven’t been on the blog scene per usual. hopefully next week will lighten up a bit.
  • we’re still accepting guest blog entries and topics to blog on. hit me up at and feel free to add me to gtalk as well.
  • i’m loving life!!!


  • I’m fasting. It’s great. It’s tought though. But to God be the glory
  • Real excited about The FreshXpress! We’re doing big things over there.
  • Monday is a HUGE day for me. It will determine the next few years of my life.
  • Race is next week! Get excited!

alright! you know the deal… share your week in review with us!


  • i have had the awesomeess of awesome weeks… surprisingly, no complaints here.
  • i was flashed a week ago while walking my dogs. made for an interesting close of my day.
  • i got over being sick with the bird flu and then was plagued by a stomach bug but i think i’m all good now.
  • last nite i went to the jaspects & friends concert and they did more then rock the house. check for my review here later on this afternoon.
  • i was toying with idea of hosting rants on another blogging site but i actually love wordpress entirely too much to switch.
  • this week i managed to get pretty much everything i needed to get done, done and have been to work early despite my partying till a couple hours before coming in.
  • JG* and i are looking for 2-4 guest bloggers. email me at if you’re interested.
  • hmm… I LOVE MY LIFE!!!

that’s it for me… *JG you’re up!

And here I am.

  • I overslept this morning and got to work later than I usually do. I felt kinda bad.
  • I start my fast on Monday. Very excited. You can check out what it consists of here.
  • Started a community project with the Covenant House. Please become a fan on Facebook and JOIN THE MOVEMENT.
  • I’m pretty sleepy right now, but I am having the best week ever!
  • I went to the Apple Store last night to get Apple Care for my computer. Thank God. It had been a year to the DAY. If I had gone this weekend I would have been SOL.
  • I have an 8 hour workshop tomorrow for Liturgic Dance. I am gonna be so tired! But one of my BFF’s Daddys is head coach for a certain ACC team, so I’ll be watching the games live this weekend! Oh yea!

And I’m out!

yes, i know that funnest is not technically a word but for today, it is! you guys already know the drill so let’s rock!

ladebelle’s fun facts for the week:

  • i’m still sick… go figure
  • this is like day 10 of me being a raw foodie and the thought of anything cooked makes my mouth water
  • last nite i had my first tweet up with HollyGoLightly and we had a BLIZAST!!!
  • this morning i’m still feeling the effects of last nite and have a mean “lean” as someone put it
  • coughing is horribly annoying while sneezing makes me feel wonderful
  • sexting is a serious epidemic… people need to relax some more
  • the last person i talked to on the phone made me smile and i liked that
  • yesterday’s post and the comments about it brought great laughter to me… special shout out to jared who surprisingly read the blog and posted a nice comment to it…
  • i guess i’m now accepting questions from readers… shoot me an email to if you’d like to submit a question, scenario, topic, etc.

JG* in the House!

  • Yes yes y’all and it don’t stop. I’m in Chicago. I love this city. They are going to have to remove me in a box. Nah…i’mma leave when my flight is scheduled. LOL
  • I’ve been working on my Northern slang. So now I say “Son” or “yea* son” like all the time. Son
  • I haven’t worked out since Tuesday and I’m feeling pretty bad about it.
  • Everybody on twitter tweeting Michael Jackson stuff got me all hype this morning. Come on y’all. And Diddy. Popeyes is better. Case closed.
  • I’m claiming that this year is “Do Better ’09” because I have seen some real coonery out there and it needs to stop.
  • I’m in hardcore booski hunt. I mean I’m not hunting. But I’m putting the bait out there. Spring is in the air and I’m feeling all lovey.
  • Hey! Add me on facebook!
  • I’m driving to Florida as soon as my flight lands tonight. I swear. I be movin.
  • I gotta find a way to keep parts of this southern girl inside of me when I make it big. I love that I say things like “I be movin”.

as most of you know, JG* is out in chi-town running the streets making the world a better place so we shall see if she posts her facts (i hope she does cuz i haven’t had a chance to catch up with her this week).

alrighty, it’s you guys’ turn!

Ladebelle isn’t feeling well, but I hope she still shares. Still, pray for her wellness.

Starting with I, the unthankful one:

  • That NEWBO’s Special that aired last night.. made me want to shoot myself in the face. My thoughts.
  • I’ve been having a great week. I’m even harder on my workout grind. I love it.
  • I will be starting the Daniel Fast in about 3 Weeks. I’m scared yet excited.
  • I’m looking hard for jobs in D.C. If you know something, share something.
  • I’m also looking for tips on housing. If you know something, or someone who isn’t crazy and needs a roommate, share something.
  • I’m going to try to stop cursing so much. i’m trying to drastically reduce the amount that I sin. LOL

That’s all for me today folks!

Thanks! (or NoThanks)

What’s your week in review looking like?

Y’all aint ready

Ms. NoThanks

  • So how about last night at work, I worked an awesome party for a local group Hollyweerd (who I LOVE). It was full of celebs and all that. L.A. Ried, The Clipse, DJ Khaled (who I didn’t recognize and had to ask twice what his name was, then I figured it out). But I was so irritated.

  • I was irritated because I lost T-Pain’s Mama’s credit card. I honestly think she put it in her purse or something and will find it later today, but whatever. I still felt pretty bad. And she took away her tip for me. 😦
  • Why was she (she told me her name was Mama Pain), Lil Wayne’s Mama, and a bunch of other oldies in there last night?
  • Why is Mama Pain so much better looking than T-Pain and why won’t she help him?
  • Why am I taller than Pusha T?
  • Why when I asked DJ Khaled what his name was (twice) he said it like he does on his mixes.
  • I made a grip of money last night though So I can’t even be mad.
  • I’ve been getting hazed up by my Church dance ministry leaders and it’s kinda hard for me to keep silent about it. Won’t someone think about the dancers?
  • I’m so sleepy. I think a work nap will be an all day affair for me.
  • Last night this complete random tried so hard to “holla” at me. But his first approach to me was to tell me he had bad breath and needed mints. I gave him lemons and he then went on to try to “holla”. Wanna know what I said?


ladebelle’s random facts:

  • mabelle is coming in town today so i had to hide all my crazy sex games and empty alcohol bottles… jk… kinda…
  • i finally managed to put away ALLLLLL my clean clothes and am currently working on my shoes whilst finishing up laundry **sigh**
  • i was plagued by the most awfullest migraine monday after hitting up a jam session… related? i hope not…
  • we took the girls from our mentoring program to see “America the Beautiful” last nite. i highly recommend everyone watch it. it’s already on my netflix. it’s about the standards of beauty in america. it’s pretty shocking.
  • my cubbie neighbor’s kennel cough is getting worse… like really… gross
  • surprisingly, this was a mellow week for me. my inner rockstar must be in hibernation from all the partying and bullshitting that i was doing before… thank the Lord too cuz i needed a break!
  • we’re doing a “biggest loser” contest at work and skinny people have signed up… wtf?!?!?
  • for the first time since i’ve had my iphone, i left it at home. it’s freeing–kinda.

that’s about it guys…


ladebelle & Ms. NoThanks

Thank God it’s Friday fellow Ranters! Nevermind the actual day, let’s just be glad the weekend is here. I hope you all have great plans for tomorrow and if not, please check out this blog to see other really smart options. It seems that Ladebelle and I love the city of New York, and while I was in the city last week, she is there this week. I’m not sure if we’ll hear from her, but here goes!

From now on, you can refer to me as Ms. NoThanks. 🙂 (for reasons I cannot go into lol)

  • I’m really proud of myself for some of my humanitarian projects I got goin’ on. I just know they will be successful.
  • I have some GREAT links to share with y’all.

ladebelle’s fun facts

  • i’ve made it home safely… tho i didn’t get home till waaaaay early this morning (courtesy to a night out on the town with enoch)
  • i’ve decided that i really miss ny and might be contemplating a move back… might be…
  • i just had a conversation with the first person in my family outside of my my mom, dad, and brother about my divorce and it wasn’t as awkward as i thought and apparently secrets are always kept in my family
  • i think ny-ers have more northern hospitality then southerners
  • my bizness is booming!!! so if you need stationary, flyers, logo design, bizness cards hit me up!!!
  • i’m about to go and enjoy the not so cold weather of the city but the cold weather of my pops’ place!

Enjoy everyone! Leave some of your fave links!

Ms.  NoThanks & lovely ladebelle

aside from the fact that JG* and i are becoming more lazy writing a lot for this blog, we thought that it would be cool to follow behind other bloggers like SBM and have a standard friday blog… 

soooooo we’re doing a week in review with friday’s facts! these facts can be fun, funny, sad, silly, or whatever but just highlight your week… 

without further adieu, here we go!

ladebelle’s friday facts

  • gossip girls was a rerun and that made me sad
  • the afterschool program that i just got involved in where we mentor young girls has just started this week
  • for all those atlantans who love hip hop and MC battles, the MIC CLUB is officially up and running… (Wed. @10pm @SugarHill hosted by Dres ThaBeatnik and 4Kings Entertainment)
  • i cooked for the first time since christmas last nite
  • i officially hate vanilla slim fast shakes… they are the worst thing since relationships gone sour

JG*s friday facts

  • Lames make me sick. Seriously. I’m allergic and I came across one the other night that’s had me itching like crazy.
  • I know that I’m sliming down due to my workout. But my ass is expanding because my jeans DO NOT fit around my thighs and booty anymore. I like it. I think my trainer is giving me things specifically to keep the fat booty.
  • 100% of my applications for B-school are done. D.C. or Chicago, be on the lookout for a JG* near you in the fall. 
  • I’m driving home to Florida for the Super Bowl because my Dad is paying me $100 to do so. Love my parents.
  • If you don’t go visit JG* Runs the City, I will hate you. Also, ladebelle needs to get her video blogs up on that site as well. *ahem* 


alright guys! now it’s your turn! share some facts from this week with us…



ladebelle & JG*