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aside from the fact that JG* and i are becoming more lazy writing a lot for this blog, we thought that it would be cool to follow behind other bloggers like SBM and have a standard friday blog… 

soooooo we’re doing a week in review with friday’s facts! these facts can be fun, funny, sad, silly, or whatever but just highlight your week… 

without further adieu, here we go!

ladebelle’s friday facts

  • gossip girls was a rerun and that made me sad
  • the afterschool program that i just got involved in where we mentor young girls has just started this week
  • for all those atlantans who love hip hop and MC battles, the MIC CLUB is officially up and running… (Wed. @10pm @SugarHill hosted by Dres ThaBeatnik and 4Kings Entertainment)
  • i cooked for the first time since christmas last nite
  • i officially hate vanilla slim fast shakes… they are the worst thing since relationships gone sour

JG*s friday facts

  • Lames make me sick. Seriously. I’m allergic and I came across one the other night that’s had me itching like crazy.
  • I know that I’m sliming down due to my workout. But my ass is expanding because my jeans DO NOT fit around my thighs and booty anymore. I like it. I think my trainer is giving me things specifically to keep the fat booty.
  • 100% of my applications for B-school are done. D.C. or Chicago, be on the lookout for a JG* near you in the fall. 
  • I’m driving home to Florida for the Super Bowl because my Dad is paying me $100 to do so. Love my parents.
  • If you don’t go visit JG* Runs the City, I will hate you. Also, ladebelle needs to get her video blogs up on that site as well. *ahem* 


alright guys! now it’s your turn! share some facts from this week with us…



ladebelle & JG*


  1. my fun facts(for friday or any other day)

    – food makes me happy
    -comcast is coming to fix my internet today
    -my kids have been off for 3 days entirely TOO much time with me in the house
    -im addicted to shoes
    -erotic fiction is fun to write
    -im a procrastinator
    -all my friends bailed on a trip to the bahamas. so now who know..o may end up going to the PR.
    – I really want a new bag
    -new tats make me happy

    ok I’m done…lol

  2. I have one fact. I am beginning to realize that Reality TV is cheap TV and because of the economy it’s here to stay.

  3. My factoids:

    1. Learned another lesson this week about “never say never.”

    2. I’m sitting in Reagan National Airport right now an hour after my flight came in because I told my BFF I was flying into Dulles & didn’t realize my mistake til I got my bag & looked up at the sign…..

    3. Just discovered how wonderful Bare Minerals Black Leather eyeliner is.

    4. My boss started handing clients off to me this week & I’m scared shitless.

    5. Sad I didn’t get my new BB Bold at work Fri, but it should be in Mon. 🙂

    6. Trying to understand why we humans don’t fully appreciate something until we are in danger of losing it.

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