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I’ve always wondered what this meant. I mean in my mind good girls are the ones that well… do good. Bad girls, are the ones who don’t. One is a pillar in society, the other is in jail. However, like anything else things aren’t always what they seem. According to a random poll that I took with complete and total biases, no proper sample, and no kind of professionalism, I came to the conclusion that there are hardly any good girls left in the world. Here is what my research turned up for me.

Good Girls:

  • Virgins
  • Naive
  • Somewhat Nerdy
  • Very Sweet & Kind
  • Tend to be under-developed (What!)
  • Wears clothes that fit her
  • Eat healthy (again… What!?)

Bad Girls:

  • Not virgins
  • Have tattoos/piercings
  • Are very sweet & kind as well
  • Despite the above statement they are fond of trickery and using their feminine wiles
  • Probably smokes cigarettes
  • Over-developed
  • Shops at Wet Seal, Rave, and Man Alive
  • Also shops at only high-end stores because she’s got some simp paying for it
  • Dances provocatively
  • Smart, but also not smart.
  • This list seriously goes on and on

So pardon me for thinking WTHeck. How do you figure? These are seriously some responses I received in my random polling of people who clearly should not be allowed to speak in public. Judging by this criteria I am a pretty much just a girl. Not good or bad. It got worse but I thought I would spare the readers. Why is it that Good Girls have to be nuns and Bad Girls equal the devil. What does this differentiation even necessary? A good girl is under-developed!? Please tell me how she is able to really help that. If she has a child (which if she’s not married, automatically makes her a Bad Girl) and grows a body all of a sudden, is she then a Bad Girl? I’m so confused. Please help me people. All jokes aside, when Rihianna was the “Good Girl Gone Bad” what exactly did that mean? Was it like “Genie In a Bottle” Christina Aguilera to “Dirty” Christina? And even in that case, Christina became a “Bad Girl” when out of her little group of Pop Starlets she seems to be the one faring the best and doing things right in life. Interesting.

What are you definitions of a Good Girl vs a Bad Girl. Can you tell me the point of even defining this? Are you a good girl or are you a bad girl? Menfolk, which do you prefer?

J “adjusting my halo” G*


  1. I think there is a fine line for most women out there who have experience many of life’s adventures. I was a good girl in high school. I didn’t curse, yes I was a virgin, a leader in many organizations and the younth ministry representative on the church council. I think what make me bad now is my occasional b*tchy attitude, tell you like it is with no regard for your feelings. No tatoos or piercings, never smoked, I do dance provacatively but with my man.

    Like Gwen said… I’m just a girl… well a woman, a lady who knows who she is, no definition needed. 🙂 great post.

    • Yea* see to me, I’ve always been a good girl. Sure, I’ve had moments, but I’ve always thought my heart and my sweet disposition lended me to be a good girl. I was told recently by one of my BFF’s that I’m a bad girl. LOL

  2. I think good girls and bad girls are one in the same – ultimately, you end up with just a ‘girl’. in that case, “yes please”, i’ll take one! some may call it, ‘a good girl, gone bad’, while I call it, ‘growing up’.

    perhaps, some men have a lolita-complex, and prefer the silly little girls who are bereft of experience and hopelessly naïve – perhaps some women, would rather these so-called ‘good girls’ never grow up, because they know what lies before them…

    me, i always likened a bad girl, to a harlet – you know, a strawberry, a floozie, or anyone girl who willingly gives away that, which is most precious; that of course being her body along with her dignity to just “any ole’ man”.

    • Well I think this is almost fair to say of Bad Girls. Usually, sexuality is the major decider of what makes the girl bad or good. So… I think that works. A woman who acts without regard to her dignity and integrity.

  3. I think that most popular notions of good girl/bad girl are associated with childhood and teenage years. As we evolve as women, we begin to encompass all of these things. My good friend is a church-going accountant for the federal government, working on her masters but has butterfly wings tatted on her cleavage. She’s focused, so she’s “good” but she’s got the tats so she’s “bad”? Who’s the judge?

    Personally, I identify myself as a woman who is as comfortable with her angels as she is with her sometimes devlish tendencies. Men can respect it or kick rocks!!

  4. Oh and Christina Aguilera broke it down very well on her “Stripped” album. “Sorry you can’t define me/Sorry I break the mold…”Sorry I’m not a virgin/Sorry I’m not a slut/I won’t let you break me/Think what you want.”

    • I love Christina, and I thought her Stripped album was the truth. And I love your “definition!”

  5. Dang, if I went by this criteria, I’d be a bad girl (but I’m not)… I think a good girl, just is… she’s demure, a lady, she’s nice, honest and made of sugar (joke)

    But a bad girl, is one is doesn’t really care how she treats people. That’s all I got for that one.

  6. i really agree with you here that most of us fall into a middle category. i also think that as societies norms change, so should the “requirements” for being a good girl. hell, if virginity is a pre-requisite then none of our future women are good girls!

    i think that we all go through a bad girl phase. where this becomes problematic is if you 1. allow this phase to define you and 2. the phase turns into a lifestyle. i mean, i’m tatted from head to toe and in between and i’m pierced too but i don’t know if this is what characterizes me as a bad girl. i am a lover of art and creativity and expression and in my opinion this is NOT synonymous with bad.

    hmm… i didn’t think i had as much to say here as i did… my parents didn’t raise me with the notions of good vs. bad girl rather healthy vs. unhealthy which in the end, is what matters.

  7. ” mean, i’m tatted from head to toe and in between and i’m pierced too but i don’t know if this is what characterizes me as a bad girl. i am a lover of art and creativity and expression and in my opinion this is NOT synonymous with bad.”

    Right, I think putting appearance in there for bad girl vs. good girl ttatus is strange. I’ have one tattoo and a piercing too. If anything, I’d call u rock star.

    • Right! Well, I have no tattoos but if you filled me up with water, I’d be leaking everywhere. LOL I’m pierced to hell and back. Which according to some people, that’s where I’m heading because that makes me a “Bad girl”

    • i heart you nicki!!! i think it makes me a rockstar too!!!! and rockstar doesn’t always = bad girl

  8. I think of “good girls” versus “bad girls” as some CONSTRUCTED idea that a GOOD girl fits the Cult of True Womanhood: submissive, domestic, pious, and obedient to her man, and anything outside of that is bad.

    My friends who are classic “good girls” also double as doormats, and those who classify as “bad girls” are black widow spiders. I prefer my friends who are middle ground like me, and don’t rely on one title or another to define them and grow and behave as the experience allows.

    But I also understand that many of my exes would call me a bad girl. Maybe my husband too. *shrug* I don’t mistreat anyone, but the sexual stuff may fit me. I am uninhibited sexually and have little to no “do nots” in my sexual vocabulary. Yet I’m very domestic, love children, work hard, and am pious (in a non- Christian ideology). So why reinforce these titles? Why not throw them out? Do we need them?

    ori aka bettie page

    • I LOVE IT!!! i think that’s so true about the “cult of true womanhood”. there are so many constructs in society that try to define us and in those definitions, attempt to breakdown some of our mentalities. this is the reason why women struggle so hard with self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love. it’s like, if we don’t fit into these ideologies that have been set before us, then we are not worthy of the best.

      FUCK THAT!!!

  9. How are bad girls very sweet and kind as well?

    I would have a completely different interpretation of them both and wouldn’t consistently put myself in any category… I can jump from good to bad and back again in seconds…lol

  10. love a bad girl girl any day…

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