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it’s the end of the week it’s friday!!!!


  • another great week down, another one to go
  • my bestie’s sister is in town this weekend before they are shipping off to my home of the great NY and i’m super excited to finally meet her!
  • i managed to watch dres tha beatnik’s kid and had oodles of fun with her. it was really refreshing to hang out with a little girl. it puts a lot of things in adult life into perspective
  • my mgr has been paying me mad compliments about the change in behavior at work so goooo me for increasing my maturity!!!
  • speaking of work, things have been super busy and i have a lot on my plate… perhaps that’s why i haven’t been on the blog scene per usual. hopefully next week will lighten up a bit.
  • we’re still accepting guest blog entries and topics to blog on. hit me up at and feel free to add me to gtalk as well.
  • i’m loving life!!!


  • I’m fasting. It’s great. It’s tought though. But to God be the glory
  • Real excited about The FreshXpress! We’re doing big things over there.
  • Monday is a HUGE day for me. It will determine the next few years of my life.
  • Race is next week! Get excited!