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Back when Kanye was a man who made real sense:

(Get past the silly intro)

This was so my favorite song of this album upon first listen. Then the album became just…amazing all around. Listening to this almost makes me mad at Kanye for not putting the good stuff out anymore. (Now see here, I did like 808’s.)

But this morning my trainer was telling me about his coffee addiction and it got me to thinking about how hard it is to stop our addictions. And it’s not always the things that are meant to be addicting. We get how a smoker can’t stop; it’s a chemical addiction. Some people are addicted to shopping, addicted to the internet *raises hand*, addicted to their crackberry *stands up and leaves the room crying*, addicted to sex, addicted to HIM or HER. Our addiction soon becomes our obsession.

It starts off healthy and fun. You like having something to run to, you like having something to hide behind, you like having that person to chase or to love. Then all it takes is one hit of reality and the obsession sets in. You go to work without your phone and you spend the whole day miserable. You went to buy those *Red Bottom* shoes and your C.C. declined. He didn’t call you today. She didn’t stop by after work. Comcast is having issues and your internet isn’t working. This is when the tides turn.

You fight to do all that you can to make sure you NEVER feel that again. You pick up the extra job so you can supplement your spending habits, your phone becomes your third hand, you call, text, email him or her nonstop to make sure they know you LUVVVV them and you just want to make sure everything is ok.

This downward spiral is the worst, but you Just.Can’t.Stop. It’s almost like it sets off endorphins in your body. There’s an adrenalin rush that goes through you at the thought of not having your addiction. It defines you and the addiction itself becomes your newest….obsession.

Outside of my phone and my sexy Macbook, I used to be addicted to him, but I weened myself off. I tell myself never to let someone get *that* close again until we’ve jumped the broom, but you never know, addiction loves to sneak up on you.

addiction |əˈdik sh ən|
the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity

  • Dependency
  • Devotion to
  • Obsession
  • Compulsion

What’s your addiction?