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ok… so i was recently browsing through some of my friends pages in attempts to avoid doing the work in my house that i need to be doing and stumbled upon matt’s blog on women… his blog is on personal experiences with these 13 types of women to avoid… i thought it would be interesting to write a response to this, tho this is NOT and i repeat NOT based upon my personal experience only, rather adopted from other’s personal experiences… enjoy!

13 (or whatever # I can think of) Types of Men to Avoid
Normal Norman is just that, pretty normal and quite bland. You meet him during the time that you think that you want to settle down with someone drama free. He has a job, went to college, and has no kids. But he has not dreams or aspirations on achieving more in life. He’s just kinda blah and content with life. He displays no kind of extreme emotion and has no style about him. If you end up sleeping with him, he’s the strictly missionary position kind of lover. Furthermore, the more you find yourself dealing with Norman, the less interesting you become too.
Questionable Quentin is definitely hot! You notice some female tendencies but just write that off as him being metrosexual. He has great taste in shoes, likes to shop, and is great in bed! He can’t be gay right? But then you notice one night as you guys are doing the adult and he sticks his ass up in the air and wants u to lick and probe it. Screeeeeeech!!! An immediate turn off, u stop having sex with him and his love for shoes suddenly screams that he’s no longer just a normal, metrosexual guy, but he might be Down-Low Darryl’s lover too!!! You get out quick and try not to be swayed because he does eat some great coochie but then he could also give great head… Shudder…
Donte the Dependent one starts out making you feel like the ultimate lady. He calls when he says he will, he shows up cause he was ‘in the neighborhood’, and he randomly sends flowers to your job. You love the attention and tell all ur girls that they need one of him. Then it comes time for you to chill wit ur girls and he wants to come. The first time it’s cool, but then it always happens and you realize that he never wants to hang out with his friends. Slowly, you’ve become the center of this man’s world. Whenever you want some alone time, he act’s brand new and has an attitude. By the end of this relationship, you want to jump off of a building in hopes that he would follow you there too! You gotta get out fast or you’ll go crazy!!!
Charlie the cool guy has the greatest personality and you love hanging out with him, in private. See, Charlie might be able to play a mean chess game, make you scream his name in every different language possible, and watch the mushy chick flicks, but Charlie is f-ugly. You wouldn’t be seen with him in public but you love for him to come over. Because he lacks attractiveness, a swagger, and sexiness, you just can’t be seen with him. Too bad, this one had potential.
Sam the sexaholic is your official booty call. You meet him at the club and a one night stand turns into every night. You just can’t get enough of him! He does everything perfect! Then you try and have a conversation with him and realize that the only head worth paying attention to is in his pants. Because booty calls don’t last forever, you end things once you decide that you want more then just great sex. This was when Normal Norman stepped in…Ugh…
Maurece the Manipulator is the one who makes you think that he wants more then sex. He’s worldy… He like museums, wine tastings, working out, chess, and he’s great in bed. He has the ability to make you feel like you are the perfect and most desired woman in the world. When you’re with him, no one else exists. He lays the pipes down and it’s great. But then you realize that that’s all you guys do is have sex. There’s no more dates, going out… He just comes over and you guys bump uglies and that’s all. For awhile you’re content with this because you don’t want to lose one of the ‘greatest guys’ you’ve ever met but then you’re home gurls slap u with reality and say peace to your mr. perfect. This one’s kinda hard to get over… This is when you meet Charlie the cool guy… LOL..
Paulie the Psycho is Donte the Dependent’s cousin, on a more dangerous level. He’s the one who goes through your phone while your asleep and calls all your old ‘friends’ and has the come over and have a pow-wow while you sleep and you wake up to all your old ass in your living room sharing ‘experiences’… If you’re a G (like me) you kick all they asses out cuz they came over without calling AND noone had breakfast ready when you woke up. But this is when it can get kinda scary cuz u get all up in Paulie’s face and he proceeds to shake the shit outta u… Then the stalking commences… Then your forced to get your brother to talk (or shoot) some sense into they asses… Scary…
Ok ladies and gents, I’m gonna leave it here for now…

This is your task, men, post what kind of man you are (and if you’re bold, whether we ladies should avoid you or not) and ladies, post some of your men that you’ve met!