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so i took the week off from work this week and took today to visit some of the people that i’ve neglected to visit due to the wicked contraints of my blasted 9-5. one of my life mentors is a professor at cau and morehouse so i decided that today would be the perfect day to visit him.

i was running late to his class (smh at myself because it was an 11am class) so i ended up meeting up with him for his noon class. but walking on campus during the day brought back so many memories. amazing how less then 5 years ago i was one of these bright eyed and bushy tailed (figuratively, definitely not literally) students that was anxiously awaiting entering the “real world”. i spent alot of time on all three campus’ and have so many memories.

i tell you this much… it feels good to take a step back in time. it seems i’ve always been in a rush to get through every phase of my life and i never quite had the “ambition” to just enjoy what i was going through. now that i’m older, wiser, and more mature, i wish i had enjoyed this part of my life more…

so i ask you guys this, what are some times that you look back on and wish you had enjoyed a little more instead of rushing?