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ok… so here’s the scenario…

candace and jared are friends. they’ve been friends for a while and have helped each other get through some times together. they started having sex but luckily this didn’t change the dynamics of their friendship-they were friends who would occasionally bump uglies. candace will on occasion help jared at his store because he’s been going through some hard times. one nite, after the store closes and they all go out for drinks, jared invites a stripper friend along with them. candace, jared, joanne (the stripper friend) and some of the store staff are all kickin it at the bar when jared calls candace over to talk with him and joanne. jared says “i would like to introduce you two and two people i’m having sex with. i think you guys should get to know each other.” 

we’ll take a pause here because dear readers, i want to know what you would do in this scenario. ladies, would you pop off and go crazy? brush it off and have your poker face on? or not think anything of it? fellas, what would you expect the candace to do? what type of reaction would be too crazy, if any? would you do this to two girls you were sleeping with?

talk to me!!!! 



“doesn’t hate on strippers… it’s a recession and i put be pullin my g-string out for tips soon too” ladebelle