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Age Aint Nothin But A Number right?


Often times we see age differences in dating couples, maybe a year or two, but when we see major gaps it is most notably between an older man and a younger woman. There have been famous cases for this i.e. Anna Nicole Smith and that old guy, the Playboy bunnies and Hef, and so on and so forth. But alas….. just like 30 is the new 20, older women have become the hunters.

My favorite cougar is Eva Longoria’s Character on Desperate Housewives. She’s hot and he’s hotter.


Next up would be Usher and Baby Factory Tameka


I have to admit that I can foresee this in my future. If for some strange reason I’m not married by the time I’m 30, and my 30+ situation doesn’t work out, then I’m going full Cougar. I’ve never dated a younger man, but even JG* has weaknesses, and recently a young one has tapped into those. He and I don’t fit into the “Half Plus Seven Rule” (see below) but I’m 3 years removed from college, and he’s still enjoying the ride. I can’t help it though. He’s so cute and untarnished. Life is still so sweet to him, and no one has broken his heart. Even though the gap is not that big, he still looks at me like “the older woman” and something about that is kinda hot. I just want to spoil him. He wants me to fly down and visit him, I just want to send him a ticket to come see me. Crazy right!? This is not the JG* we all know and love.


So ladies, ever been in Cougar mode? Men: ever been cougar bait? Why is it so much more social acceptable for older men to date younger women? According to somebody’s random census data that I’m not directly quoting, but women are more likely to outlive their male partners by seven years. So, it only makes sense that I should be looking for a man at least 7 years younger than me so that we can grow old and die together.

What say the people?

J “Cougarlicious” G*


  1. Well, I for one have always said that I’d go Cougar waaay before I go Lolita. I’m currently dating a guy 1.5 years my junior and honestly, I only notice the age gap when we’re around his friends (guess he’s mature for his age.)

    For me, it’s just a matter of my dating style. I like the laid back “wassup homey” feel to dating younger guys much more than the overly aggressive “let me woo you” ways of older men. An intelligent, focused tenderoni will always beat the established older guy in my book. And the older I get, the more likely I think it’ll be that I’ll go even younger into the dating pool, so I’m with you JG. Let’s get our hunt on! Haha

    • bump that… i wanna be wooed…

      happy u guys are goin for the younger ones… *rubs hands together* now i get more of a pick at the older ones!

    • I love how he doesn’t front. He’s so just out with it. He’s like “girl, just come over, don’t act like you don’t want to.”

      Straight to the point. I love it.

  2. i would like to represent that you are the biggest fool!!!

    i, unlike you, have been there and done that with the younger dude… there wasn’t enuff age difference for cougar status but definitely like cub status. needless to say, i’ve done it twice–my first and last time.

    2+ years older? get at me…


    “tryna find my hugh heffner” ladebelle

  3. I was cougar bait once in college: I was 19, she was 34. The appeal for me was that she was an established career woman that didn’t need me for anything but company. For her, she had just completed a divorce from a dude who barely touched her and she loved how insatiable I made her feel. Of course, it didn’t last… cougaring is good for a season, not for a lifestyle.

    • Yea* I agree. It’s not the long haul kind of deal unless you get them at the stage I’m in now. There’s only a small gap and he’s confident in his skills, yet still teachable. Other than that, he’s going to see you get old, and his eye will wander faster since he’s still in his prime.

  4. This post combined with an annoying convo I just had with an older guy may have inspired my next blog post.

  5. When I was in my 20’s I didn’t date men my own age, they were always older. A couple of years ago, this FOINE Italian guy approached me at the mall and I just assumed he was my age (30) at the time…it wasn’t until about 3 weeks into us hanging out & talking that I found out his ass was 24!!! Yeah, imagine my shock! I’m fine with younger men, I just can’t do old men anymore…If they’re over 38..they’re too old for me.

  6. […] and foremost, I have to shout out the homey JG for inspiring this post with her piece on Cougars, The Hunted Becomes the Hunter over at Rants of a Wild Child.  Between reading the post and a text message exchange I had with […]
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  7. Well, I’m happily a cougar–I like them young and not all egotistical. When I’m with older men, it’s always some kind of attempt to “lay it down” and wow me. This is not some kind of contest. I won’t stand up afterward and hold up a sign that says “10”. So stop. Younger guys are more like “tell me what you want”, all humble and cute. They haven’t started blaming their ex-girlfriend or ex-wives for their stress. Hell, usually they don’t have ex-wives yet. Or chirren. Happy-go-lucky. And since I just want some playful, good sex, it’s just what the doc ordered.

    • hmm…i feel like i’m the only one who wants someone to wow me, make me swoon… i don’t wanna be the teacher…

      • Well I’ve learned how to not need all that fake attention. My tenderoni is so on point. He’s very real with it. Like “do you want to meet up tonight? no? Ok cool” and he moves on. No frills. And trust…. he taught me a thing or two. LOL Mostly lessons in humility and how not to judge a book. But yea* I like the challenge. He thinks he can school me, I’ll show him who’s in session.

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  1. […] and foremost, I have to shout out the homey JG for inspiring this post with her piece on Cougars, The Hunted Becomes the Hunter over at Rants of a Wild Child.  Between reading the post and a text message exchange I had with […]

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