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alright! you know the deal… share your week in review with us!


  • i have had the awesomeess of awesome weeks… surprisingly, no complaints here.
  • i was flashed a week ago while walking my dogs. made for an interesting close of my day.
  • i got over being sick with the bird flu and then was plagued by a stomach bug but i think i’m all good now.
  • last nite i went to the jaspects & friends concert and they did more then rock the house. check for my review here later on this afternoon.
  • i was toying with idea of hosting rants on another blogging site but i actually love wordpress entirely too much to switch.
  • this week i managed to get pretty much everything i needed to get done, done and have been to work early despite my partying till a couple hours before coming in.
  • JG* and i are looking for 2-4 guest bloggers. email me at if you’re interested.
  • hmm… I LOVE MY LIFE!!!

that’s it for me… *JG you’re up!

And here I am.

  • I overslept this morning and got to work later than I usually do. I felt kinda bad.
  • I start my fast on Monday. Very excited. You can check out what it consists of here.
  • Started a community project with the Covenant House. Please become a fan on Facebook and JOIN THE MOVEMENT.
  • I’m pretty sleepy right now, but I am having the best week ever!
  • I went to the Apple Store last night to get Apple Care for my computer. Thank God. It had been a year to the DAY. If I had gone this weekend I would have been SOL.
  • I have an 8 hour workshop tomorrow for Liturgic Dance. I am gonna be so tired! But one of my BFF’s Daddys is head coach for a certain ACC team, so I’ll be watching the games live this weekend! Oh yea!

And I’m out!


One Comment

  1. – I had the flu earlier this week but managed to kick in the ass without missing a day of work. Woo-hoo!!

    – Had a personal epiphany about my WHY my open relationship is open. And had to remind myself that I actually DON’T have a boyfriend. Apparently I temporarily got caught up and forgot. But all is good in the hood now.

    – Ended my temp assignment yesterday and they gave me a $50 gift card to Target. I actually grew to love those folks. But back to the hustle I go.

    – I’m FREE TODAY to blog and comment without acting like I’m “working.”

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