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yes, i know that funnest is not technically a word but for today, it is! you guys already know the drill so let’s rock!

ladebelle’s fun facts for the week:

  • i’m still sick… go figure
  • this is like day 10 of me being a raw foodie and the thought of anything cooked makes my mouth water
  • last nite i had my first tweet up with HollyGoLightly and we had a BLIZAST!!!
  • this morning i’m still feeling the effects of last nite and have a mean “lean” as someone put it
  • coughing is horribly annoying while sneezing makes me feel wonderful
  • sexting is a serious epidemic… people need to relax some more
  • the last person i talked to on the phone made me smile and i liked that
  • yesterday’s post and the comments about it brought great laughter to me… special shout out to jared who surprisingly read the blog and posted a nice comment to it…
  • i guess i’m now accepting questions from readers… shoot me an email to if you’d like to submit a question, scenario, topic, etc.

JG* in the House!

  • Yes yes y’all and it don’t stop. I’m in Chicago. I love this city. They are going to have to remove me in a box. Nah…i’mma leave when my flight is scheduled. LOL
  • I’ve been working on my Northern slang. So now I say “Son” or “yea* son” like all the time. Son
  • I haven’t worked out since Tuesday and I’m feeling pretty bad about it.
  • Everybody on twitter tweeting Michael Jackson stuff got me all hype this morning. Come on y’all. And Diddy. Popeyes is better. Case closed.
  • I’m claiming that this year is “Do Better ’09” because I have seen some real coonery out there and it needs to stop.
  • I’m in hardcore booski hunt. I mean I’m not hunting. But I’m putting the bait out there. Spring is in the air and I’m feeling all lovey.
  • Hey! Add me on facebook!
  • I’m driving to Florida as soon as my flight lands tonight. I swear. I be movin.
  • I gotta find a way to keep parts of this southern girl inside of me when I make it big. I love that I say things like “I be movin”.

as most of you know, JG* is out in chi-town running the streets making the world a better place so we shall see if she posts her facts (i hope she does cuz i haven’t had a chance to catch up with her this week).

alrighty, it’s you guys’ turn!



  1. – i’m rocking my FAVORITE red belted trench coat today because it’s 60 degrees in cleveland. quite happy about that.

    – i bought my domain yesterday! yippee!!!

    – i kicked a hater’s ass this week with the whip of a few computer keys and have been praying for her in the days since. a few years ago, i’d have been plotting her destruction. yay for growth!

    • lol… i ā¤ you…lol

      did you get the kinks out that you were experiencing with the purchased domain yesterday? and yessss…. growth is WONDERFUL!!!!

      • yeah. i think it just was transferring the information from the wordpress domain to the new one, so it was down for a few minutes. everything’s all up and running now.

  2. I’ve finally decided to become a Michael Westen/James Bond type spy – just for black/brown folks lol…

  3. -still in bed, I love late starts

    -grey goose till 3am. Slight lean, it’s manageable

    -was up sexting till bout 5am. I just looked that convo over, I’m a funny guy…

    -iv’e been cooking a lot this week and realized I’m pretty good at it. Last night I baked a chicken and it was scrumptious.

    -gave into the twitter craze and I’m happy I did.

    • sexting huh? did you see the video link or the blog i posted? a mess… and yes, u are quite the funny guy…

      and can i get a vegetarian dish in saaaaaay, 30 days? šŸ˜‰

      yes, i’m happy you did too… feels real good to connect with my ny-loves

  4. mean “lean” that is 10 days too long also,,

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