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I was sitting in my cubbie when a fellow co-worker walked past and my senses were flooded with some cheap cologne that he clearly found it necessary to douse himself with. he had to have been about 3 feet away yet I was still able to feel as though I had been thrown face first into a toilet bowl filled with old spice or whatever the mountain version of this shit is.

as I experienced this, I threatened fellow twitterlings that I would post a blog on the proper usage of smell goods for both men and women… well ladies and gentlemen, here it is…

deodorant cant cover already existing odors

deodorant can't cover pre-existing odors

the guide to proper scent usage

here are a couple things that will help you on your way to finding balance between funk and ‘mmm, you smell delicious’:

1. stuff that sprays does not replace stuff that suds

this is number one for a reason. I remember working in bath and body works and girls coming in who clearly had replaced a shower with a douse of cucumber melon… huge no no. bathing is a must and what’s really hood in whatever year we are in. jumping in the shower hitting the ‘hot spots’ with some soap, water, and wash cloth is a necessary, daily thing. you should embrace this time be it morning, noon, or night.

2. sex is not the only thing that requires lubrication

your skin needs it too. again, this is for men and women alike. fellas, they have unscented or neutral smelling lotions that will soften skin and moisturize all at the same time. ladies, we know that lotion is geared toward is so don’t be afraid to embrace it. don’t run from it and don’t forget to put some on your booty as dudes are now tryna use our booties as pillows. y is lubrication important? because the more supple the skin, the better the scent will absorb and last.

3. layering is not only for cold days

this is an important concept that I learned while working and bath and body works. your scent starts with the soap and you build from there. not only does this help with the scent having some dimension, it ensures that you don’t overdo it with the body splash or cologne. gents, axe and other man brands have made this a possibility for you so you aren’t left out here. starting with a nicely scented soap and following it with a nicely scented lotion empowers your fragrance while not making it overpowering and offensive to those around you. plus, this way the scent lasts longer so at the end of the day when ur boo inhales your essence, they are met with the lingering sensation of the starting scent.

and if none of this makes sense to you, apply the disclaimer ur moms used to tell you while u were washing dishes/clothes: more isn’t always better. if u still don’t smell quite fresh, please see number one and wash your stankin booty!!!

my good people, thoughts? encounters with the people who’d rather cover their funk then wash it away? people in ur lives u feel need to read this? talk to me!!!!

“I layer lovely” ladebelle

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