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i’m not sure why i remember him, but i do… i knew him from either my pre-days at spelhouse or during my days there. either way, he made an imprint on my psyche…

who? his name is shaun king and he’s getting ready to launch the courageous church. this man has more ambition, drive, and potential then me, myself, and i put together. check out his blog from off my blog roll…

i digress… so shaun came up with this great idea to raise money to buy new uniforms for some inner city children here in atlanta. his children don’t go there but he has put so much love, effort and passion into this movement that his facebook profile got cancelled (bananas right?).

here’s a blurb from the website about this movement:

“Bethune Elementary School has an amazing staff and a wonderful student body made up of some of the poorest, brightest children you have never heard of. 

These kids are amazing. Over 98% of the Bethune students live at or below the national poverty level and the overwhelming majority of these babies live in homes and apartments that are so dilapidatedand unstable that you would besurprised that people are still allowed to live that way in 2008. This isn’t play poverty – this is the real deal!

The Blessing.
And the blessing is that you have an opportunity TODAY to be abright spot in the lives of these children. This Christmas, we want every single child (about 500 students) in this school to have aNEW SCHOOL UNIFORM and aFUN TOY to call their own. If YOUdon’t help, many of these kids simply won’t receive anything at all this Christmas, but we believe that God is going to use you to be a blessing to these beautiful children. ”





need to see more?


we only have until december 2nd to make these kids dreams coming true so please, do what you can.

interested in the cause? click here for more details.