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**admin note: for those that follow us on twitter, you know that we were asking for guest bloggers. it it with great pleasure that i introduce you to imfreddimac. we follow eachother on twitter and this is quite the funny guy! this is a 3 part post so stay tuned!!! without further adieu, here’s freddiemac!**

When ladebelle asked for guest bloggers for the site, I jumped at the chance to be able to share our (single men) point of views on certain MYTHS i’ve came across during my ummm…. well, you know.

I will try to keep this short and to the point by addressing some major myths regarding sex and relationships.

Myth #1: My man always comes back, therefore I must have that good good!!!

For one, i’ve heard numerous females dialog about having that “good good.” If you don’t know what that means, youtube Ashanti’s last single.

This disturbs me for 2 reasons.

For one, most females claim this based off information from the guy(s) they hav slept with. We ALWAYS SAY YOU HAVE THAT GOOD GOOD/WET WET, even if it wasn’t that at all. Why? That answer doesn’t guarantee us another shot but it doesn’t HURT our chances either. The odds are in our favor.

The second reason I tend to hear is that “I must have some GOOD if he’s coming back!” The reason we come back is because its a GUARANTEE. Don’t get me wrong, their are some who have that COME BACK FA SHO, but then again their are some who aren’t working with anything under the sheets, who still have guys coming back.

Just please don’t let us guys be the complete basis of your argument


  1. the truth

  2. you know, i have to agree with this too… my ex-mother-in-law laid this lesson out for me early on. she was like, “p*ssy is gonna always be p*ssy and d*ick will always be d*ck and they’ll both always be available. that sh*t don’t mean nothing”

    twas a great lesson…

  3. *applause* Well said homeboy

  4. “The reason we come back is because its a GUARANTEE”..
    I have to say that I have never thought it about that way. Very funny yet insightful.

  5. Yaay! Glad you all enjoyed that, thanks again to ladebelle/jg* for letting me come thru

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